Comic Belief: Bath Fizzies, Loofahs and Candles

Legend has it that during the 1960 presidential campaign, John F. Kennedy gave a great speech to a large and excited crowd assembled in front of the Alamo, where a handful of Texans had held off a large army from Mexico. Kennedy wanted to make a quick exit after his speech. He told a local […]

Wholly Healthy: Abortion Reversal

Women who are pregnant have the option of terminating their pregnancies two ways. One is by having an abortion procedure. The other, however, is to take pills obtained from Planned Parenthood, personal physicians or even online. Taken early in pregnancy, these pills end the pregnancy. There is a powerful movement to make those pills available […]

Outside the Walls: Whose Side Are You On?

I stared into the eyes of my Little League football team. They could taste victory if they would just work together. There was a lot riding on this game for my two sons, including respect, bragging rights, and the attention of a first-grade girlfriend named Karrie. My son Caden was the quarterback, and his little […]

President’s Perspective: An Historic Meeting

This year we will celebrate the 199th year of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. This will be our 200th annual meeting. When we look at the history of denominations, this is really an amazing feat that testifies to the grace and mercy of the Lord. As we come together with the theme of “Legacy,” it […]

Editor’s Word: Election Year

When Barack Obama, one of the most liberal senators in the United States Senate at that time, was elected president, I remember admonishing the church I served as pastor to pray for him. Whoever is elected president this year, I would offer up the same counsel. We may disagree with their values and policies or […]

Comic Belief: Men Are Simple; Women Are Complex

A few years ago, the Forester Sisters sang a song about men. It went something like this: “They buy you dinner, open your door, other than that, what are they good for? … Men, we’re talking about men.” I have to admit, men do have problems with relationships. We grow up playing baseball, football, and […]

President’s Perspective: The Year We Needed

The year 2020 has asked more questions than most of us have answers. This year has brought about a seemingly endless string of difficult decisions, made all the more difficult by the small amount of information we have on which to base those decisions. Time has come to a screeching halt and also seems to […]

Wholly Healthy: Viewing Violence

One of the things I always told my sons as they grew into adulthood was to avoid fights. And the best way to avoid fights is generally to keep one’s mouth shut and not argue with angry people. It can be a tall order for a young male, full of life, health and testosterone, but […]

Outside the Walls: ‘A Godless Crisis’

I remember where I was on 9/11/01. As I worked in my office, a colleague walked in and told me a plane had hit the World Trade Center. My first reaction was a momentary feeling of sadness, and then I got back to working on Wednesday night’s student service as planned. About a half hour […]

Editor’s Word: Don’t Lose Heart

Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary.” This season of pandemic has brought discouragement and despair to many. Some have grown weary and lost heart. Jesus told a parable in Luke 18 “to show that at all times […]