President’s Perspective: Let’s Tell Our Story

During the 1800s, revival broke out in England. While the lower and middle classes were the first to succumb to the Holy Spirit’s movement, the movement soon began to change the upper and aristocratic classes as well. One member of the upper class was a young educated woman named A. Catherine Hankey. She was skilled […]

President’s Perspective: Confronting the Problem

Addiction has been a growing problem in all communities for an incredibly long time. During the 1970s, drug abuse became rampant throughout the world. While drugs represent the most prominent addiction, other addiction forms have begun to surface within all cultures and social classes. Alcohol addiction has become a major contributing factor in divorces, job […]

President’s Perspective: Churches Must Confront Domestic Violence

I recently had the privilege of touring Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. It was a refreshing and impressive visit. I saw how Cooperative Program funds and other donations are used to positively impact children’s lives for Christ. I also know that some of these children were placed at Connie Maxwell because they were victims of domestic […]

President’s Perspective: Living in Uncertain Times

A contemporary theologian has stated that the first and 21st centuries are more alike, morally and theologically, than any other two centuries. Considering recent events such as the United States Supreme Court decision to uphold same-sex marriage and the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, this statement is correct. Therefore, it is imperative that […]

President’s Perspective: A Lesson in Statesmanship

The summer of 1976 was a long and hot one in the Upstate of South Carolina. My father was an incumbent candidate in a historic election. The office to be filled was a county council seat represented by our family for almost two decades. My father and an African-American gentleman were vying for the same […]

Current and former SCBC presidents weigh in on marriage ruling

Christians are called to love all people and share the life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ. All people can have a personal faith-based relationship with the God of the universe through belief in Jesus Christ. This belief will prompt a lifestyle which honors God. Christians, in addition, are called to boldly stand against and denounce […]

President’s Perspective: Pass Along the Encouragement

I can remember the excitement I felt when I took my first pastorate almost a quarter-century ago. After serving as an associate minister of a large downtown church, I accepted a call to a rural church. When I started my tenure, I had many dreams and plans for this small congregation and the surrounding communities. […]

President’s Perspective: Senior adults are an untapped resource

Since being elected president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, I have had the privilege of speaking in nine different South Carolina Baptist churches. These congregations vary in size, location and economic background, yet they all possess a valuable resource that is often underutilized. Senior citizens are too often seen as an unappreciated resource. Within […]

President’s Perspective: He Did This for You

As I continue to travel throughout the state, I am amazed at the giftedness of South Carolina Baptist clergy and laity. Within the last month, I preached a revival service and spoke as the special guest for Baptist Men’s Day, and I have spoken at several associational meetings. I was also privileged to attend the […]

President’s Perspective: Hopefully this will not happen

Since 2015 has started, I have been able to visit four associational events throughout South Carolina. During these visits, I have met gifted ministers and directors of missions as well as a host of talented and hard-working laity. Also, I have experienced Southern hospitality in its purest form. Through this experience, I must state that […]