Worldview: The Moral Argument for God’s Existence

Can we know that God exists? This is a question that both non-Christians and Christians ask, and it is a question that Scripture answers affirmatively. Key passages like Romans 1:18-20 indicate that evidence for God’s existence is available to all people — such that non-belief is inexcusable. The evidence for God’s existence can be presented […]

Comic Belief: Pause at the Top

A man watched the driver of a truck carrying a load of chickens stop every half mile, get out of the truck, beat the side of the truck with a baseball bat until the chickens were flying in the air, get back into the truck, and drive off. He watched this routine happen time after […]

Editor’s Word: The Power of Congregational Singing

There is something powerful in congregational singing. Ephesians 5:19 says: “Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.” In recent times, congregational singing has been replaced, in part, by soloists, ensembles and other small groups. We need a revival of congregational singing […]

Outside the Walls: 59 Seconds

It takes 59 seconds to change the world. Bubba couldn’t stay focused in school. He was mischievous, but curious. He was constantly thinking about anything other than school. He dropped out of high school his junior year and opened a print shop. His brother joined him a year later. They made their living in the […]

President’s Perspective: Why Does the Church Stay Indoors?

I learned a lesson in Cleveland this summer. We are planting a church there, and I had to step in at the last minute and lead a mission trip. Here’s what I learned: Taking your people on a mission trip is better than sending them! I honestly think that I benefited from the trip more […]

Sunday Dinner: Shrimp Gumbo

Contrary to my normal practice of preparing the recipes I share with you each month, I have not made this one — but I will. The reason? A kitchen fire … and it wasn’t my fault. It was the colt’s fault because he is so cute. A few weeks ago, I was preparing lunch with […]

Wholly Healthy: Sometimes the Healer Needs Healing

This column departs a little from the normal subject matter of “Wholly Healthy” in that it’s a plea not for healthy behavior, but for healthy physicians. Over the years, medicine has become increasingly complex. Mind you, the “saving lives and easing suffering” part just keeps getting better. We can do more than ever. In the […]

Comic Belief: Still on the Phone

Newsweek Magazine says 91 percent of women and 85 percent of men pray. (Of course, 100 percent of golfers pray on the putting green.) Often, our prayers revolve around asking God to bail us out of some mess. We’re like the little girl who prayed, “God, either make Boston the capital of Vermont or lose […]

President’s Perspective: Why Does the Church Stay Indoors?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you can’t solve all the problems you see around you? It’s easy to feel helpless when you hear about a single mom who needs a job or when you see someone standing at an intersection, holding a cardboard sign. It’s easy to feel helpless when you read about places […]

Wholly Healthy: Time for a Serious Discussion

The beginning of the college year is upon us, and many young women and men will leave home for the first time. Whether in Christian schools, community colleges, or public or private universities, our kids will be confronted with people, ideas and opportunities they never encountered previously. This is part of what college is meant […]