South Carolina Baptists celebrate six-week abortion ban

The South Carolina Legislature passed a six-week abortion ban May 23, allowing limited exceptions based on the mother’s health, fetal abnormalities, rape and incest. South Carolina Baptists applauded the bill as the culmination of prayer and advocacy, but said the legislation falls short of their goals. “Ultimately, we are praying and working toward the day […]

State of the Bible: Looking beyond childhood religion grows stronger faith

Christians tend to follow their mother’s religion, but those who have changed their religion since childhood are spiritually healthier, the American Bible Society said May 11 in its latest release from the 2023 State of the Bible. The answer likely lies in the quest involved in exploring Christianity, the ABS said. “It didn’t matter which […]

Saddleback among six churches EC removes from cooperation

In its February meeting, the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee deemed six churches to be “not in friendly cooperation” — five for having a female functioning in the office of pastor — including one of the largest churches in the convention, Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. Saddleback hired Andy Wood and his wife, Stacie, […]

Churches viewed favorably nationally, Barna Cities research shows

More than 75 percent of adults have a positive view of the church in Nashville, in the center of one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation. A prevailing positive perception of the church is common in research the Barna Group has unveiled. In its Barna Cities initiative, researchers have found a favorable view […]

Tragedy started chaplain’s heart pulsing for the hurting

When a paranoid schizophrenic randomly shot into a group of patrons at Stel’s Diner in Warren County, Ky., in 1992, killing William Ratliff, it fell to Tim Colovos to tell two young teenagers their father was dead. Then and there, as a college student serving as youth pastor of Oakland Baptist Church in Oakland, Ky., […]

Congress remains largely Christian despite societal trends

Congress remains a largely Christian institution, bucking two societal trends of declining Christianity and waning religious affiliation, Pew Research said Jan. 3. More than a fifth of Congressional Protestants are Baptists. At least 88 percent of Congress – 469 of the 534 members – identified as Christian in the poll of the current 118th legislative […]

Oldest known map of stars obtained by Museum of the Bible

The Museum of the Bible has detailed the provenance and acquisition of the oldest known map of the constellations, a previously lost writing based on the notes from second century B.C. Greek astronomer Hipparchus’ “Star Catalogue.” The notes had been written in the fifth century on vellum leaves that were recycled perhaps five or six […]

Amid sorrow of queen’s death, Southern Baptist in London shares gospel

She was crowned “defender of the faith and supreme governor of the church of England,” but Queen Elizabeth II’s public ownership of her faith extended beyond the official descriptor. Ashlyn Portero, director of groups and partnerships at Redeemer Queen’s Park church about 10 miles from Buckingham Palace, appreciates the late queen’s public witness and legacy. […]

‘DAVID -Live’ global streaming debuts Sept. 2; Courier Tours to see performance onstage at Sight & Sound Theater

Shane Litchfield, the lead in Light & Sound’s “DAVID-Live,” describes the role as universally relatable. But King David especially resonates with Litchfield, himself a songwriter, composer and vocalist. “What really attracted me to (the role) is that he was just a musician and he was an artist, that he expressed himself with the Lord through […]