Viewpoint: We All Bleed Red

My father is from Eastern Kentucky. Growing up, he did not know many people from ethnic backgrounds different from his Scots-Irish roots. The odds were stacked against Dad regarding whether he would become prejudiced toward people of color; however, his time in Vietnam turned the odds on their head. In Vietnam, Dad shared a tent […]

Outside the Walls: Nailing Down the Fundamentals

“Play ball!” I watched as my son Connor took the field to play in the Dixie Youth World Series. I had coached him all year and talked baseball nearly every day. We worked on drills outside in the backyard, practiced a lot, and learned rules as we sat on the couch watching baseball. Now he […]

President’s Perspective: Churches Must Confront Domestic Violence

I recently had the privilege of touring Connie Maxwell Children’s Home. It was a refreshing and impressive visit. I saw how Cooperative Program funds and other donations are used to positively impact children’s lives for Christ. I also know that some of these children were placed at Connie Maxwell because they were victims of domestic […]

Pastor to Pastor: ‘Therefore Watch’

“For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.” (Acts 20:27) A pastor who does not believe and declare “the whole counsel of God” — rather, believing and preaching preferred portions — willfully rips Scripture and spiritual wholeness from the church. Paul reminds us why we are to declare “the […]

Comic Belief: Communicating Over Cornbread and Buttermilk

My wife and I are from different backgrounds. Her father is from up North, and my family came from way down South. Also, Penny grew up wealthy, and I grew up poor. She had four baths, and I had four paths. One year our bathroom caught on fire, and we were excited because it didn’t […]

Wholly Healthy: Human Trafficking — Closer Than You Think

One of the wonderful things about medicine is the insight it gives, on a daily basis, into humanity. After sufficient time, a physician learns to see, simply in passing, signs of illness or injury in other people. Problems past or present jump out to our eyes. As Christians, we should develop similar skills out of […]

Editor’s Last Word: Domestic Abuse Is Sin

Domestic abuse is a sin, and it is a growing problem in this country — even within the professing church. LifeWay Christian Resources last year reported that 42 percent of Protestant pastors rarely, or never, speak about domestic violence in sermons. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist […]

Wholly Healthy: Changing Conditions for Hospital Admission

When we take our sick or injured loved ones to the hospital, we often hope that they will be admitted. In many instances this is a very reasonable request. When heart or lung disease are at work, when severe infections, dehydration, fractures or strokes occur, admission may well be the only option. However, sometimes our […]

In the wake of Supreme Court marriage ruling, what’s next?

The White House was lit with the colors of the rainbow, the recent symbol for the gay and lesbian political movement, following the 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage. Our president sent the nation a message, and, for Christians, it was seen as showing incredibly bad taste. As most evangelical observers […]