IMB, NAMB celebrate 175 years of helping Baptists pursue the Great Commission

When 327 delegates met at First Baptist Church in Augusta, Ga., on May 8, 1845, they did more than start a new convention of Baptist churches in the South. They began a missionary movement that would, in time, start new gospel-proclaiming churches throughout North America and the world. On Friday, Southern Baptists celebrated the 175th […]

IMB recommends mission volunteers postpone travel due to coronavirus risk

In light of the continuing global expansion of the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), the International Mission Board’s coronavirus task force and senior leadership recommend that mission volunteers from U.S. churches postpone international mission-trip travel through April 30. This date could be extended and will be reevaluated by April 15.  IMB also recommends that people who have […]

IMB forms coronavirus task force as global threat rises

As the global coronavirus crisis nears pandemic status, the International Mission Board announced Feb. 28 a coronavirus task force to address implications for IMB personnel and partners, including church volunteer mission teams. “We recognize the concern that coronavirus is causing, and we are grateful for individuals and churches who are praying for IMB personnel and […]

IMB sex abuse prevention underway amid new report

A new media report on sex abuse allegations, admissions and convictions involving former International Mission Board workers comes as the IMB is implementing extensive sex abuse prevention reforms. The IMB is hiring a full-time senior staff member to oversee prevention response efforts, will involve outside legal counsel when reports of child abuse and sexual harassment […]

IMB’s Chitwood encourages refugees, missionaries

With only one arm, Agnes carries a five-gallon jug of water on her head in a refugee camp near the South Sudan border in northern Uganda. On her own, she’s a single mom with two children to care for and has to make an hour-long trek to a well because it’s the closest one to […]

Black missionary changing view of Christianity

Jerry Bates* attracts a lot of attention in Central Asia. As an American, he doesn’t quite fit in. As a Christian who is African-American, he topples the worldview of many of the Muslims he meets. Bates says when people in Central Asia ask about his religion, they expect him to profess Islam because he is […]

Unique doors open to black missionaries overseas

College junior Lauren Dugas had never met an African-American missionary prior to this year’s Black Church Leadership and Family Conference. Neither had many of the other 900 men, women and children from predominantly black Southern Baptist churches who spent the week at LifeWay’s Ridgecrest (N.C.) Conference Center. Of the 4,900 Southern Baptist workers serving overseas […]