President’s Perspective: Furman and the Spirit of Revolution

Richard Furman is arguably the most important figure in early Baptist life in America and unquestionably the most important foundational figure in South Carolina Baptist life. Another well-known contemporary and important leader in his own right, W.B. Johnson, said that when Furman spoke on an issue, “he settled it.” Furman was sought after as a […]

A Personal Resolution

I hesitate to write this for fear of being misunderstood, and it is not in any official capacity that the following is offered. I am writing this simply as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ and seeking nothing more than to be faithful to the Word of God and devoted to the gospel of […]

President’s Perspective: Conventions — Crucial & Indispensable

In the 1921 centennial edition of The Baptist Courier, Professor H.T. Cook wrote, “The Baptists in South Carolina have an enviable reputation as a missionary minded people.” Passion for the salvation of the lost led Luther Rice and South Carolina Baptists William B. Johnson and Richard Furman to call Baptists to unite for missions. It […]

President’s Perspective: Products or Prophets? A Look at Our Legacy

In December 1822, the South Carolina Baptist Convention met for just the second time. At Fellowship Church in Edgefield, the delegates were led again by the distinguished Richard Furman. The state was still reeling from a year of turmoil and fear. In September, the great Carolina Hurricane of 1822 hit Charleston and caused major devastation […]

President’s Perspective: Pillars Upon Which SCBC Stands

Our great South Carolina Baptist Convention legacy began small. On Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1821, nine delegates from three different associations met in Columbia “agreeably to a proposal and arrangement for forming a Convention of the Baptists in the State of South Carolina.” Richard Furman was elected the first president, and he was to immediately address […]

The Baptist Courier and the South Carolina Baptist Convention

“The Courier has done far more for us than we have done for it,” South Carolina Baptists concluded in a report adopted by the 1912 South Carolina Baptist Convention. The paper reported what Baptists were doing and greatly contributed to the growth of the denomination. It helped unite South Carolina Baptists and advanced the discussion […]