Viewpoint: State Conventions, Associations and Their Future

The present generation of Southern Baptists will have to answer many difficult, unavoidable questions in regard to the future. Being proactive in dealing with difficult questions such as these is wise. One of these difficult questions is: Do state conventions and associations have a future in Southern Baptist life? Boots on the ground Does this […]

How Apostles Viewed the Old Testament

I wonder sometimes whether the earliest apostles would recognize the way we treat the Old Testament. At best, the first half of our Bible serves as a lengthy preamble to the real Bible, the New Testament. At worst, it’s seen as an archaic relic of an unenlightened society. But from day one, the apostles had a very […]

Viewpoint: Larger Churches and Their Denomination

Though many feel we are living in a post-denomination age, I believe denominations still have a valuable role to play in God’s plan for the church. Denominations provide a way for local churches to work together on projects too big for any one church to handle on their own. But what about churches that have […]

The Old Testament still counts

Marcion of Sinope lived in the second century during some of the most formative years of the early church. The son of a bishop, he was also active as a teacher in the region of Asia Minor. In AD 144, Marcion parted ways with the Christian community by starting his own movement; by doing so, […]

Viewpoint: Make Your Church Adoption-Friendly

When I pastored Highview Baptist in Louisville, my friend David Melber and his wife, Tera, started a “Considering Adoption” class for couples in our church. It ran for five weeks and became so popular that we offered it twice each year. Not everyone who took the class ultimately decided to adopt, but the class became […]

Why I Can’t Sit This One Out

On March 18, 2015, my daughter Savannah and I testified before a subcommittee of the South Carolina State Senate on a bill being prepared for a vote in session. The bill is called H 3114, the Pain Capable Infant Protection Act, and can be read here: In a nutshell, the Pain Capable bill would […]

Finishing the Race: God’s Got My Back

It’s 2015 and I am 14 and in the eighth grade, and that’s a struggle on its own, with the zits and the fitting in and all of that junk. But if you think that’s tough, add in the fact that I’m the only person in the school who has to worry about getting a […]

Viewpoint: Even This Stutterer Can Preach God’s Word

I am among the 70 million people in the world who stutter, and we represent about 1 percent of the population. The odds are quite high that you know at least one person who stutters. As a child, I experienced the usual taunting and painful embarrassment that any child my age who is disfluent in […]

Christmas for $12.50

Writer: Mary Lou McKee Some may go through life looking for the perfect gift to give at Christmas and never feel they find it. Thanks to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, I found the perfect gift for $12.50! There was a precious little blonde dynamo in the first grade at our school. She was overflowing […]