In Your Interest: Giving Thanks for Retirement Income

We are in the season that reminds us to be thankful for what we have. One of the things we should be thankful for is having a retirement account. There are many people (too many) who have not adequately saved and will struggle for the rest of their lives. If you have done a good […]

In Your Interest: Be a Biblical Financial Leader

Did you know that a financial decision is a spiritual one? If you study God’s Word, you will find an abundance of guidance on how to save, spend, invest, and ultimately leave behind all that God has entrusted to you. Every Christian should practice biblical stewardship, and God’s Word outlines very clearly how to do […]

In Your Interest: Maximizing Your Charitable Giving

In this economy, we are seeing a lot of people still either unemployed or under-employed. The effects trickle down to many sectors, including churches and other charities. You may notice more phone calls, television ads, and mail coming from charities soliciting donations. Before giving to a new charity, you should do a little investigating to […]

In Your Interest: Tax Tips for Newlyweds

Getting married this year? Congratulations! Along with all of the planning for where you will live, whom you will invite to the wedding, etc., you also need to think about how this affects your tax status. The IRS offers some “Tax Tips for Newlyweds.” It’s important that the names and Social Security numbers that you […]

In Your Interest: Your Missional Legacy

Many of us may think about and make plans for the inheritance we will leave our family, friends and church. That inheritance consists of our worldly possessions. However, every one of us will also leave a legacy. A legacy is something that lasts much longer than an inheritance. It is defined by your values. The […]

In Your Interest: Preparing for Widowhood

According to population statistics, women outlive their spouses by a high percentage. With that fact in mind, we have to ask, are women prepared to be widows? That may be a morbid question, but one that needs to be addressed. Many times, a woman may find herself not only having to deal with the loss […]

In Your Interest: Tax Schemes

This is the third and final article on the IRS’ “Dirty Dozen” tax schemes. As we have mentioned before, we all need to be aware of people trying to get our information by making false statements about claiming refunds, how to report income, etc. Some individuals believe that the federal government maintains secret accounts for […]

In Your Interest – by Valerie Rumbough

A few weeks ago, the IRS issued its ?Dirty Dozen? list of tax scams to avoid. In the last article, we talked about a few of them. You may have already filed your tax return by now, but these scams occur all year long, and tend to be repeated year after year.

In Your Interest – by Valerie Rumbough

As children grow, they learn more and more about independence ? from learning to walk, to feeding themselves, and so on. Then comes learning to drive, earning a little income from a part-time job, and getting ready for college or tech school. Once the education is completed, parents usually look forward to watching their children live on their own and start the process over again with their own families.