Guest Viewpoint: Equal Justice for the Unborn? 

In 2022, the Louisiana House prepared to pass HB-813, the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act. The bill garnered statewide support; a majority of House Republicans pledged to vote for it. On the eve of the vote, more than 70 national pro-life organizations communicated to the House urging them to vote no on HB-813. Blindsided, […]

Law Amendment: Stand Where the World Stands Against Us

Over the last year the two of us have benefited from many conversations with friends on the upcoming vote for the Law Amendment at the Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis. The constitutional amendment will require churches who seat messengers at the SBC to “affirm, appoint, or employ only men as any kind of pastor or […]

The Law Amendment: An Unnecessary Necessary Revision

Since 2022, and especially after the 2023 first vote to approve the so-called “Law amendment,” multiple authors and speakers have sought to sway messengers to vote in favor of or against changing the SBC Constitution. Ordinary church members, pastors, local association leaders, state convention directors, and national SBC entity leaders have weighed in to express […]

5 Ways Pastors Create a Prayer Culture 

Most of us agree with John Maxwell’s well-known adage, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” By that definition, the pastor’s leadership influences the ministry of the local church. This is particularly true in building a culture of prayer. Your culture determines your future, so it cannot be left to chance. A culture of prayer […]

Books Every Prayer Leader Should Read

Frederick Douglass was born a slave to an enslaved Black mother almost 50 years before slavery ended in America. School for slaves on the plantation was out of the question, so he learned to read when others helped him understand the letters on signs and posters on barn doors. He eventually escaped from slavery and […]

Three Prayer Lessons From the Life of Jesus

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you can read this, thank a teacher”? Maybe we should say the same thing about prayer. Jesus is addressed 90 times in the Gospels, and 60 of those times He is referred to as “Teacher.” Jesus had a lot to teach, but His disciples asked […]

Surprising Answers About Unanswered Prayers

Americans are surprisingly optimistic about answered prayer. In fact, nearly 25 percent of people who pray told Lifeway that all their prayers are answered!  The majority of people, 58 percent, report that “some” or “most” of their prayers get answered (“Americans Pray for Friends and Family, but Rarely for Celebrities or Sports Teams” – Lifeway […]

How to Reconstruct a Broken Prayer Life

Judith Greenberg, Ph.D., is not an evangelical. In fact, she is not even a Christian. She claims to be an atheist. Professor Greenberg studied at Yale and described herself as “a New York Upper West Side liberal, [and] a firm believer in science and rationality.” A nagging sense of what she calls “survivors’ guilt,” however, […]

Getting Serious About Daily Prayer

Charles Spurgeon was right. He once said, “He who prays much will pray more and he who prays little will pray less.” In fact, a new survey finds that the Americans who want to pray more are the people who already pray. Since the poll was taken in December 2023 and related to “New Year’s […]

Navigating the News Without Losing Your Peace of Mind

After Daddy died, I had another 12 years with my mama. Even though I didn’t live close, we kept up with each other, and I’d make it home when I could. One thing that bugged me, though, is that anytime I was at her house, the television would be tuned to one of the 24-hour […]