More Than Just a Number

By Julie Cannon

When the Bottom Falls Out

Redemption’s Greatest Story NEVER Told

By Jim Goodroe

On Laughter-Silvered Wings

The Amazing Story of an American Patriot, Family Doctor, and Family Man

By Robert Jackson

The Jumpin’ Joey

Life and Challenge on an Iconic Old Tin Can

By Randolph M. Brooks

Charles Found at Last

A Story of the Orphan Trains

By Dorothy Urch

Lottie Moon and the Silent Bell

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

God’s University

A Curriculum on Spiritual Maturity Modeled on the Life of Elijah

By Edward Morris

The Pastor’s Wife

Chosen and Blessed

By June M. Gardner

Best Friends

By Doug Kauffmann

Christ at the Center of Pastoral Ministry

The Difference Jesus Makes in Pastoral Theology, Spiritual Leadership, and Ministry Practices

By Richard Thomas Vann Jr.

Beautiful Bella and Her Mini-Me

A Boxer Dog Story

By Marion Harley

Hello, My Name Is Barkley

By Wally Elliott

Living in the Joy of Jesus

Devotions from Philippians

By Tom Hinkle


Arming the Believer for Spiritual Battle

By Mike Brakken

The Last Word

Selected Columns from the Editor of The Baptist Courier

By James Rudy Gray

Engaging Nineveh

A Conservative Church, a Baptist Preacher, and a Newfound Heart for Muslims

By Josh Phillips

Life, the Great Educator

By Dicky McCuen

Something Beautiful for Lauren

By Stephanie Whatley

From Murphy to Miley

A Carolina Family's Journey of Faith

By Jane Jumper Farmer

The Preacher Man

When the Robe Didn't Fit

By June M. Gardner

The Blue Enamel Cup

An MK's China Legacy

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

Faith that Works

Devotions from the Book of James

By Tom Hinkle

Trust God’s Promises

By Wayne Dickard

Upon this Rock

A History: 1770-2020, Goucher Baptist Church, 250th Anniversary Edition

By Teresa Cook & Miriam Ivey

My Daily Word of Truth

By Todd Stinnett

Catch the Foxes

By Cynthia Winkler

A Pilgrim’s Prayers

By Douglas Wyant

Home Base Marriage

Essentials for a Healthy Marriage that Will Last Through the Generations

By Eddie and Dawn Leopard

Pondering Proverbs (Vol. 1)

A Devotional Look at God's Wisdom

By Tom Hinkle

Pondering Proverbs (Vol. 2)

A Devotional Look at God's Wisdom

By Tom Hinkle

In the Shadow of the Angels

By James Rudy Gray

6 Yellow Balloons

An MK's China Story

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

Grief and Glory in Lamentations

Seeking Hope and Healing for the Grieving Heart

By Danny Emory

The Best Heroes

By Doug Kauffmann

Why Are You Crying, Daddy?

A Story of Love, Laughter and the Sanctity of Human Life

By Kenny Sanford

A Lifetime of Verse

By Sandra R. Pound

Gorgeous Gigi

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

By Marion Harley

Guided by Grace

The Kathleen Mallory Story

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

All About the Miracles

A Book of Poems and Other Contemplations on God’s Holy Word

By Mayna Cosby

Joy Comes in the Morning

365 New Poems to Celebrate God's Love

By Patsy Bunton

The Gold at New Prospect

The Church at the Crossroads

By June M. Gardner

Addie Goes to China

By Bonnie Gates Windle

52 Object Lessons for Students

Using Ordinary Items to Teach God’s Word

By Sidney Leasure

Sand Dollar Cove


By Todd and Michelle Deaton

Squinting to See the Rainbow

Trusting the Promises of God in Our Darkest Days

By Dwight and Tabitha Easler

Faith Brought Surrender

Heart Stories from Pastors of the Palmetto Baptist Association in South Carolina

By Mike Baker and the Pastors of Palmetto Baptist Association

In Mountain Shadows

The Story of Washington Baptist Church, Greer, SC, 1819-2019

By Drew Hines

Beaver Creek Baptist Church

Serving the Saviour for Over 200 Years

By Mike Hammond

Sleepwalk Jones

By Cherry Smith

Adventures in Chemo

Better Living Through Chemicals, Sarcasm, Humor and Faith

By Jill Carraway

Learning to Fly

By Timothy Coker

Walking with Giants

The New Testament Fleshed Out Through 20 Asian Servants of God

By Harry T. Bush

Morning Mercies

365 Poems to Celebrate God's Love

By Patsy Bunton

Out of Exile

Fannie Heck & the Rest of the Story

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

My Own Backyard

A Lifetime Collection of Stories, Poems and Songs

By Danny Nicholson

The Gospel According to St. Matthew

Presented by the Oconee Bible Study

By Chris Ashley

Two Coins

By Jesse Crim

The Family Doctor Speaks: The Truth About Seed Planting

Equipping Believers for Evangelism

By Robert Jackson

Juniper Jupiter

World's Greatest Juggler

By Cherry Smith

Meditations of a Sparrow

Psalms for the Modern Age

By Karen S. Green

You Did Not Weep

The Woman in the Grave

By Cynthia Winkler


Building a Life

By Samuel Thrift

Mount of Congregation

Honoring the Heroes of WWII’s 42nd Infantry ‘Rainbow’ Division

By Mark A. Davis

Granny Rabbit’s Gooseberry Pie

Stories and Poems

By Mayna Cosby

‘Prove It to Me’

A Drama About the Miracles of Jesus

By Martha Axmann

Never, Oh Never, Take a Dinosaur Home!

By Timmi Haulbrook Jernigan

God at the Founding

A Guide to Praying for Our Country and Ourselves

By Betty Ann Taylor Killian

Marriage That Works Is Work

By James Rudy Gray

Faithful & True

Inspiring Messages from God's Word

By Wendell R. Estep

Worth It All

Jack Mahaffey: Missionary to Thailand

By Jack Mahaffey

Blessed Is the Man

A Legacy of Faith and Family Values

By Donald Darnell Harper


11 Steps to Church Revitalization

By Danny Burnley

To the Ends of the Earth

God Expands Our Lives in Ministry

By Edd L. Brown

Sunday Best

Favorite Recipes from Sunday Dinner with Juanita Garrison

By Juanita Garrison

Her Way

The Remarkable Story of Hephzibah Jenkins Townsend

By Rosalie Hall Hunt

The Life of Jesus

From Promise to Promise

By Wayne Dickard

My Yeshua

By Annie Ruth Yelton

You Can Live Until You Die

By James Rudy Gray

Spiritual Strokes

Heeding the Warning Signs from the Great Physician

By Danny Burnley

Open for Business

Getting the Church Back on Solid Ground

By Brett Aiken

Unbelief Within the Church

Confronting a Fruitless Faith

By Keith Davis

Only God Knows

A Journey of Love, Faith and Joy

By Edd L. Brown

God’s Amazing Creation from A-Z

A Scriptural Phonetic Approach to Reading

By Anita Dickard

Wilderness Living

A Collection of Devotional Stories Aimed at the Humor, Hunter and Heart in Men

By Mike Baker

Beyond the Issues

The Essentiality of Authority, Truth, Values and Spirituality

By Ernest Ray Winburn

Mom & Me: Family Reunion

By Suzanne J. Williams

Mom & Me: Storms

By Suzanne J. Williams

Mom & Me: At the Beach

By Suzanne J. Williams

Close Encounters

Sharing Jesus with Someone You Love

By Lee Clamp

Holidays & Holy Days

The Grace of Sacred Days

By Edwin Leap

Vengeance Comes Home

By James W. Alverson

The Gayle

Living on a Cotton Mill Village in Upstate South Carolina

By M. Earl Lee

The ABC’s of Healthy Living

By Sara Weathers Burton

Having Fun Learning Lessons from Proverbs

My Grandpa’s Bible Series: Billy’s Early Years

By Lana & Doug Bodem

The Words of Jesus

A Devotional Study from Matthew's Gospel

By Wayne Dickard

God’s Words Are Something Special

A 6-Part Bible Study

By Pat A. Bishop

Worry: The Silent Killer

By James Rudy Gray

The Shared Spouse

A Six-Week Devotional for Ministry Families

By Julie Cannon

Whistling at Snakes

15th Anniversary Edition

By Horace Sims

From the Weave Room to the Pulpit

God's Calling, My Journey

By James E. Ellenburg

Something Ventured

Selected Writings from My Career in Christian Journalism

By Don Kirkland