Minister Relying on God More While Planting Churches in Ukraine

Michael Domke had spent nearly 15 years planting churches in Ukraine when Russia’s war forced him out. Today, he typically drives 1,700 miles to several cities in Ukraine from Budapest, Hungary, continuing his work. The International Mission Board worker is learning to live one day at a time. “It’s easy to say we live by […]

Southern Baptists caring for war-torn Ukrainians

In 2021 and early 2022, International Mission Board missionaries serving in Ukraine heard rumors of war, which led to an overland evacuation. Looking today in the rearview mirror, they realize they couldn’t have guessed the trauma about to mushroom from the east.   Less than one month after the missionaries’ exodus, war made a forceful […]

S.C. team serves refugees on Ukrainian border

A six-member team of South Carolina Baptists returned June 11 after assisting with humanitarian relief efforts in a Romanian town on the Ukraine border. The team’s purpose was “to serve the precious people of Ukraine who have found themselves displaced from their homeland, forced to leave their homes and families,” said team leader Wil Bradham, […]

Close to the conflict, Southern Baptists move to prayer over Ukraine

It doesn’t require a personal connection with the country of Ukraine to pray on its behalf. But for many Southern Baptists, the ongoing invasion and fighting there has made it personal nonetheless. Those prayers were lifted on the outskirts of Cleveland at Mercy Hill Chapel, a Southern Baptist congregation that features sermons in both Ukrainian […]