Two Coins

By Jesse Crim

Genres: Illustrated, Inspirational, Poetry

ISBN: 978-1-940645-98-8

18 Pages


“Two Coins” is the story of a young boy who, to his surprise and great delight, finds two dimes lying on the sidewalk while walking into town with his grandmother. As the years pass and he grows older, he never forgets that event, a “special treat” of his boyhood, and he wonders if finding the coins was more than simple chance” In time, he comes to see the rich blessings of his life as reflections of “kindness from God above,” and he realizes that finding the two coins was “where it all began.”

Jesse Crim

Author Jesse Crim was was raised by his grandmother for the first six years of his life. She was the widow of a Baptist preacher and taught Jesse the Bible inside and out. She was responsible for the love Jesse has for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. “Two Coins,” a book-in-poetry, is a true story.

Growing up, illustrator Shaina Manuel always loved drawing. Often she would reimagine her favorite book and movie characters in different ways, leading her to the beginnings of illustrations. She is a teacher in South Carolina, continuing her passion for art.