Editor’s Word: Why I Am Still Here

I have already experienced a very nice retirement celebration, listened to kind words from various people, and moved out of my office at The Courier (which was a good thing, considering it flooded on Christmas night!). I am still working as editor at the request of the search committee of The Courier, who have been […]

Comic Belief: From Ha, Ha to Aha!

Would you define a speaker or a preacher as someone who talks while people sleep? Do you relate to the story about a couple who went to see the doctor because the wife complained about her husband’s snoring? The doctor asked if he kept her awake at night. “Me?” she said. “He keeps the whole […]

Comic Belief: Roosters and Family Secrets

Dysfunction from generation to generation is usually fueled by family secrets. Our secrets can become our sickness. Some are trivial. I asked a friend why he was getting married. He told me that he was tired of holding in his stomach. His new wife may find that her prize package is a surprise package. I […]

The Sanctity of Human Life: An Embryo from Conception to Birth

When we first learned basic reproductive science, giggling behind our hands in school, we learned that a vast number of tadpole-like sperm swim up to a round, floating egg somewhere in the mysterious geography of the female reproductive tract. Voila! An embryo is made, which (blah, blah, blah) becomes a person in roughly 40 weeks […]

President’s Perspective: Engaging Lostness Overseas

Part of the turf that goes with pastoring Southern Baptist churches is the annual tipping of the hat to international missions under the banner of Lottie Moon. At least that’s how I viewed it for many years: “It’s Lottie time again, let me work up a missions sermon and slide it in somewhere between Thanksgiving […]

Outside the Walls: Be Resolved

Let’s face it: You’re not going to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions. Don’t you feel better now? According to inc.com, 91 percent of Americans will not achieve their New Year’s resolutions. I know what you are thinking: “So, you are saying there is a chance?” I appreciate your optimism. The top three New Year’s resolutions […]

Editor’s Word: A Story of America

Not so long ago, a nation was formed on the soil of an expansive continent. About 90 percent of its founding fathers were Christian. Their faith was reflected in the laws they enacted, the constitution they wrote, and the Declaration of Independence they produced. Christian colleges dotted the landscape. Great leaders emerged from this God-blessed […]

Wholly Healthy: Diabetes and Weight Loss

Weight loss is a big deal and a big business. Turn on the television, cruise the internet, open a magazine and you’re bound to find something about how you can lose weight, and enrich someone else along the way. Not only is weight loss big business, it’s a critical health intervention in a nation plagued […]

Editor’s Word: The Year Ahead

What are you looking forward to in 2023? For me, it is discovering what assignment God has for me following my retirement from The Courier. I will miss the great Courier staff and the fellowship we have enjoyed, but as the saying reminds us, “Life goes on.” Art Linkletter’s attitude toward aging was, “Live until […]