Guest Viewpoint: Suffering and Endurance

Several years ago, our daughter and her husband traveled to California, leaving their 3-year-old Jackson and 18-month-old Julia in our care. Like all grandparents, we were delighted to keep them. One of those mornings, my husband, O.S., took Jackson with him to his office. Jackson sat on his lap, looking over the desk, asking questions. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Behind the Violence

Ferguson. Newton. Charleston. Orlando. Dallas. Miami. We are bombarded with so many images of killings and retaliatory murders these days that we no longer remember the victims or details of these events. What used to be a rare and tragic occurrence is now commonplace. Psalm 11:5 and Malachi 2:16 clearly state that God hates violence. […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Next Great Generation?

Remember the “Greatest Generation” that won World War II and turned America into a global powerhouse? Well, their spoiled grandchildren are the “Lousiest Generation,” says Johnny Oleksinski, a 26-year-old New York Post reporter. “Like a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I must admit that I’m powerless to [change] my biological age,” Oleksinski lamented in a recent […]

Guest Viewpoint: Weeping with Those who Weep

Although I live only 10 miles from downtown Dallas, I’m rarely there. But last night, of all nights, I was. I was just a couple of miles south of Dallas when the shootings took place and had to make my way back through the city to return home as the situation continued to unfold. The […]

Guest Viewpoint: A Father to the Fatherless

The other morning on my commute, the song “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson played. It’s a popular song, which I hear on the radio multiple times a day. The song begins by telling the story of a daughter whose father wouldn’t love her, at least not when she had nothing to offer. She remembers […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Great American Declaration

The American Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 brave American colonists on July 4, 1776. Now, 240 years later, Americans still celebrate that date annually as Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence has been referred to as the fountainhead of American democracy. This amazing document boldly declares “that these United Colonies are, and of […]

Guest Viewpoint: An American Patriot

My father, a family doctor in my hometown of Manning, S.C., strived to provide excellent medical care to a very impoverished community. He loved what he did. Nevertheless, in 1965 he left a growing family medicine practice to volunteer for the Air Force in the midst of the Vietnam conflict. Trained as an air surgeon […]

Fresh Ideas: ‘Go … Mow’

Here’s one wildly successful ministry idea that happened last week. Living Faith Indy, a church plant in Indianapolis, loaded a trailer with a riding lawnmower, some push mowers, edgers, blowers and brooms. The group prayed, asking God’s direction for where to begin, then hauled the equipment to a nearby, neglected neighborhood near their church plant. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Life is a combo plate

I love Mexican food — especially a good combo plate. You can’t beat the classic duo of a chicken enchilada and chile relleno. I see this entrée as a parable on life. We live in tension between two seemingly opposite poles. The word balance comes to mind. In our personal lives, we try to maintain […]

Guest Viewpoint: A $4 CD

A $4 thrift store purchase is affecting my life. It’s not as life-changing as the name of Jesus, but it is nudging my soul in a positive direction. This purchase — a beginner’s CD for learning Spanish — is teaching me more than an alphabet, basic grammar and Spanish words for everyday nouns and verbs. […]