Summer Lessons – by Edwin Leap

Well, the blackberries are tiny, hard balls on the bushes. The dogs never come out from under the porch, except at night. The pool is now the temperature of a very large hot tub and the wind has all but ceased to blow here. School supplies have been purchased, and both children and parents are ready to get back to the work of education. Summer is nearing its end.

In the Hearts of the Fathers – by Edwin Leap

Father's day is past, and even as we continue to celebrate the imagery and the memories, we need to remember that while there are many remarkable, amazing fathers in the world, our struggling culture and our lost children need more than tender memories.

New Vision – by Edwin Leap

I had surgery in early March. I?ve always believed we could date our lives by our procedures. You have your tonsils out as a child, your fractures are reduced as a teen and there are C-sections for ladies in their 20s and 30s. Soon after, we have things like vasectomies, tubal ligations, biopsies, hysterectomies, colonoscopies, heart surgeries, broken hips, prostatectomies and all the rest. There's a rough sequence to it all.

Edwin Leap

I sure wish I could build things. I stand in awe of people who, given an afternoon, a few boards and some mysterious power tools, can construct a windmill or a yacht. They build garages and gazebos for fun, and when someone asks if they build their house, they can honestly say ?yes!? All I can say is, ?Well, I went to work to pay another guy to build it??'that counts, right??

The Opioid Crisis in America

There continues to be an opioid crisis in the United States that threatens the health, happiness, and future of millions of Americans. It has been called the greatest health crisis of the 21st century. Walhalla resident and emergency room physician Edwin Leap stated, “It’s clear from the oxycontin crisis that there was a drive from […]

Wholly Healthy: Why Do People Keep Going to Church?

Physicians in general are a pretty intelligent group of professionals. However, we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that because we know a lot about one particular thing, we must also know a lot about almost everything. However, given the exploding pace of advancing knowledge, that idea is arrogant. But it isn’t just science and […]

Our October Issue: Overcoming Addiction

Do you know someone caught in the bondage of addiction? Want to help but aren’t sure how? In our October issue, we take on that troubling subject with insightful articles by Barrett Duke, J. Gerald Harris, Joe Carter, Tommy Kelly, Edwin Leap and Rudy Gray. Also in our October issue are stories of dramatic revitalization at three South […]