Guest Viewpoint: The Reformation — A Cause to Celebrate

The Protestant Reformation was a movement in 16th-century Europe that began as an attempt to reform the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church. When it became apparent that reforming the Church was impossible, the Reformers separated from Roman Catholicism. The result was more of a revolution than a reformation. In time, from these […]

Guest Viewpoint: Effective Second-Chair Ministry

If you are not the lead dog, your view never changes. This maxim has been around for a long time and may ring true, but it disregards the importance of a second-chair leader. The person in the second chair should understand his role and position, and he must understand that God put him in that […]

Fresh Ideas: Keep the Christmas Spirit!

It feels so wonderful how the spirit of Christmas adds oomph to life. We live in anticipation, and we’re even nice to strangers. We become quite intentional about giving to others. But after the big day, as we turn the calendar page to Dec. 26, does that Christmas spirit fade? As you pack up those […]

Guest Viewpoint: A Puddle of Tears

As I write this, we have just finished an amazing three days of revival as two churches joined together to seek a fresh move of God. As John Avant with Life Actions Ministries concluded the final service, I approached the stage for some final remarks. That’s when I noticed something on the platform that I […]

500 Years: 5 Biblical Charges for Our Day

When Martin Luther banged his mallet into the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg 500 years ago, he corrected the church and its leaders. Today, as we lament the downturn in baptisms and ministry effectiveness in many of our churches, it seems a good time to correct ourselves. Luther’s 95 Theses were built under the […]

Guest Viewpoint: Connected to the Family

When I met Dan Coleman a few years ago, he was a church planter with a vision for reaching the state of Maine for Jesus but he didn’t have a lot of resources. Maine can be a lonely place for a church planter. There are only a handful of Southern Baptist churches, encompassing fewer than […]

Guest Viewpoint: 500 Years — The Reformation and Baptist Life

The Lord blessed me with the wonderful privilege of growing up in a Christian home — a faithful, Baptist home. Sundays included Sunday School, church services, afternoon choir practice as well as Bible Drill, Discipleship Training and Sunday evening after-church fellowship. It was generally a very busy day. Wednesdays included church suppers, prayer meetings, mission […]

Guest Viewpoint: Can God love me if I hate myself?

You’ve likely heard the platitude: “You have to love yourself before someone else can love you.” It doesn’t happen every day, but when life seems to become too complicated or my depression takes hold, it’s like an emotional and mental levee breaks. I begin to see my shortcomings as failures, my comforts as complacencies and […]

Guest Viewpoint: Responding to Criticism

In life, there are two things we can’t avoid: death and taxes. Let’s add criticism as another unavoidable part of life. Criticism can come from our all sorts of people — our spouse, our boss, a friend or enemy, a church member or a complete stranger. When someone tells us of our perceived faults or […]

Guest Viewpoint: A boring testimony? No such thing

“I have a boring testimony,” one student said when we shared our testimonies in a Sunday School class I co-lead for a group of high school guys. What he meant is that he made a profession of faith at a young age in response to his parents’ Gospel presentation. He was, therefore, not saved out […]