Encourage Your Pastor During October

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. This is a month set aside to honor and show appreciation to those who serve as pastors and ministers in the local church. As a child, I fervently remember the adults in our local congregation making sure they honored the pastor daily and not only one month out of the […]

Find Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

October traditionally is set aside as Pastor Appreciation Month in Southern Baptist life, when conscientious church members demonstrate in tangible ways their gratefulness for God’s servants. In August, the Babylon Bee, a satirical Christian website that takes a light-hearted (and sometimes irreverent) look at religious and political news, posted an article listing “10 easy things […]

Editor’s Word: Don’t Overlook Pastor Appreciation

The pastorate can often be a rewarding experience, but it can also be a discouraging valley. Far too many pastors suffer from depression, and most of them go untreated. When I first came to The Courier, I wrote a three -part series on pastoral burnout, suicide, and forced termination. South Carolina was the leader in […]