Wholly Healthy: Not All Wounds of Superficial Variety

Summer is that glorious time of reckless abandon when adults and children manage to sustain all manner of punctures, lacerations and abrasions. So, as summer is upon us, what guidelines can I offer to the wounded? Well, first of all, if you aren’t sure about your wound — however you sustained it — see your […]

Worldview: The Church and Cultural Captivity

The relationship of the church to culture has long been debated among church leaders and social researchers, with little real consensus. One thing is clear, however: In far too many cases, the relationship of many churches with the culture has steadily shifted from infatuation and intimidation to out-and-out captivity, a situation that always results in […]

Sunday Dinner: Salmon Loaf

I need to drop about 15 pounds, and not because of vanity or health. I made peace with my appearance years ago, and my health will allow me to make today’s recipe for many years. No, the reason for my interest in weight loss is my family. I want to save them the embarrassment of […]

Freedom-Fed Patriotism

In his essay, “The Czar’s Soliloquy,” Mark Twain wrote, “True patriotism, the only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the nation all the time, loyalty to the government when it deserves it.” As we approach our patriotic holiday on July 4, the idea of patriotism is displayed and discussed in our society. But what is patriotism, […]

Outside the Walls: One Nation Under God?

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.” (George Washington) “The first and almost the only book deserving of universal attention is the Bible.” (John Quincy Adams) “That book, sir, is the rock on which our republic rests.” (Andrew Jackson) “In regard for this great book, I have this to […]

Pastor to Pastor: Extraordinary

Extraordinary: exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy or remarkable (Dictionary.com) What makes preachers extraordinary people? The answer lies with two common men who achieved three realistic goals, resulting in extraordinary lives for Christ: Their audience Peter and John were ordinary men who became extraordinary preachers only after three years of attending the “University […]

President’s Perspective: A Lesson in Statesmanship

The summer of 1976 was a long and hot one in the Upstate of South Carolina. My father was an incumbent candidate in a historic election. The office to be filled was a county council seat represented by our family for almost two decades. My father and an African-American gentleman were vying for the same […]

Outside the Walls: Relentless Pursuit

The 1958 Green Bay Packers were a bunch of losers. They only won one game the entire season. The program was in shambles, the coach was fired, and there wasn’t much hope for the future. The owner decided to take a chance on a guy who had never been a head coach of an NFL […]

Sunday Dinner: Cherry Congealed Salad

They were more popular a few years ago, but one doesn’t see them as much now as previously. I like them. They are pretty on the plate or buffet, simple to make, and usually must be made a day or so before serving. Now the fresh green salads are more often the choice. I’m talking […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The So-Called Problem of Evil

The question haunts human minds: “If God is good, why does He allow evil?” Many view this difficulty as the most substantial challenge to Christianity, and some take it as evidence that God does not exist. If God is all good, then certainly He desires to eliminate evil; and if God is all powerful, then certainly […]