Vengeance Comes Home

By James W. Alverson

Genres: Fiction, Novel

ISBN: 978-1-940645-03-2

240 Pages


“Vengeance Comes Home,” by James W. Alverson, tells the story of Virgil Anderson, an Atlanta homicide detective called home to South Carolina to investigate the murder of his brother.

A conspiracy involving the local sheriff’s deputy, the community doctor and other leading citizens conceals past murders. Despite help from family and friends, and bolstered by his newfound faith, Virgil is stymied in finding his brother’s killer. A desperate attempt must be made to produce the final clues.

Growing up in upper Spartanburg County, author James W. Alverson spent weekends and summer days on his grandparents’ farms. The key characters in “Vengeance Comes Home” exhibit the traits he observed in family members: hard work, love of family, caring for the less fortunate, love of country and devotion to God.

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