All God’s Grace: How the Lord is Growing Ridgewood Church

“And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42). Ridgewood Church began in a home, not in a building. In 2012, a small group from Christ Fellowship of Cherrydale regularly met together in a living room for Bible study and fellowship. Two years later, through prayer and […]

Summit Helps Students ‘Catch a Glimpse of God’s Glory’

Event encourages participation in the Great Commission Seeing God’s glory inspires obedience to the Great Commission. Many students caught that vision by attending Summit. Summit is a four-day missions and evangelism intensive that encourages mature high school students to participate in the Great Commission. From Dec. 29, 2023–Jan. 1, 2024, at Camp LaVida, students attended […]

Real Savior found by IMB missionary in virtual world

Lonely. Desperate. Drunk. Anxiety-ridden. It was a life Michaela knew all too well. Growing up, she watched family members travel the exact road she was on. She wanted an escape. So the young woman turned on the computer and transported herself from an empty Tulsa, Okla., apartment to a techno-colored virtual world. In this video […]

Post-COVID Perspective: Pandemic pause left no long-term changes in Southern Baptist missions

The COVID-19 pandemic created short-term challenges for Southern Baptist mission efforts. But it included the opportunity to re-assess missiological practices while encountering a world re-awakened to its mortality and eternal matters. No SBC entity faced trickier maneuvering in the late winter and spring of 2020 than the International Mission Board. As COVID rates soared and […]

‘Family Devotions from Indonesia’ chronicles missionary adventures

Retired Southern Baptist missionary Harry T. Bush brings to life the sounds, sights and culture of Southeast Asia in an illustrated new book: “Family Devotions from Indonesia” (Courier Publishing, 262 pages, $19.95). The author invites readers to join him, his wife and their three small children on the mission field for 30 days of family […]

Pastor, sons use hobby to provide guitars for missionaries

Pastor Greg Gilbreath of Madison Baptist Church has always enjoyed both playing and repairing his own guitars. Two of his sons — Sam and Ben — also enjoy playing the guitar, while his third son, Nic, is a woodworker. Sam Gilbreath is minister of youth and plays in the worship band at Meridian Baptist Church […]

Seminary student narrates ‘JESUS’ film in its 2,000th language

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary student Mang Siing recently became a part of history when he served as the narrator for the Zo language translation of the world-famous “JESUS” film. The effort marked the film’s 2,000th available language. “JESUS” depicts the life and ministry of Christ, and is the world’s most translated film, according to Guinness […]

Missionary leader shares about God’s power

From the conversion of a witch doctor to the tragic death of a missionary friend, Mark Stevens has much to share about the supernatural power of God at work in this world. Speaking to a group of mission strategists and others at Mount Airy Baptist Church in Easley in an event hosted by Palmetto Baptist […]

Lottie Moon and Annie Armstrong offerings reach historic highs

  Both mission boards of the Southern Baptist Convention are reporting all-time highs in offering giving. The International Mission Board is rejoicing at God’s work through the generosity of Southern Baptists, who gave $203.7 million to the 2021-2022 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering — the largest offering in the 177-year history of the IMB. Meanwhile, the […]