Outside the Walls: The Power of One

It only takes one. Have you ever set up dominoes? When I was a kid, I loved to set up dominoes one by one closely connected on the floor around my room. I would use bridges for them to go across and put them in shapes and pray that my little brothers didn’t come in […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Kathy’s Southern Yeast Rolls

I am one of three girls. My oldest sister was a home economics teacher, and her recipe that we all loved the most is Kathy’s Southern Yeast Rolls. This recipe is very easy to make. It will pair wonderfully with the roast beef with gravy from last month, serving as a sandwich bread for a […]

Wholly Healthy: Parents Often Worry

It’s the time of year when children are always sick. I’m not using hyperbole; small children have multiple episodes of upper respiratory illness every year. This is very frustrating, in part because there’s ultimately so little we can do to fix it. For the majority, which are viral, antibiotics are not useful. Fever is normal […]

Comic Belief: Feel My Muscles

Women have seven stages of life: infant, little girl, miss, young woman, young woman, young woman, and young woman. And any woman knows that the seven stages of a man are: infant, little boy, little boy, little boy, little boy, little boy, and little boy. Most smart women know that a man is just a […]

President’s Perspective: Products or Prophets? A Look at Our Legacy

In December 1822, the South Carolina Baptist Convention met for just the second time. At Fellowship Church in Edgefield, the delegates were led again by the distinguished Richard Furman. The state was still reeling from a year of turmoil and fear. In September, the great Carolina Hurricane of 1822 hit Charleston and caused major devastation […]

Editor’s Word: God’s Adventurous Missionary

Hattie Gardner was an exceptional follower of Jesus Christ. I preached a series of “revival” services at Gum Branch Baptist Church, Hartsville, in the fall of 1981. During that week, I got to meet and spend some time with Miss Hattie. She became a missionary in 1935 and retired at the age of 70 after […]

Wholly Healthy: Continuity Matters

Despite the fact that many people have difficulty finding a family physician, there remain many options for medical care. From emergency departments to urgent care clinics to clinics based in retail stores and pharmacies, there are several different ways to see a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner. This can be useful when one has […]

Comic Belief: Hints for the Ski Season

I’ll never forget my first ski trip. I was excited: the thrill of the hill, the need for speed, man against the mountain. I was ready. I’m athletic, I’m coordinated, and I’m a macho man. If you are a first-time skier and you are feeling a little macho, allow me to give you some helpful […]

Editor’s Word: Alternatives for Discerning Parents

With the moral relativism that has engulfed both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, discerning parents don’t have to compromise their biblical beliefs to find a good character-building scouting experience for their children. There are Christian alternatives available. Recently, Warren Cole Smith wrote about the Boy Scouts mortgaging their “crown jewel,” Camp Philmont. This is the […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Roast Beef with Gravy

This recipe for Roast Beef with Gravy is my family’s favorite in the winter. We make sandwiches from the leftovers the next day. The leftovers can also be shredded and added to vegetable soup for a richer flavor. This recipe and the leftovers will help keep you warm in the chilly winter weather. May God […]