Wholly Healthy: How to Avoid Medication Interactions

I was recently at a medical conference where one of the presenters discussed medication interactions. It was an eye-opening talk. Furthermore, it gave me the shudders when I was reminded of some of the frightening things that can occur when medications are mixed (by prescribers) without thorough forethought. For example, many drugs interact with the […]

Editor’s Word: Even in Retirement, Be Sure to Live Until You Die

Retirement is a word that is not going to be deleted from our dictionaries, but what that time period means should be, and is being, redefined. People can retire and do basically nothing, or they can stay active and accomplish much. Dr. George Burch was an internationally known heart surgeon who taught at Tulane University […]

Worldview: What Should We Think of Secularism?

Many, if not most, evangelicals hear the term “secularism” and perceive a clear and present danger, an impending doom — a rising tide of deliberately anti-Christian sentiment. Thoughts of the antichrist or the beast of Revelation come to mind. In this way, Christianity and secularism appear as combating foes striving for the soul of a […]

Comic Belief: We All Need a Friend

Did you know that if you isolate yourself from other people, you are two to three times more likely to die an early death? If you are divorced, separated or widowed, you have a five to 10 times greater chance of being hospitalized for mental disorders than if you are married. Some of you might […]

Outside the Walls: ‘The Talk’

The words were lodged behind the lump in my throat. I had thought about this moment for months. What if he is offended? What if this changes our relationship? How will he react? Finally, in his storage house, while working on fishing gear, I posed the question: “Dad, are you confident that if you were […]

President’s Perspective: One Day — 11.7.17

Do you ever feel frustrated because you can’t solve all the problems you see around you? There are so many needs in our communities: single moms in distress, broken families, underfunded schools, people struggling to pay the power bill — the list could go on and on. None of us can help everyone, but what […]

Sunday Dinner: Jay’s Cabbage, Chinese Style

You will like today’s recipe because it is easy to prepare, is inexpensive, makes a large amount, and produces a good-tasting dish. I tried (I really did) to locate Mrs. Edward L. Byrd, who contributed today’s recipe. I was not surprised at my failure, because the recipe comes from “The Pastors’ Wives Cookbook” published in […]

Comic Belief: I Feel Your Pain

When a first-grader fell on the ice coming into church, the pastor tried to comfort him. “Remember, big boys don’t cry.” “Cry?” he replied, “I’m going to sue.” Do we live in a world where people would rather have money than comfort? Maybe, but we also know that at times we prefer comfort. Are we […]

Outside the Walls: A Mother’s Change

I thought I was being an attentive husband the night I cooked dinner for my wife. There was a screech from upstairs, and I opened the bedroom door to see her head buried in a pillow. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “How could you? I can’t take that smell!” […]

President’s Perspective: I’ve Never Heard That Before

My first Uber ride was a memorable experience. I was recently in Boston with a group of South Carolina pastors for a North American Mission Board “Catch the Vision” tour. We met about 15 church planters who have a passion for the gospel and for their city. When it was time to return home, we […]