Legislative Update: House Family Caucus Sets Goals

Speed is one of the most interesting characteristics of politics. Political fortunes can change at the drop of a hat, moving either negatively or positively, based on the perspective of the observer. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Howard Rosenberg lamented the speed of the news cycle and the effect it has in quickly shaping or changing our […]

Legislative Update: Supreme Court actions in Washington and Columbia

In the world of geology, tectonic shifts are major geological events that happen outside of our view but often bring about momentous change to the physical landscape. In the world of politics, metaphoric tectonic shifts are rare, but there have been several that have occurred in 2021. Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court […]

Legislative Update: Open Carry, REACH Act approved

Don’t be surprised if you walk into your neighborhood drug store or supermarket and see people walking around with their firearms strapped openly to their sides. On Aug. 15, South Carolina joined 13 other states that allow the licensed open carry of handguns. South Carolinians who have a concealed weapons permit may now carry their […]

Legislative Update: News from the Statehouse

For most people, summer in South Carolina brings hot, humid days, vacations, afternoon thunderstorms, and a myriad of family outdoor activities. For the South Carolina Legislature, it brings final work on the budget, Senate and House Subcommittee hearings, and, later on this year, redistricting. If you have been following my reports from the Legislature, you […]

Legislative Update: 2021 SC Legislative Session

Thursday, May 13, marked the official end of the 2021 South Carolina Legislative session. State lawmakers will return to Columbia later to wrap up final approval of the budget, deal with any vetoes issued by the Governor, and work through redistricting when the census information is released at the federal level; however, work on bills […]

Legislative Update: Several bills move from the House to the Senate

Most of the bills we are tracking for this session have cleared the House and are now awaiting action in the South Carolina Senate. The exception would be the Compassionate Care Act (S150, Medical Marijuana). S150 originated in the Senate, has cleared the committee process, and is now awaiting debate and a vote by the […]

Legislative Update: 5 Bills in the Statehouse

The conservative-wave election that took place this past November in South Carolina launched a flood of conservative legislation — much of which, at this writing, is still working its way through the Statehouse. The most significant victory so far has been the passage of the Heartbeat Bill. While it is true that the bill was […]

Guest Viewpoint: How We Made It to the Heartbeat Bill

Since 1974, pro-life groups in South Carolina have been whittling away at Roe v. Wade. Now, S1, better known as the Heartbeat Bill, has taken Roe all the way from 39 weeks back to the detection of a beating heart, or approximately eight weeks. Progressive pro-abortion forces like to encourage pro-life advocates to “follow the […]

Guest Viewpoint: We Need to Remember Who We Are

“After this I looked, and behold a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who […]