Grace and Truth: What’s Tone Got to do With It? Much Indeed (Part 1)

Southern Baptists have often joked that the SBC is America’s largest Protestant denomination due, in part, to the reality that our churches multiply by dividing. Translation: Many church plants should be more accurately labeled “church split.” In the early 1990s, when I worked as a secular newspaper journalist, there were three Baptist churches in the […]

Growing Pains

Because our book publishing service is at full capacity, and as we conduct a self-study at our 10-year mark, Courier Publishing currently is only accepting manuscripts for review in the fall of 2023. If you would like to submit a manuscript at this time, we’ll be happy to provide an evaluation in the fall. We […]

Chaplaincy students at CSU experience ‘divine appointments’

Divine appointments — Two days following a safeTALK training in the Dewey Center for Chaplaincy’s Introduction to Crisis Ministry course, a student was at a park with a friend, whose behavior led him to ask her if she was thinking about suicide. She replied that she was. The student took the steps learned in the […]

Survey on how coronavirus has impacted churches

SCBC Pastors: The Baptist Courier would like to know how the coronavirus has impacted your church. Please take a moment and answer our short survey by clicking the link below. Thank you in advance for participating.