Legislative Update: S.C. Legislature Sprints to the Finish

When my youngest daughter was in high school, she was fast. How fast? She ran the 800-meter run, which is two laps around the track in 2:19. But it was the way she ran that kept me on the edge of my seat. When the gun sounded, she would come out near the back of […]

Legislative Update: Important Legislation Moves Between House and Senate

The South Carolina House passed H4624 by a strong 82 to 23 vote, sending this important piece of legislation to the Senate. H4624, also known as “Help, Not Harm,” would prevent minors from receiving puberty blockers, cross hormone treatments, and gender reassignment surgery. The bill was assigned to the Senate Medical Affairs Committee and set […]

Legislative Update: S.C. Legislative Session Off to Fast Start

The 2024 South Carolina legislative session opened on Tuesday, Jan. 9, with House Republicans presenting three bills for sub-committee hearings. Usually, you can depend on the South Carolina Legislature to move slowly and deliberately, especially on the first day of the session. So, when the opening day schedule included a 3M Medical Affairs Sub-Committee hearing […]

Legislative Update: 2024 Legislative Session Preview

The 2024 legislative session will begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024. As we look to the beginning of the session, there are several bills I will be monitoring as the session moves forward. Before we dive into some of the bills that will be considered, we need to be aware of pertinent issues affecting the environment […]

Legislative Update: Gifts Under God’s Christmas Tree

The 125th South Carolina General Assembly will begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, and conclude Thursday, May 30. In between those two dates, members of the Assembly will propose, debate, pass, and vote down legislation that will affect the lives of nearly 5.2 million South Carolinians. In January, I will outline some of the legislative priorities that […]

Legislative Update: Should Christians Be Involved in Politics?

I am guessing that the moment you read the title of this column, you immediately responded with a rousing yes or no. The thought of politics lights a fire in some, while causing others to turn a cold shoulder. No doubt you have heard that politics and religion do not mix. James Madison put it […]