Marriage That Works Is Work

By James Rudy Gray

Genres: Christian Living, Spiritual Growth

ISBN: 978-1-4276-2245-7

110 Pages


Marriage is a human relationship designed by God. In this potentially great partnership between a man, a woman, and God, failure too often occurs.

A couple gets married with the expectation that it will last for a lifetime. Most probably expect a happy experience. What our high divorce rate reflects is that marriage is hard work. It takes commitment to God and to our mate. It involves knowing and accepting who we are and who we married. It includes growing to appreciate the differences that exist between us.

This book is designed to help couples develop a strong, healthy and fulfilling marriage. It is brief and concise but filled with important biblical principles and practical information, including a personality questionnaire.

Author James R. Gray holds five earned degrees and is a National Board-certified counselor. He was a pastor for 37 years and worked as a counselor for 24 years during that time.