Five ways to think about your 2023 goals

It’s that time of year when we begin thinking about goals for the next year. Too often, these goals are not related to our walk with God. More than simply setting “New Year’s resolutions” we might break quickly next year, I hope one or more of these goals will become part of your Christian walk […]

Don’t Like the Song? Sing Anyway!

I’ve been there, and you likely have as well. You’ve never heard the song your church is singing or you’ve heard it but don’t like it. The temptation is to silently mimic the words or not sing at all. But here’s why we need to sing anyway: It’s right to sing God’s praises. Even if […]

Guest Viewpoint: Ask others about themselves

I can only wonder how many people I pass every day without knowing much about them. Some of these folks are neighbors I still don’t know well. Others are coworkers and students on a campus large enough that knowing everyone closely is not easy. Some are members of our local church, a three-year-old church plant. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Search Committees and the Challenges They Face

I’ve worked with a number of pastor and staff search teams as they vet possible candidates for their open positions. These folks typically are God-seeking believers who want nothing but God’s will to be done. Churches and their search committees face an array of challenges. Among them: 1. Making wise choices for committee members. Just […]

Viewpoint: Drive-by Praying

Think about how much time you and your family spend in the car. Then think about how you use that time. Whatever you typically do, I challenge you to use your time to pray as you drive — even to pray aloud as a family as you go. Think about how many places and people […]