Suicide, Depression and Pastors: One Way Church Members Can Help

The suicide death of a young pastor is being felt throughout the world. Andrew Stoecklein, lead pastor of Inland Hills Church in California, left behind his wife, Kayla, and three young sons. I am the father of three sons. I cannot look at a photo of the young family without getting tears in my eyes. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Loving Your Pastor’s Family

Sometimes those who are most vital to a pastor’s ministry — his family — can be forgotten. Yet, they are the ones most often ministering to the minister.  As a pastor’s wife, I pray for my husband like no other. I encourage him when he needs to be built up and challenge him when he […]

Human Trafficking Is Thriving in S.C.

Lanie’s school bus dropped her off every day at the strip club where her mother worked. When she was younger, Lanie simply grabbed a bite to eat and did her homework while her mom worked. However, one day when she was 10 years old, the strip club lacked enough employees, so they “recruited” Lanie to […]

Guest Viewpoint: Don’t Ditch Your Denomination

In September 1986, my life was changed forever when I was elected as pastor of a dying Southern Baptist mission called Franklin Avenue Baptist Church. I grew up in the National Baptist denomination. I was the middle of five kids raised by a single mom who required everyone in her house to attend church on […]

God’s Portion: Sufficient to Sustain and Delight

Spending some time in Brazil this summer was an experience I will treasure forever, and the Lord taught me so many precious truths. I’ve always known that various cultures exist, but to experience it firsthand was something entirely new for me. My observations evoked a number of thoughts that I began to wrestle with: Would […]

The Nations Are Closer than You Think

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”? I believe the opposite is the problem concerning major missions strategies at this time. I believe we have become so overwhelmed by the lostness of the world that we are missing the opportunities God is giving us to make a difference. Both […]

Reigniting Evangelism In Our Changing World

Let’s face it: The world is changing rapidly. Neither God’s Word, nor the gospel, nor His church is eligible to change in terms of the absolutes of God’s truth. But the environment in which these truths are shared and the manner with which these truths are heard are changing even as we speak. The Great […]

Are Special-Needs Families Part of Your Outreach Strategy?

Special-needs families are an under-reached demographic, but when committed to church, they can become some of the most faithfully involved members. Church ministry to my autistic son depends upon my being a flexible and involved parent. It also depends on the willingness of those who serve my son to do whatever it takes to show […]

SCBC officials express appreciation for Hollingsworth’s recent leadership

An Open Letter to S.C. Baptists from SCBC Executive Board chair Tommy Kelly and SCBC president Marshall Blalock We are writing this letter to express our appreciation for the effective leadership Dr. Gary Hollingsworth, the executive director-treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, has demonstrated during the recent events that resulted in Mark Aderholt’s resignation. […]