Four Tips for Christians Navigating 2021

2020 was rough! People lost loved ones. Individuals lost their jobs. And even the most distinguished among us felt like utter failures in the home if our children were unable to adapt to online education and wearing a mask, ad nauseam. I am in no way trying to trivialize the diverse trials that we have […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Preacher’s Daughter

“Pamela” came into my office at 16 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend, a heavy beer drinker and a member of a motorcycle gang, browbeat her for several months to obtain an abortion. She was a waitress at a restaurant, barely surviving financially. Her father was a Baptist preacher and, although he was very disappointed in her, […]

Guest Viewpoint: Answering God’s Call to Adopt

I’ve long thought adoption was a beautiful picture of the gospel — that it showed the love of Jesus in a unique and profound way. I thought the call to adopt was among the most significant people could respond to. And I was happy to watch other people fulfill it. I never thought it would […]

Marilyn’s Story: An Abortion Averted

Editor’s Note: Carolina Pregnancy Center is one of the oldest and largest pro-life help centers in South Carolina. All services are free, including ultrasound, counseling, help for fathers, maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, and more. For the past 30 years, CPC has followed its theme of being “committed to the truth” and providing hope to […]

Guest Viewpoint: The Squeaky Door

When my dad was in his medical residency program in Charleston, S.C., our family attended First Baptist Church of Charleston. I was about 6 years old at the time, and I recall the experience vividly. John Hamrick was pastor at that time, and I recollect him being tall and dignified. Of course, as a 6-year-old, […]

Six Reasons Your Pastor Is About to Quit

Please hear me clearly. The vast majority of pastors with whom our Church Answers team communicates are saying they are considering quitting their churches. It’s a trend I have not seen in my lifetime. Some are just weeks away from making an announcement. They are looking for work in the secular world. Some will move […]

First Person: Are You ‘Corona-Weary,’ Too?

I’m corona-weary, and I have a feeling you are, too. I’m not saying that we’re tired of coronavirus, though we probably are. I am saying that we’re weary because of the overload this pandemic has caused. I’m reluctant to make this declaration because some people have gotten the virus and even died with it, so […]

Guest Viewpoint: It Is That Simple!

Recently, I discussed the current civil unrest with a friend. I shared with her an account of a man in whose life I had the privilege of planting the seed of the gospel. The transformation in his life was quite remarkable. Here is his story: We will call my friend “John.” I met him in […]

Guest Viewpoint: Thinking Biblically About Nation’s Racial Division

Our country is going through a serious time of COVID-19 disruptions and racial division. Most of us look to health-care leaders for answers about the coronavirus. But where do we look for answers about racial division? As Christians, our first look should be to God and the wisdom of His Word. Scripture reveals that all […]