Pastor, where do you find encouragement?

In a world where the majority of churches across the Southern Baptist Convention are plateaued or declining, where even faithful church members’ attendance is spotty, where congregations bog down in debates about things that don’t matter (like the carpet color for the fellowship hall), and where a Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/ESPN culture often trumps mission, it is easy […]

Viewpoint: The Environment — Why Be Concerned?

The environment! Global warming! Why should Christians get involved with those kinds of debates? Don’t we have more important or more interesting issues to consider? The Great Commission, for example. I’m reminded of one of my sons who, when asked to clean his room, regularly responds, “Why?” Although I think he likes a clean room, […]

Viewpoint: Baseball — Routine Plays & the Sacrifice

Wayne Mitchell was not simply the head baseball coach at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Ala. He was a local baseball institution. Mitchell had attended Lee and excelled on the baseball team. In 1964, he graduated from Lee and enrolled at Huntington College where he was a star left-handed pitcher, setting the school […]

God the Son and His Victorious Resurrection

The resurrection can bring to mind so many associative memories: from decorating Easter eggs with PAAS dye and wax crayons, to poignant and precious moments with family, to particular Easter services that moved hearts and changed lives. And of course there is the music: “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “Low in the Grave […]

Guest Viewpoint: Look for ‘the look’

“The look.” If you’re a parent, a teacher or a mentor, you’ve seen it on young faces. I’m not talking about the exasperated eye roll or the heavy-lidded look of indifference. I’m talking about that yearning stare into the middle distance, the look of someone in search of direction. If you’re a disciple maker or […]

Viewpoint: Confessions of a Former E-Giving Objector

Many years ago I read Alvin Toffler’s best-selling book, “Future Shock,” in which he described how people were becoming overwhelmed by the rate of change going on in the world. In the 45 years since he wrote that book, the world has undergone enormous change, especially in the realm of technology. When the book came […]

What Is the Gospel?

In our culture today, we have many varying and mixed messages as to the definition or content of the gospel. These messages come at us from scores of sources such as television, newspapers, magazines, social media, the Internet and even highway billboards. For some, the essence of the gospel is “don’t smoke,” “don’t drink alcohol,” […]

Viewpoint: They called me pastor

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Burton says he never set out to be a Korean church planter, but God orchestrated the opportunity with a multi-generation congregation in metro Atlanta. Burton shares his story of leading the church to plant new churches. Also see “ALS gripped him with life’s ‘big questions’” published Nov. 26. The question came early in my […]

A Reason for Faith, and a Faith for Reason

When the Pharisees challenged Jesus on the meaning of the Law, Jesus answered, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37). Jesus drew these words from the Law itself. Interestingly, He summarized the content of the Law by expounding upon […]