Holidays & Holy Days

The Grace of Sacred Days

By Edwin Leap

Beyond the Issues

The Essentiality of Authority, Truth, Values and Spirituality

By Ernest Ray Winburn

Close Encounters

Sharing Jesus with Someone You Love

By Lee Clamp

Something Ventured

Selected Writings from My Career in Christian Journalism

By Don Kirkland

From the Weave Room to the Pulpit

God's Calling, My Journey

By James E. Ellenburg

The Shared Spouse

A Six-Week Devotional for Ministry Families

By Julie Cannon

Mom & Me: Family Reunion

By Suzanne J. Williams

Mom & Me: Storms

By Suzanne J. Williams

Mom & Me: At the Beach

By Suzanne J. Williams

The Words of Jesus

A Devotional Study from Matthew's Gospel

By Wayne Dickard

The ABC’s of Healthy Living

By Sara Weathers Burton

The Gayle

Living on a Cotton Mill Village in Upstate South Carolina

By M. Earl Lee

God’s Words Are Something Special

A 6-Part Bible Study

By Pat A. Bishop

Vengeance Comes Home

By James W. Alverson

Whistling at Snakes

15th Anniversary Edition

By Horace Sims

Worry: The Silent Killer

By James R. Gray

Having Fun Learning Lessons from Proverbs

My Grandpa’s Bible Series: Billy’s Early Years

By Lana & Doug Bodem