Comic Belief: Main Cog in the Synagogue

I spoke to a group of pastors in Phoenix. Ministry in Phoenix can be difficult. It’s so beautiful in the winter, heaven doesn’t motivate — and it is so hot in the summer, hell won’t scare them. Church work is hard everywhere. For many pastors, their prayer at banquets should be, “Lord, thank You for […]

Comic Belief: Random Pounding

We all come from the Adams family. Our family inheritance is our “earth suit” with its selfish nature. We are simply vessels of clay. As it ages, clay cracks, crumbles and disintegrates. We have also inherited a world that is cracking, disintegrating, corroding and falling apart. We inhabit a world that is moving in a […]

Comic Belief: More Power to You

When the Pope visited Colorado, he was anxious to get to an important meeting. The car assigned to pick him up arrived on time, and off they went. The driver knew that it was the Holy Father riding in the car, so he didn’t dare go over the speed limit. However, the Pope, anxious to […]