Rural ministry more rewarding than expected, pastor says

Rural ministry was not what pastor Matt Henslee envisioned for himself when he was growing up in the DFW Metroplex, but it’s where God led him, and now he loves it. He’s urging other pastors to consider that God does some of His best work in rural settings. As pastor of Mayhill Baptist Church in […]

Rural Ministry: Reasons rural, small-town churches are making a comeback

The obituaries of rural and small-town churches are premature. Indeed, we continue to see clear evidence of hope and promise for both the churches and the communities. While the need is still great in the cities and more urban populations, we cannot ignore God’s work and opportunities in less populous areas. What is taking place […]

Are rural churches attracting more people?

The Southern Baptist Convention has been called a convention of small churches. Scattered across the SBC landscape are many rural churches. The good news is that, while rural areas and churches were once declining in numbers, that trend began to reverse itself in 2011. Hannah Anderson, author of “Humble Roots,” writes that rural churches feel […]