Week of Prayer: Calling realized through relationships

Rose had a passion to reach a people group situated in the Horn of Africa. Accessing them was another question altogether. She knew she couldn’t do it alone. Rose is a member of a church in Mexico and a teacher by trade. As she grew in relationship with church leadership, they pointed her to the […]

IMB using telemedicine to create gospel access

Sitting in a home office in Ohio, a doctor logs onto her laptop at 3:30 a.m. Across the globe it’s mid-morning. The doctor smiles at a face that pops up on her screen. Consulting with her patient, she asks what brought him in today. Then she listens, in real time, to his heartbeat. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. […]

MedAdvance Poised to Change Lives Through Healthcare

For those with a passion for healthcare and a calling to missions, the International Mission Board has avenues of service ready to fill. Joshua and Jessica Cobb can recall how the trajectory of their ministry changed because of MedAdvance — a conference hosted by the IMB for believers interested in using healthcare strategies to open […]

MedAdvance 2023 poised to change more lives

For those with a passion for healthcare and a calling to missions, the International Mission Board has avenues of service ready to fill. The IMB is hosting MedAdvance, a conference for those interested in using healthcare strategies to open doors to a hurting world and gain access to unreached peoples and places in unique ways. […]

Persecution persists as the gospel spreads

Kingdom growth is always met with deep spiritual warfare for Aquila*. For him this includes active and imminent threats to his life. “Please pray for us!” Aquila asked a prayer team in a September 2020 message. He had heard that an extremist group was coming to the area where he lived. Because of his gospel […]

Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church to be observed June 6

The International Mission Board is collaborating with Nik Ripken Ministries to raise awareness about current religious persecution through the Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. This SBC-wide initiative will be observed June 6. It is a call for Southern Baptists to increase their awareness of and pray fervently for the global persecuted church. In […]

Guest Viewpoint: A Father to the Fatherless

The other morning on my commute, the song “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson played. It’s a popular song, which I hear on the radio multiple times a day. The song begins by telling the story of a daughter whose father wouldn’t love her, at least not when she had nothing to offer. She remembers […]

Billy Graham’s July 4, 1970, words: ‘The Unfinished Dream’

Editor’s Note: Billy Graham’s message in 1970 is as relevant for America today as it was then. The kind of godly patriotism that Graham modeled is needed. We pray this message from 46 years ago will be a source of encouragement and commitment for all of us. Billy Graham stood on the steps of the […]

Viewpoint: How Can I Reach Other Millennials?

Alcohol consumption, drug use, immorality, homosexuality — studies provide heartbreaking statistics on these issues among millennials. My generation is caught in a downward spiral. But what is the real problem? More importantly, what can I do about it? The disappointing fact, in my opinion, is that so much focus has been given to statistics. They’re […]