Southern Baptist leaders condemn storming of U.S. Capitol

Southern Baptist leaders condemned protesters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, occupying legislative chambers and various lawmakers’ offices. The SBC leaders called for peace – and called Christians to prayer. “Peaceable transitions of power have marked our Republic since the beginning,” SBC President J.D. Greear posted on Twitter. “It is part of honoring […]

Americans’ mental health outlook drops, but not for church attendees

A recent Gallup study reveals a connection between regular church attendance and a positive self-evaluation of one’s mental health. The study focused on 76 percent of its respondents classifying their current mental health as excellent or good. Since the poll’s inception in 2001, that answer had stayed in the 81-89 percent range. This year marked […]

Clemson, Trevor and Those Who Pave the Way for Influence

For other Cartersville, Ga., residents and me, it was surreal to see Trevor Lawrence, a kid who had just been known around town as “Trevor” since he was 15, on the national stage Jan. 7. It shouldn’t have been. Over four years we saw his talent at Cartersville High’s Weinman Stadium, the spirals thrown at […]

T-shirt quilt: ‘Flood of wonderful memories’

When ministers move to other positions, they never forget where they’ve been and the relationships built. Even without tangible items to hold and touch, those experiences stay with them. But the students at First Baptist Church in Jackson, Ga., didn’t want to take any chances with now-former student minister Daniel Peavy. So they presented a […]

Historic First Baptist Church building condemned

A church building in Augusta, Ga., with ties to the birth of the Southern Baptist Convention has been condemned by city officials. The structure, located at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Greene Street, served as the home for First Baptist Church in Augusta from 1902 until the 1970s, according to WAGT 26. Following up […]

Church places Marine flag at serviceman’s seat

A single Marine flag stood in place at the orchestra chair where Skip Wells had played the clarinet for many years at First Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ga. Members of the Atlanta-area church took time to pray Sunday (July 19) for the families of Lance Cpl. Skip Wells, 21, and four other servicemen killed by […]

Bivocational ministry not a stretch for those called to field

Wesley Thompson would probably contend he’s devoted to ministry. A student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he’s pursuing a degree in church ministries, with an emphasis on students and families, to improve his ability at presenting the Gospel. Wesley Thompson also might say he is devoted to being a better educator. A teacher at a […]

Gift-wrapped cookies with eternal potential

Mike Warren is a quiet guy who goes to church, works hard for his family and seeks to live a Christian lifestyle. Spiritual discussions are a little different, though. Words have always gotten trapped in his throat when witnessing opportunities arose. Throughout the year Warren and his wife Joan couldn’t help but notice how many […]