Outside the Walls: ‘Send Us!’ Say College Students

Samantha* and three other students from colleges around our state were excited about banding together as summer missionaries this year and taking the gospel to a foreign land. One month before they were to depart, a bomb shattered the walls of a church where they were to serve. In an instant, dozens of people died […]

Worldview: What About Near-Death Experiences?

We all want to know about heaven. We want to know about the place our Savior has prepared for us, and we want to know our loved ones are safe. These desires are good and right, and God’s Word tells us much about what we can expect. In the new heaven and the new earth, […]

Sunday Dinner: Fruit Salad

It may be the oldest Baptist church in South Carolina, and if it isn’t, I’m sure someone will let me know! Welsh Neck Baptist Church, located in Society Hill (which is in the eastern third of our state, about 20 miles or so from the North Carolina line), is one of the oldest Baptist congregations […]

President’s Perspective: The 365 Challenge

Early on the morning of June 7, I was walking my dog and reading Twitter to pass the time. I read this post from Kevin Ezell: “16.7 million … the number of gospel conversations if all 46,000 SBC churches would share with 1 person each day for a year.” For a minute or two, my […]

Comic Belief: On Their List

Have you ever listened to church people talk? You might hear things like: “Good Christians don’t wear make-up” (usually said by those who need to wear it) or “Good Christians wouldn’t have a cigar after dinner” (usually said by someone who eats a half gallon of ice cream for dessert). We all have a list, […]

Wholly Healthy: You Need a Doctor

We have amazing medical capabilities today. Our ability to ease suffering, fight disease and prolong life is growing by leaps and bounds. However, for all of the medical miracles going on, navigating this system just seems to get more and more difficult as the rules and guidelines are constantly changed by researchers, specialty organizations, insurers […]

Editor’s Word: Reaching College Students

Today’s college students are identified by various descriptions such as Generation Y, Millennials, or even the internet generation. However this group may be labeled, they represent an important mission field in this country. Messengers to the 2017 Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix passed a resolution on “university ministry” that emphasized the importance of this group, […]

Comic Belief: What About Bob?

Every church has a few. When we see them we think of that little “Family of God” chorus but change the words to, “I’m surprised you’re a part of the family of God.” God made them fearfully and wonderfully weird. They have the amazing ability to suck the joy right out of the ministry. They’re […]

Wholly Healthy: ‘Stop the Bleed’

I am writing this column a few days after the terrible bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, and the murders on and near London Bridge. The world is a different place these days. Of course, statistically speaking, few of us are likely to be exposed to terrorism. But sadly, that’s what the victims and […]

Sunday Dinner: Waldorf Hotel’s Famous Salad

Summer is here, and it’s time to have fun with relatives, friends and acquaintances. I have written about this before, even recently, but it needs repeating: Be hospitable. The Bible gives us many examples of hospitality. One is in Acts 2 that says, “Breaking bread in their homes, they shared their meals with unaffected joy.” […]