Outside the Walls: Changed People Change the World

If you had breakfast with a dead guy, I wonder if your conversations would be the same that week. Imagine Monday morning around the water cooler. “How was your weekend?” “Oh, it was cool. We did some family stuff. I went fishing with the guys. John fell asleep on the boat and got sunburned; and, […]

Outside the Walls: You’ve Got Cookies to Bake

Blake’s heart was thumping in his chest as he looked over at one of his best friends from high school sitting next to him in his car. John and Blake had played baseball together and were pretty tight, but Blake had kept a secret from John for over two years that he needed to ’fess […]

Outside the Walls: Legacy

“Let me show you how a blind man does it.” My father gripped the hammer in his hand, and with two swift hits the nail was in the board. Ironically, he was legally blind. I was amazed at how he could do this, and I wondered why the nails I hit would turn into very […]

Outside the Walls: All Smiles

My phone rang twice, and it was my wife both times, which is her signal for me to answer even if I’m talking to Billy Graham. “Connor just knocked out his front two teeth and I’m about to pass out. Can you come home?” I said, “Let me check my calendar.” I pulled into the […]

Outside the Walls: Living Stories

“Everyone has their story. Take time to listen.” Of all the advice my grandmother, Helen Corder Keisler, could have written for a young, impressionable preacher, she chose to pen these words inside the cover of my first study Bible, the one she gave me after I obeyed the call to preach. (I thought evangelists were […]

Outside the Walls: Gospel Tweets

We live in a world that is obsessed with sharing. The only problem is that what the world shares is usually meaningless information in the form of random Tweets, Facebook statuses or Pinterest posts about how to make a candle out of an orange. “Naptime was awesome” (@JustinBieber). “I’m driving right now” (@lilkim). “I work […]

Outside the Walls: Love to Lead

“How can we help you?” It was the first time the middle school principal of my town had ever been asked that question by a church leader. For years he had been asked other questions: “Would it be OK if we had a student Bible study on campus?” “Can our student minister come to lunch […]

Outside the Walls: All in the Family

The lump in my throat almost kept the words from coming out. I had thought about this moment for months. I knew that I needed to have the conversation, but I had made excuse after excuse. “The timing isn’t right.” “What if he is offended?” “What if this changes our relationship?” I was in college […]

Outside the Walls: Pull the Trigger

You know you are from the South when you turn 8 years old and your grandfather gives you a shotgun. My son Caden could hardly contain himself when he got his, and after much practice and instruction, we went on a deer hunt. It would be a day we will never forget. My father-in-law put […]

Outside the Walls: The Surgery

“I’m sorry, Mr. Clamp. Your son, Grayson, is totally deaf.” My brother, Len, and his wife Nicole sat speechless as they heard the results of the unsuccessful cochlear implant. In Grayson’s first three years of life, he had already faced open heart surgery, blindness in one eye, total deafness, and abandonment. Len and Nicole took […]