Most churches plan to open on Christmas and New Year’s Day

On Christmas Day, churches plan to welcome “all ye faithful” and anyone else who wants to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and for most pastors, that gives them all the more reason to gather. More than 5 in 6 U.S. Protestant pastors (84 percent) say their church plans […]

Pastors say Christmas Eve is most-attended holiday service

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more likely it is church pews will be filled. Half of U.S. Protestant pastors (48 percent) say a Christmas Eve service is their churches’ largest event during the holiday season, according to a Lifeway Research study. The frequency of the highest attendance events builds up to Christmas Eve […]

Some Wrappings of Christmas

Christmas in America has so many facets, traditions, and activities. It is enough to keep people busy for weeks! Some things are soundly biblical — Jesus was born in Bethlehem; Mary, his mother, was a virgin; shepherds were summoned by angels to visit the manger; and some time later, Magi from the land of the […]