Editor’s Word: Blessed Resurrection Day!

Resurrection Day falls on April 16 this year. Popularly known as Easter, this is a Sunday set aside to especially rejoice and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We can rejoice every day, but it is good to have a day to remember and meditate on history’s greatest event. It is […]

Wholly Healthy: Fighting the ‘Food Lust’ Battle

I’ve been trying to lose weight lately. It has involved lifting weights, eating some boring food, drinking much more water and cutting back on (sigh!) sweet tea. My attempt has confirmed the truth, related by a good friend and exercise expert, that weight loss requires one to be … hungry. I have to step back […]

Sunday Dinner: Mississippi Mud Cake

It has been more than 40 years since I first saw, baked and enjoyed today’s recipe. It is from “The Meal Ticket,” a cookbook published by the Westminster Jaycees in 1974-75 “in honor of the Town of Westminster Centennial 1875-1975.” It is typewritten on half sheets of 8½ x 11 paper and held in place […]

Outside the Walls: The Power of Multiplication

“I found you a job today!” My dad seemed very excited about his new discovery. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wasn’t looking for a job. We drove to a small church in my hometown, and my dad handed me a toilet brush. I was their new janitor. For the next […]

President’s Perspective: My Favorite Family Story

I learned to tithe at a young age, but it was not through reading the Bible. It was through a story my parents told me over and over, a story about their faith and God’s faithfulness. Mom and Dad were not raised in church. They were saved shortly after getting married. As young Christians, they […]

Comic Belief: Through the Nose, From the Heart

Conceiving a child is gloriously cost-free, but the meter starts to run immediately and never seems to stop. Even the gifts given to me, I buy. My family always tells me they don’t overspend, I just under-deposit. One year for Father’s Day, my card read, “I couldn’t decide what card to give you — your […]

Worldview: Regenerate Church Membership

What would you say if your neighbor asked, “What makes a Baptist church different or distinctive?” Most Southern Baptists would likely begin by explaining that Baptist churches administer baptism exclusively on the basis of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This, I believe, is a perfect place to begin, but we could […]

Supporting God’s Work with Our Money

Giving is at the heart of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have all probably heard the adage that “you cannot out-give God.” But are Southern Baptists giving 10 percent or more of their income in the offering plate, online, etc.? At the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, a resolution was approved by […]

President’s Perspective: The Uncomfortable Question

I went to the nearby convenience store to get a Mountain Dew and came back with so much more. Our church is located in a rural community. Everybody in this area uses that store from time to time. On this particular evening, though, no one else was in the store. So I asked the man […]

Worldview: Euthanasia and Sanctity of Life

It pains us to watch a loved one regress as symptoms of disease or old age — or both — alter mind and body. Is such suffering necessary? Culture suggests possible shortcuts to the natural aging process. Euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide provide “alternative” paths to circumvent the suffering. (Euthanasia involves a physician actively ending the […]