Evangelical coalition launches immigration ads in S.C.

An advertising campaign in South Carolina supporting immigration reform is about more than politics, Southern Baptist leaders say. The Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition of evangelical Christian leaders, began advertising March 13 on Christian radio stations in South Carolina in an effort to promote congressional passage this year of broad immigration reform legislation. The ad buy is an effort to bolster support from the state's senators and representatives in Congress for such a bill in the face of a competing effort by reform foes.

Outside the Walls: Swing the Bat

?Coach, will you pray I hit the ball?? The request caught me off guard as I entered the dugout full of 9- and 10-year-olds. The purity of his request reminded me of why Jesus used the faith of little children as a metric for adults to aspire to.

Sunday Dinner: Pork Chop Casserole – by Juanita Garrison

?Aren't you going to pick up that paper?? a visiting child asked as I stepped over a newspaper that had slipped off the table onto the floor. ?No,? I answered. ?I?m waiting until I drop something else. Then I can make one bendover do two pickups.? She rolled her eyes, picked up the paper and went home.

‘Immigration Awareness’ event April 29

A trio of evangelical groups, including the Spartanburg County Baptist Network, will hold an ?Immigration Awareness? briefing and luncheon April 29. The event is designed to explore the role of evangelicals ?in helping mold a policy that is biblical and just? for immigration reform, according to a press release from Spartanburg County Network.

My Answer – by Billy Graham

Dear Dr. Graham: I don't understand how Jesus could be God and yet also be a man, like Christians claim He was. Human beings are limited and imperfect, while God is perfect and can do anything He wants. How could Jesus be both?

South Carolina Showcase for April 25, 2013

A former cottage parent who has maintained strong ties with Connie Maxwell Children’s Home was honored recently at the Greenwood campus on her 90th birthday. Gladese Parsons served as a cottage mother for 29 years on the main campus with her husband, Buster. A party was held at Connie Maxwell Baptist Church, where Gladese continues […]

Fresh Ideas: It’s Everywhere! – by Diana Davis

It's the first thing you see as you drive into the church parking lot. It's a focal point as you enter the lobby. You may discover it near the water fountain, the clock, the exit, the church bulletin, the foyer, the mirror in the restroom. What a concept ? placing God's Word in plain sight!

99-year-old with S.C. roots remembers 1925 birth of Cooperative Program

M.O. Owens Jr. was still in knickers on May 13, 1925, the day his parents took him to a pivotal session of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting. That was the day the Cooperative Program was born. Now 99, Owens recalls the vote that ushered in the CP as a system of financial support for the missions and ministries of Southern Baptists within state conventions and throughout the nation and world.