Viewpoint: Takeaways from Pew’s Religious Landscape Survey

Christianity is not dying, as I’ve often said; nominal Christianity is. Pew Research Center released a report May 12 drawing a variety of headlines — everything from “Christianity faces sharp decline as Americans are becoming even less affiliated with religion” to “Pew: Evangelicals Stay Strong as Christianity Crumbles in America.” So what are we supposed […]

Not Since the Days of Noah …

Something is happening that you may not have noticed. If you have noticed it, you may not fully appreciate its significance. It will affect you. It will affect your church. It will affect the whole nation. What’s happening is a senior adult revolution. Some call it the graying of America, but that is too gentle […]

When Boomer Pastors Retire, What Next?

On Jan. 1, 2011, the first baby boomer turned 65. In fact, on that day, 10,000 of them turned 65. And that pace of aging will continue until 2030, when every boomer is 65 or older. The implications for churches are staggering. This generation is not of the mindset of previous aging generations. According to […]

Great Mothers in Church History

Augustine of Hippo is known by Christians the world over for standing against heresy in the fifth century and laying a foundation for the Protestant Reformation a thousand years later. Lesser known is the fact that Augustine might never have become a Christian if not for his mother Monnica, who prayed for his salvation for […]

Mother’s Day: Gratitude, Sacrifice & Humility

As a young mom, I thought Mother’s Day should be all about me. Surely I deserved recognition for my never-ending sacrifices as a mom and stepmom to five children, right? However, after driving away from my parents’ home not long ago with tears spilling down my cheeks, I sensed God asking me to honor my […]

Viewpoint: What should the church say to Bruce Jenner?

In the 1970s Bruce Jenner seemed to have it all — fame, wealth, admiration. He was an Olympic star, so popular in American culture that he was reputedly considered for the roles of both Superman and James Bond. Now, Jenner is best known as the stepfather on reality television’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Jenner […]

Pastor, where do you find encouragement?

In a world where the majority of churches across the Southern Baptist Convention are plateaued or declining, where even faithful church members’ attendance is spotty, where congregations bog down in debates about things that don’t matter (like the carpet color for the fellowship hall), and where a Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/ESPN culture often trumps mission, it is easy […]

A Senior Adult in Uganda

Please explain to me why one would want to deal with three airports — waiting, running and riding for roughly 24 hours, sleeping only briefly. Or ride an old bus with a very hard seat, cramped between luggage for five hours, over roads that were often not paved and often painful to bump across! Or […]

Viewpoint: The Environment — Why Be Concerned?

The environment! Global warming! Why should Christians get involved with those kinds of debates? Don’t we have more important or more interesting issues to consider? The Great Commission, for example. I’m reminded of one of my sons who, when asked to clean his room, regularly responds, “Why?” Although I think he likes a clean room, […]

Viewpoint: Baseball — Routine Plays & the Sacrifice

Wayne Mitchell was not simply the head baseball coach at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Ala. He was a local baseball institution. Mitchell had attended Lee and excelled on the baseball team. In 1964, he graduated from Lee and enrolled at Huntington College where he was a star left-handed pitcher, setting the school […]