Having Fun Learning Lessons from Proverbs

My Grandpa’s Bible Series: Billy’s Early Years

By Lana & Doug Bodem

Genres: Children's Books, Illustrated, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-940645-04-9

49 Pages

$9.95 + $0 Shipping

Doug and Lana Bodem have published the first of three children’s devotional books for their “My Grandpa’s Bible” series.

Doug and Lana Bodem

Doug and Lana Bodem

In “Billy’s Early Years: Having Fun Learning Lessons from Proverbs,” readers can follow Billy as he grows from elementary school into middle school with the love and teaching from his mom, dad and grandfather. The life lessons Billy learns and applies in his everyday life are valuable for everyone.

The Bodems, who wrote and illustrated the book, have been married more than 41 years and have three children (one adopted) and nine grandchildren. Their common mission is to share the joy of parenting and grand-parenting.

Future books in the series will follow Billy as a father with a young family to a grandfather teaching his grandchildren.

“My Grandpa’s Bible Series: Billy’s Early Years” is available for $9.95, which includes shipping, by mailing check or money order to MGB Books, 362 North Timm Creek Ave., Roebuck, S.C., 29376.