Guest Viewpoint: No Lone-Wolf Christians, Please

Some Christians boycott the very institution the Bible presents as duty Writer: Jack Williamson I knew a man who had many of the external trappings of being a Christian. He and his wife regularly prayed together and read their Bibles. They both had a seemingly rich testimony of salvation, and they both led exemplary lives. They were […]

Guest Viewpoint: Who’s Dying?

Writer: Keith Davis There is a lot of discussion concerning the decline or plateauing of many Southern Baptist Convention churches. In this discussion we hear about churches that are dying a slow death. In response, we begin pushing for greater evangelism and outreach. I have to ask the question when I think about this: Who’s […]

Veterans Day: A Navy Wife

While speaking for a leadership training event at a church near a military base, I spoke with a woman who described herself as a “Navy wife.” When I commented on how tough that life must be, she replied, “Not at all. It’s a great life. My husband is protecting America and stomping out evil around […]

Guest Viewpoint: What Is the Task of a Deacon?

The famed 19-century British Baptist, Charles Spurgeon, reportedly said, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Resist the deacons and they will flee at you.” While the quote contains Spurgeon’s trademark humor, it also highlights the idea that the office of deacon has long been considered a position of authority by church members. […]

Guest Viewpoint: Why Leadership Is Overrated

“Let’s get rid of the pastor.” Often when things go wrong in the church, the pastor gets blamed and takes the heat. He is, after all, the leader. It works that way in business, too. Declining profits often mean firing the CEO. It’s the same for football; if the team doesn’t have a winning season, […]

Viewpoint: Clique. Un-clique.

“We’re a friendly church!” It’s a phrase heard regularly in most churches. Often, the more true statement is, “We’re really friendly with one another.” Is it possible that newcomers to your small group or your church perceive your sweet fellowship as cliquish? Answer this question: Do you function more as a social club or an […]

Viewpoint: Say Goodbye to the Nominating Committee

This is the time on the church calendar when the nominating committees of most churches get busy enlisting workers and leaders for the church’s various organizations. It is a major job, carrying with it the future growth and effectiveness (or lack thereof) of the ministries throughout the church. Sometimes the committee simply carries forward some […]

Viewpoint: Loving the Local Church

I have a love relationship with the local church. The church has been my life — I was born a pastor’s child and eventually became a pastor’s wife. My father pastored Southern Baptist churches for over 50 years. And although I said I’d never marry a preacher, that’s exactly what I did. Almost 39 years […]

In Your Interest: What motivates you to give?

What motivates you to give? Let’s say that you are watching TV one evening and you see a commercial that shows a hungry child. You are drawn into that scene, and cannot easily forget it. You are moved into action, and make a contribution to the sponsoring organization. You can reasonably assume that you are […]

Viewpoint: Parents’ Rules for Back to School

As teachers set up their classrooms for a positive new academic year, they carefully post the “rules” for classroom behavior. But research suggests that it is parentswho actually have the greatest impact on a child’s school success. Perhaps parents need rules too! There are seven strategies or rules that parents might consider before school begins, to […]