5 Family-Friendly Things: ‘Bible Bee’ leads entertainment lineup

Editor’s note: “5 Family-Friendly Things” spotlights family-friendly entertainment choices on DVD, streaming or television. We’ll be running this column over the next three months. Please let us know what you think of it on Facebook (BaptistCourier) Twitter (@baptistcourier) or by email (editor@baptistcourier.com). How long would it take you to memorize five Bible verses? Fifty Bible […]

Guest Viewpoint: Gondor, Narnia, Wakanda and Washington

Our Hero Stories Reveal Our Greatest Longings Ever since I’ve been old enough to watch the news, I’ve felt frustrated. I’m 41 years old, and I’ve seen Republican and Democratic administrations come and go through Washington. Just like everyone else, I have my own ideas about what ideals are best for the country. But I […]

Staying Alert Means Staying Alive

In addition to being a college professor and preacher, I have the privilege of teaching self-defense skills to people in my community on a weekly basis through my self-defense company, Peaceful Warrior, LLC. Although most people we encounter in life are law-abiding and peace-loving people, there are folks who might intend us harm. We could […]

Keeping Children Safe at Church

Today’s parents are becoming more and more concerned about the safety of their infants and young children during Sunday worship services and other church events that provide care. Here are some practical suggestions you can incorporate to keep your church children safe: Develop your church safety and security After the recent rash of church and […]

Be Wise in Safeguarding Your Financial Information

The CEO of Facebook recently gave testimony to Congress about the misuse of his company’s users’ personal data. This breach allowed many different sources to have access to personal information that could be misused today and in the future. This type of situation will continue to be a problem, which is why we should be […]

Guest Viewpoint: A Normal Baptist Church

I recently found normal about an hour and 15 minutes south of Nashville. The weather was nearly perfect for an early morning drive with my bride Jeanne as we wound our way along country roads through the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Howell is a small community located between Lewisburg and Fayetteville. We pulled […]

Guest Viewpoint: Seminary or Cemetery?

As a young ministerial student in college, I’d eagerly accept any opportunity to speak so that I might grow and develop as a preacher of the Gospel. A frequent venue for me was a “brotherhood breakfast” in small rural churches. After speaking at one particular meeting, an older man approached me and engaged in conversation. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Simple Questions

The American church has never been more analyzed and categorized, with predictions galore about where it’s headed, what it’s becoming, how it needs to change, and whether it is growing, plateaued or declining. It’s easy to get lost in all this and decide the health of our own local church more intuitively — basically, do […]

Guest Viewpoint: Billy Graham’s Motorcade

When I heard that Billy Graham had died, my first thought was purely selfish. “I never got to meet him.” For more than 40 years, Billy Graham has been my spiritual hero. My dream was to one day shake his hand and thank him for the impact he had on my life. Since that dream […]