Christian Worldview and Apologetics: God’s Untapped Legion of Ambassadors

Owen Cooper. Do you recognize the name? Until recently, I certainly didn’t. But now I count Owen Cooper among my heroes. What about these men and women: Truett Cathy, David Green (or Steve, or Mart), Abraham, Anne Beiler, Bill Job, the Guinness family, Jorg Knoblauch, Daniel, Jill Boorman, Kip Miller, William Renfrow, the Harrison family, […]

Pastor to Pastor: For a Crown

“Rejoice in the Lord.” Philippians 3:1 was not written on a MacBook in a quiet study with a controlled climate from the comfort of a wingback chair. If you listen closely as you read this encouraging book, you can almost hear the rattle of the chains on Paul’s wrist as he dips his pen in […]

President’s Perspective: Let’s Tell Our Story

During the 1800s, revival broke out in England. While the lower and middle classes were the first to succumb to the Holy Spirit’s movement, the movement soon began to change the upper and aristocratic classes as well. One member of the upper class was a young educated woman named A. Catherine Hankey. She was skilled […]

Editor’s Last Word: Is it time for a new approach to missions?

The central theme of the Great Commission is to make disciples. That call applies to every Christian, every church, and every mission board. International Mission Board president David Platt has stated that reforms at the board, and financial restructuring, are needed in order to more effectively fulfill the Great Commission. The IMB has spent $210 […]

Kingdom Focus: Employment for Deployment

Vocation. When most people think of the word, they think about their employment or job. Our common use of the word betrays its deeper meaning. Vocation comes from the Latin root vocatio, which means “calling.” Our vocation in life is actually our calling in life. Our vocation is to follow Jesus Christ as our Lord […]

Outside the Walls: From Sanctuary to Flooded Streets

“Why does God hate me?” Sam sat with his head in his hands, sobbing. His life was a mess, piled up 10 feet high in his front yard, after the flash flood in South Carolina rushed into his home. A few days before, his life seemed fine; now he was broken, and there was no […]

Comic Belief: Baby Talk

The first time I saw our oldest daughter, I saw a bald head and heard powerful lungs. She was a loud noise at one end and no responsibility at the other. It was scary. Now I know why they say, “Hold the head.” It’s the safest part. I knew this baby was going to change […]

Editor’s Last Word: Ministering to Addicts

Ministering to addicts can be frustrating. Those who seek to bring godly counsel and loving help to those caught in an addictive bond are to be commended, encouraged and supported. For the past 18 years, I have served in a volunteer capacity as the counselor for Home with a Heart, a residential Christian rehab ministry […]

Kingdom Focus: From All Tribes and Peoples and Languages

Growing up, from 1981-86, I had the privilege of living in West Berlin, Germany, during the Cold War. While in Berlin, my family attended Berlin Baptist Church, an international church whose members came from England, Lebanon, Vietnam, Indonesia, Eastern Kentucky, Georgia, Germany and Cambodia. Being a part of such a diverse body of believers taught […]

Comic Belief: Conflicting Ways

Been to battle lately? Conflict can actually be good for you. Criticism separates people, but conflict stimulates people. If you ignore things, they build up and get worse. You might as well fight the battle before you have to go to war. A little boy asked his dad how the big war started. The father […]