IMB sees church mobilization as vital to kingdom growth

The International Mission Board needs churches. Missionaries can’t get to the mission field without churches, and churches enable missionaries to remain in the places God called them to serve. Churches also play a crucial role in raising up a new generation of missionaries. Jeff Ginn, vice president of mobilization for the IMB, said the role […]

Week of Prayer: Project 3000 researches, pursues people on edge of lostness

Planes, trains, buses, motorcycles, cars and boats will get them as close as possible before setting off on foot to find hidden people groups. International Mission Board missionaries are going the extra mile, quite often literally. Why? “We’re going to the deepest part of lostness, the place where nobody is looking for these folks, to […]

Games wide open for gospel proclamation at Paris Olympics

In just a little over one year, it will be “games wide open” for the Paris Olympics, with more than 10,500 athletes from countries spanning the globe and thousands of spectators descending on the French capital. International Mission Board missionaries, Southern Baptist volunteers, international Baptists and French Baptists will be poised and ready to engage […]

Southern Baptists caring for war-torn Ukrainians

In 2021 and early 2022, International Mission Board missionaries serving in Ukraine heard rumors of war, which led to an overland evacuation. Looking today in the rearview mirror, they realize they couldn’t have guessed the trauma about to mushroom from the east.   Less than one month after the missionaries’ exodus, war made a forceful […]