President’s Perspective: He Did This for You

As I continue to travel throughout the state, I am amazed at the giftedness of South Carolina Baptist clergy and laity. Within the last month, I preached a revival service and spoke as the special guest for Baptist Men’s Day, and I have spoken at several associational meetings. I was also privileged to attend the […]

Outside the Walls: So What About You?

“So what about you?” At first, Courtney looked at me, and then she gazed off into the distance, reflecting on the question. I had asked the question as she waited our table. Her answer: “I think there is a God out there. I’m not sure. I just try to be a good person.” Such a […]

From the Editor: Easter Is Personal

I like Easter more than Christmas! Both are special and essential, and while the birth of Jesus is certainly significant, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is the foundation of our faith as Christians. First Corinthians 15:17 says, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.” […]

Sunday Dinner: Blue Cheese Slaw

Today I am distressed, distraught and disturbed — not about our recipe (which is a good one), but about an article from a newspaper dated Feb. 12, 1989, concerning the decline of dinner parties. I found the clipping while cleaning our office recently, which tells you how long it has been since I cleaned. So […]

Wholly Healthy: Vaccines — Speaking the Truth in Love

There’s a lot of discussion these days about vaccines. Many parents still holding to debunked theories about a connection between vaccines and autism have refused to vaccinate their children. As of this writing, there is a growing epidemic of measles around the country, a disease that is not without serious consequences — including death. This […]

Comic Belief: Home Alone

Life has different stages. Someone has said there are four stages of life: You believe in Santa Claus; you don’t believe in Santa Claus; you are Santa Claus; and you look like Santa Claus. My wife and I are at the empty-nest stage. That’s kind of in between being Santa and looking like him. It […]

Outside the Walls: Churchy Words — Use Sparingly

Megan looked intently at the picture I was drawing as I explained the gospel to her. Two lines were drawn, with GOD written on one side, MAN on the other and SIN in the middle. I talked about “asking Jesus into her heart” and drew a cross over the area labeled SIN, showing that Jesus […]

Pastor to Pastor: Preach the Word

Second Timothy is a record of the Apostle Paul writing to encourage and advise his young “son in the ministry,” Timothy, on being a minister of the gospel. Paul understands that he very well may be facing his last days on this earth, and so this is an important letter to his young protégé. The […]

President’s Perspective: Hopefully this will not happen

Since 2015 has started, I have been able to visit four associational events throughout South Carolina. During these visits, I have met gifted ministers and directors of missions as well as a host of talented and hard-working laity. Also, I have experienced Southern hospitality in its purest form. Through this experience, I must state that […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: What about those other gospels?

As Easter season approaches, television networks seem sure to roll out their annual programs that revisit the question: What really happened to Jesus? The question rests on the sneaky assumption that the bodily resurrection of a historical figure is too unlikely — even implausible — so there must be another explanation. Finding that other explanation, […]