Viewpoint: How Can I Reach Other Millennials?

Alcohol consumption, drug use, immorality, homosexuality — studies provide heartbreaking statistics on these issues among millennials. My generation is caught in a downward spiral. But what is the real problem? More importantly, what can I do about it? The disappointing fact, in my opinion, is that so much focus has been given to statistics. They’re […]

Warnings for Church Leaders Who Use Social Media

Those of you who read my blog or listen to my podcasts know I am a strong proponent of social media. I have seen many good things take place on the various platforms available. I have seen the Gospel clearly shared and embraced on social media. But this social media is a two-edged sword. It […]

Southern Baptist churches must reach, baptize and disciple young adults

I am burdened by the fact that 80 percent of our 46,125 Southern Baptist Churches reported reaching and baptizing only 0-1 young adults according to the recent Pastors’ Task Force on SBC Evangelistic Impact and Declining Baptisms report released late spring. This means that 36,900 Southern Baptist Churches baptized zero to one young adult in an entire […]

Anderson University a treasure house of learning in our own backyard

Writer: Alexander Campbell, Special to the Anderson Independent-Mail This is a tale of two universities. Both were founded as distinctly evangelical Christian institutions, one in 1636 the other in 1911. The motto of one was “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae,” or “Truth for Christ and the Church.” The motto of the other is “Humanitatem per crucem […]

Strength and weakness in Gospel community

As followers of the crucified Messiah, our eternal hope is bound up in strength displayed through weakness (2 Corinthians 13:4), and followers of the risen Jesus are commanded to take up their cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24). Consequently, Gospel community is formed by and nourished by strength through weakness. The church of the Lord […]

Viewpoint: How to be a Bridezilla

I once served a large church as food service director, special events coordinator and wedding coordinator during a journey in ministry that has taken me through a variety of positions and responsibilities. Our church was a popular venue for weddings and the large membership made for a full wedding calendar. A typical weekend had at […]

Viewpoint: Saturday Nights Are Not for Sermon Planning

It is Saturday night. Your week has found you spending so much time at the hospital with church members you are thinking about stopping by Human Resources to pick up a paycheck. You woke up this morning with every intention to get started on your message early — yet here you sit, looking at your […]

Spiritual Disciplines of Effective Sunday School Leaders

When it comes to maintaining a vital relationship with the Lord, Sunday school leaders never graduate from the spiritual disciplines prescribed through the ages for all Christians: praising God and hearing His Word in weekly worship, praying to the Father and reading His Word in daily devotions, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through our […]

President’s Perspective: Exposing Exposition

I am indebted to The Courier for an opportunity to write on such an important subject. There are libraries of information on exposition, so I decided simply to answer three questions I believe are worthwhile. What is expository preaching? A great deal of modern preaching is incorrectly labeled exposition. Therefore, a definition must be established. […]

Remembering the Civil Rights Act

EDITOR’S NOTE: Carlisle Driggers, retired executive director-treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, reflects on the Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed by President Johnson 50 years ago when Driggers was pastor of 23rd and Broadway Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. Driggers became noted for his multiethnic ministry and later served on staff at First […]