Worldview: Books That Are Our Friends (or Should Be)

“Tolle lege. Tolle lege.” The sing-song words echoed in his ears: “Take and read. Take and read.” And read, he did. Augustine picked up his copy of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans and read. What he read changed what he believed. The Bible has a way of doing that: changing lives. As Baptists, […]

Editor’s Last Word: Adoption … It’s Personal

Adoption is more than just an alternative to abortion. For my family and me, it is personal. Anne and I are the proud grandparents of three of the greatest blessings God has ever given us. One of our grandchildren is adopted, and because January is Sanctity of Human Life emphasis, I want to share some […]

Sunday Dinner: Pork Tenderloin in Apple Marinade

Today’s recipe is an easy one, and you may have prepared tenderloin in a similar way. It can be made ahead of the time you need it, giving you more time to prepare the other parts of the meal. It is from Mary Frances Roberts of Overbrook Baptist Church in Greenville. I have used recipes […]

Wholly Healthy: Dental care is more than cosmetic

Christmas is past. Herbie the Dental Elf is busy caring for the folks at the North Pole. And the rest of us, having spent a month or two eating way too many wonderful desserts, could probably use a checkup of our own. It matters far more than most people think. Dental care is part of […]

Outside the Walls: An Old-School Life

As Stephen brushed his teeth after a wild night of partying, he noticed the “O-L-D S-K-O-O-L” tattoo on his knuckles. He attempted to wash it off, but the damage was done. Across the state, a mama was praying a powerful prayer she would echo for years: “Father, send someone to share the gospel with my […]

Comic Belief: To Err Is Human

We all make mistakes. That’s why there are erasers on pencils, reverse gears in cars, delete keys on computers, U-turns and summer school. One of my favorite presidents was Gerald Ford. One reason that I liked him was that he was a lousy golfer. The newscasts often showed clips of people being hit by his […]

Wholly Healthy: Why We Shouldn’t Embrace Assisted Suicide

Medicine can only do so much. This is why we have an entire specialty dedicated to providing comfort to people with incurable illnesses and to easing their transition out of this life. This specialty, called palliative care, includes hospice care. Most people have had some interaction with these dedicated caregivers, if only in the care […]

Sunday Dinner: Zucchini Blender Bread

From both parents, I got the “hugging” gene. My late husband Ed did not get such a gene from either parent. When both sets of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., met, it would take 10 minutes or more for everyone to be hugged at least once. Even if they had not seen each other in […]

Comic Belief: Battling the Blues

Life has its great times, its average times, and its rough times. Mountains always have valleys. The old preacher said, “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, and sometimes I’m almost to the ground.” Usually we feel as if we’re on the fast track, and other times on the slow track, but sometimes we feel as […]

From The Courier to Your Home, Merry Christmas!

From all us at The Baptist Courier to all our faithful readers, Merry Christmas! Our staff — Butch Blume, managing editor; Debbie Grooms, business manager; Denise Huffman, editorial assistant; Carolyn Rainey, circulation director — and I hope your holiday season is filled with His grace. This is a hardworking group of people dedicated to honoring […]