Editor’s Word: What a Providential Time for Gospel Conversations

Billy Graham died Feb. 21 and was buried on March 2. During that time, the world was exposed to the word “gospel” in an unprecedented way. Tributes to the great evangelist came from people in all walks of life. News organizations and social media sites played video clips of the respected man of God delivering […]

Comic Belief: Words and Dirt, but Not Dirty Words

One man said he and his wife had words but that he never got a chance to use his. Words are powerful; they can give life or bring death. Have you ever stolen someone’s joy with words, or killed someone’s self-esteem with words? Motivating people is like mining for gold. When you’re mining, you know […]

Outside the Walls: The Ultimate Underdog

Nick sat on the bench with little hope of ever getting in the game. It became clear he would only be a backup quarterback for a mediocre college team, so he decided to transfer to another school. Although he got more playing time, it resulted in more losses than wins for the team. Only one […]

Worldview: Reading the Bible in Context

There’s an old joke about a fellow who decided to read his Bible more in order to find God’s will for his life. He opened his Bible and randomly put his finger on Matthew 27:5: “And [Judas] went and hanged himself.” Certain this was not God’s will for him, he tried again and hit on […]

Wholly Healthy: Don’t Give Up on Quitting Smoking

If I could make one recommendation that could change the healthcare landscape of America today, it would be for everyone who smokes cigarettes to stop. The effect, over just a few years, would be staggering in its scope. The list of illnesses attributable to smoking is long. Every day, I see someone struggling to breathe, […]

Editor’s Word: Counting Your Blessings

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, there was an electrical fire in the basement of the offices of The Courier. Our staff had just finished the February issue and had to vacate the building. Duke Energy disconnected the power, and it will not be reconnected until we make repairs and also bring our wiring up to the […]

Sunday Dinner: Colonial Peanut Soup

I tried (I really did) to find the contributor of this interesting soup, but I could not. The recipe is from the Texas Peanut Producers Board by way of the “Taste and Tales from Texas” cookbook. Because our state also produces a lot of peanuts, especially in the lower part — and this is a […]

Editor’s Word: What a providential time for gospel conversations

Billy Graham died on Wednesday, Feb. 21, and was buried on Friday, March 2. During this time, the world is being exposed to the word “gospel” in an unprecedented way. Tributes to the great evangelist have come from people in all walks of life. News organizations and social media have shown video clips of the […]

Wholly Healthy: Dear Lord, Why Did You Make the Flu?

By now you’ve probably heard that it’s a whopper of a flu season. Clinics, urgent cares, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and hospitals are positively awash in the stuff. As such, I would like to remind my dear readers of a few things. First, not all cough, fever or cold symptoms are influenza. And generally, vomiting […]

Sunday Dinner: Hospitality — It’s Biblical

The holidays are over, ball games are won and lost, school is back in session, Christmas “thank yous” are written, and life is settling down for a couple of months of winter. Instead of sharing a recipe with you today, I suggest that before you begin planning your next Sunday Dinner, we talk about something […]