Retired Upstate pastor issues call for ‘Prayer Patriots’

Prayer Patriots, a concept developed by Alastair Walker, a well-known retired pastor, is something he hopes will become a national movement. The pastor emeritus of Spartanburg First Baptist Church and former state convention president believes massive participation in small prayer gatherings across the nation could be the last hope for America. “We are suffering today […]

From the Editor: Faith and Freedom

Can a Christian also be patriotic? I am a Christian and a patriot. I love Christ Jesus and I love America. It is possible to love God and country. Michael Bryant, dean of the School of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University, said recently, “I don’t think that showing love for one’s country or region […]

The Watsons: One Couple’s Journey in Grace

Gary and Edna Watson plan to celebrate their 52nd wedding anniversary on Dec. 1 this year. They have traveled a road paved with blessings and times of near death. After their wedding in 1962, Gary was drafted into the Army in April 1966 and arrived in Vietnam in October of that year. On his arrival […]

Is Biblical Preaching Relevant Today?

What helps Americans grow in their faith? Most who are reading this would probably include in their answer the study of God’s Word and being involved in church. However, a recent survey by Barna Research dealt with that question. Church was not in the top 10. Over half of the respondents said attending church was […]

Myers Family Prepares for Life in Canada

Brett Myers, pastor of Corinth Baptist Church in Westminster for the past four and a half years, had the idea of church planting in his mind since his student days at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Now, he and his family are moving to Calgary, Canada, next year to plant a church in what he calls […]

Searching for the Right Christian Counselor

Counseling is a word full of meanings. There are hundreds of counseling theories and at least 250 types of psychology. People spend time and money seeking help for the issues that affect them. Christian counseling (or biblical counseling) also has a variety of meanings. The sheer number of options, theories and ministries can be confusing. […]

Restaurant owner exudes God’s grace and serves up Southern cuisine

Mention the name Ann McDonald in Mullins, S.C., and residents will likely respond with smiles. She is 75, twice-widowed and going strong as the owner of Webster Manor, a five-star restaurant/bed and breakfast inn located one block from her church, First Baptist of Mullins. She had a challenging childhood. “I grew up very, very poor. […]

Documentary, ‘Irreplaceable,’ to explore importance of family

On Tuesday, May 6, Focus on the Family will release the movie, “Irreplaceable,” for one-night showings in theaters across the nation. The documentary follows Tim Sisarich of New Zealand as he explores two important questions: “What is family?” and “Does family still matter in today’s society?” (View the trailer.) It was scheduled to be presented […]

Christianity is Nothing Without the Resurrection

“If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is vain, your faith is also in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:14). The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the Christian faith. If Jesus rose from the dead, everything He taught is validated, every promise He gave is proven true, and anyone who believes in […]

The Great Commission Is Not the Main Thing

This column may not be as controversial as the headline. In this issue of The Courier, we are focusing on “The State of the Church.” Our culture is rapidly becoming more secularized, and churches are not impacting the culture or reaching the percentage of people we once did. Some local churches are vibrant, but most […]