5 Family-Friendly Things: ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ leads spotlight

Editor’s note: Do you like this feature? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or send an email to editor@baptistcourier.com.  There was a time I enjoyed watching the news, perusing Twitter and scanning Facebook.  No longer.  Those days are long gone due to a culture that has forgotten how to disagree without being disagreeable. Friendly […]

5 Family-Friendly Things: ‘Imagine’ and ‘Paul’ lead June spotlight

Editor’s note: Please let us know what you think of this column on Facebook (BaptistCourier), Twitter (@baptistcourier) or by email (editor@baptistcourier.com). March was a banner month for faith films, and some of those same movies were set to hit the home entertainment market in June, giving families who didn’t see them the first time a […]

5 Family-Friendly Things: ‘Bible Bee’ leads entertainment lineup

Editor’s note: “5 Family-Friendly Things” spotlights family-friendly entertainment choices on DVD, streaming or television. We’ll be running this column over the next three months. Please let us know what you think of it on Facebook (BaptistCourier) Twitter (@baptistcourier) or by email (editor@baptistcourier.com). How long would it take you to memorize five Bible verses? Fifty Bible […]

Pastor compensation studied by financial planner

It happens often in Southern Baptist life: A church offers a prospective pastor a salary it thinks is reasonable, and the pastor — not wanting to appear greedy — begrudgingly accepts. But down the road, when tax season arrives or when retirement approaches, the pastor realizes he should have spoken up. It is a financial […]

Youth curriculum debuts: 6-year free resource

Richard Ross has spent most of his life leading youth to a deeper relationship with Christ, so he didn’t hesitate when he felt God’s call to develop a small group curriculum for teens and young adults. But even Ross was surprised at the result: a six-year free curriculum for grades 7-12 encompassing a multi-year journey […]

‘Living together’ before marriage a statistical risk

Does living together before marriage increase the chances for a successful marriage? The answer may surprise some. Between 50 and 60 percent of all marriages begin with the two partners cohabiting, and many of those couples no doubt believe they are making a wise move up front. But living together before marriage actually increases the […]

Calvinism report gets positive reviews

A report on Calvinism in Southern Baptist life has received positive reviews from bloggers on both sides of the theological spectrum. The 19-member advisory committee issued its 3,200-word report to Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page in late May, acknowledging tension and disagreement between Calvinists and non-Calvinists within the convention and urging Southern […]

Calvinism committee issues report, urges SBC to ‘stand together’ for Great Commission

A 19-member advisory committee on Calvinism has issued its report to Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page, acknowledging tension and disagreement within the denomination on the issue while urging Southern Baptists to “grant one another liberty” and “stand together” for the Great Commission. “We can talk like brothers and sisters in Christ, and […]

Malware to blame for site block

A military official says malware was to blame for the Southern Baptist Convention’s website being blocked on some military bases. Lt. Col. Damien Pickart, a Defense Department spokesman, said the military’s software filters detected malware at SBC.net and blocked the website. The malware since has been removed from the website, and the denomination’s website has been unblocked, […]