Cross and Caduceus: Sins and Tumors

One of the terrible things about being a physician is the remarkable capacity to turn even the smallest thing into an enormous worry. It goes like this: I see a mole on my wife’s back. It’s a little dark, so it must be melanoma. I force her to have it biopsied. It’s normal, and she […]

Cross and Caduceus: Lost

I am troubled when I lose things. I remember searching a shopping mall in Indiana once, because my little girl lost a tiny toy doll and was upset. My wife and I looked about to no avail, and went back to the room. My little one was none the worse, but I was annoyed. When […]

Cross and Caduceus: Spiritual Nutrition

Hi, my name is Edwin Leap, and I love fast food! (This is where the readers collectively respond with “Hi, Ed,” and tell me their own stories in our group session.) The problem is that I work as a physician in an emergency room, and, thus, my hours are odd at best. As such, I’m […]

Cross and Caduceus

Do you want a mission field, ripe for the harvest? Look no further than your local emergency room. Of course, it lacks the flair of an overseas trip. But trust me when I say that many of the people there speak a very different language and live in a very different culture from your own. […]

Cross and Caduceus

Over time, many of the cells in our bodies are replaced with new ones. Especially in youth, but throughout our lives, we are an ongoing restoration project, a copy of the original image of ourselves at the cellular level. Still, the “you” in the mirror is not exactly the “you” before, except in your essence […]

Cross and Caduceus

My wife used to be an administrator at a small Catholic college in the Midwest. She found it a very nourishing, very pleasant environment. The priests and nuns were tender to her, and mentored her in her job. She would often slip off to chapel in the quiet of the day to reflect on problems. […]

Cross and Caduceus

Every year I face the same dilemma. I struggle to grasp the meaning of Christmas. Maybe I’m not being clear. I think I understand the essential meaning of Christmas. It’s about God-become-man, in order that man could come to God. But even with that simple understanding, it’s hard to comprehend something so big. It’s even […]