Campers converge for missions rally

The athletic complex of Anderson University was transformed into a temporary campground April 11-14 when about 60 South Carolina Baptist Campers on Mission parked their trailers and motor homes at the AU campus for their biannual state rally. Twice each year, in the spring and fall, COM volunteers gather en masse to worship, plan work projects and enjoy the fellowship that comes from the shared experience of doing missions while also RV-ing.

Perspective: The Need to Share – Can Be Ungodly – by Rudy Gray

On Friday, April 5, Rick and Kay Warren's son, Matthew, committed suicide. Because of Rick Warren's popularity, all kinds of responses flooded social media and other venues of communication. Warren's response to this tragedy was partly captured in a letter he wrote to his congregation, Saddleback Church, in California.

Rick and Kay Warren grieve son’s suicide

The suicide of Matthew Warren continues to reverberate not only in Christian circles but the culture which his parents, Rick and Kay Warren, have sought to impact since the founding of Saddleback Church in 1980. Matthew Warren, 27, died on the morning of April 5 at his home in Mission Viejo, Calif.

Sportscaster Summerall remembered for Christian faith

Pat Summerall stood in the front row at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, on Easter Sunday, next to his wife, Cheri, as the congregation sang 'the Old Rugged Cross.? ?I looked over there at Pat, and big tears were streaming down his face,? Prestonwood pastor Jack Graham said. ?Of all the times I?ve watched him on television, of all the times I?ve heard his voice, my greatest memory is going to be remembering Pat with his eyes lifted up to heaven, tears soaking his face, singing 'the Old Rugged Cross.???

Sunday School Lessons: April 28, 2013, Bible Studies for Life

As the title of this lesson says, we will be looking at the blessings of living a life of obedience. The results of disobedience are found in this same chapter. ?Do not make idols ? .? While you may not find wooden or stone images in our country like those found within other cultures, you will find many things that people have made more important than God ? money, power, reputation, looks, even family. When we make anything more important than God ? anything ? we are being disobedient, and we will not receive His blessings.

Dignity for India’s Destitute and Dying

A child died during the night. The next morning, Auto T. Raja lays a clean white sheet on the floor of an empty room in the children's hostel and places the frail, lifeless body on it. He cleans dried spittle from her mouth, straightens her clothing and then cradles her body while winding the sheet about it. Not much is known of this little one. Small for her age ? maybe 3 ? one of India's throwaway people, she was found wandering the streets of Bangalore. No one knows who left her there or why. No one claimed her then; there will be no one to claim her body now.

Sunday School Lessons: April 28, 2013, Explore the Bible

Isaac Newton said that, if all the great books of human history could come to life and be gathered in a convention hall, when the Bible walked in the other books would all fall on their faces in reverence. We Baptists have a great reverence for the Bible because it ?is a perfect treasure of divine instruction? and is therefore a sure guide for us all. Paul is going to remind his young assistant of the great value of God's Word, but first he must address the situation that Timothy faces in Ephesus.

In Your Interest – by Valerie Rumbough

A few weeks ago, the IRS issued its ?Dirty Dozen? list of tax scams to avoid. In the last article, we talked about a few of them. You may have already filed your tax return by now, but these scams occur all year long, and tend to be repeated year after year.