Guest Viewpoint: When Is the Hill Worth Dying On?

We’ve all heard the question: Is this a hill worth dying on? Great question. Simple answer: There are fewer hills worth dying on than you think. More complicated answer: There is a two-part answer. The first part: What hill should you not die on? — Don’t die on hills of tactics. When and where are […]

Guest Viewpoint: Whatever It Takes

About 19 years ago, I had the sad responsibility to inform a mom and dad that their beautiful 5-year-old daughter had leukemia. They were shocked and overwhelmed. A few weeks later, I sat on a hospital bed by their side as an oncologist explained that their insurance would not pay for most of the very […]

President’s Perspective: Adoption Is God’s Work of Grace

When I was a child, adoption was frowned upon or kept secret. Scripture, however, offers us the powerful image of God adopting us as His own children through the work of the cross. Rather than something shameful, adoption is a beautiful picture of grace and love rooted squarely in the heart of God. The biblical […]

The Preacher’s Daughter and the Prayer Warriors

“Pamela” visited my office when she was 16 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend, a heavy beer drinker and a member of a motorcycle gang, browbeat her to have an abortion. She was a waitress at a restaurant, barely surviving financially. Her father was a Baptist preacher and, although very disappointed in her, encouraged her to do […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Reformation — A Cause to Celebrate

The Protestant Reformation was a movement in 16th-century Europe that began as an attempt to reform the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. When it became apparent that reforming the Church was impossible, the Reformers separated from Roman Catholicism. The result was more of a revolution than a reformation. In time, from these […]

Guest Viewpoint: Effective Second-Chair Ministry

If you are not the lead dog, your view never changes. This maxim has been around for a long time and may ring true, but it disregards the importance of a second-chair leader. The person in the second chair should understand his role and position, and he must understand that God put him in that […]

Fresh Ideas: Keep the Christmas Spirit!

It feels so wonderful how the spirit of Christmas adds oomph to life. We live in anticipation, and we’re even nice to strangers. We become quite intentional about giving to others. But after the big day, as we turn the calendar page to Dec. 26, does that Christmas spirit fade? As you pack up those […]