Letter: I disagreed with Moore on Trump but support him as ERLC president

There have been a number of people in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump who have spoken with disdain regarding [Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission president] Russell Moore being a “never Trumper.” Let me begin by saying that I chose to vote for president-elect Trump because of several issues, primarily because […]

Letter: ‘Marketplace Missionaries’

Thanks so much for your emphasis on bivocational ministry in the November issue. Though I am not bivocational myself, I regularly wrestle with the desire to be a marketplace missionary as I serve the local church. I am particularly inspired by those who make the strategic choice to remain in the marketplace while serving and […]

Letter: Reader thankful for stories in September issue

Thank you for your comments on the transgender status in America and the radical Muslim growth in America (“The Times in Which We Live”). Also, thanks to Channing Crisler for his insights (“Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?”) on the unchangeable and fundamental difference between Islam’s god and my God. I know my God […]

Letter: Pastor’s wife is ‘daily reminder’ of God’s grace

On behalf of Princeton Baptist Church, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The article in the August issue of The Courier (“Holding Tight to God’s Hand”) has blessed us beyond measure. The outpouring of love and support — not only for our pastor’s family, but for our church family as […]

Letter: Replacing America’s foundational stones

Should we continue to reelect power-hungry, self-serving politicians who treat the symptoms while ignoring the real diseases? God give us people who will do what is good for the people instead of themselves! America was built on several foundational stones: God, democracy, the love of freedom, a written constitution, hard work, and a willingness to […]

Letter: Gluttony right up there with drunkenness

I read the article about Perry Noble and NewSpring Church. Now the sermons and articles will start about the effects of drinking, even social drinking. I find it remarkable that we seldom hear messages on other topics just as grave. In Proverbs 23:20, Solomon says, “Do not carouse with drunkards or feast with gluttons.” Why […]

Letter: Southern Baptists accept Confederate flag ‘lie’

The Southern Baptist Convention has accepted a lie, pushed by our culture and society, that the Confederate battle flag is nothing but a racist symbol. While that flag has been used by racists, it is in fact a flag that symbolizes patriotism, courage, freedom and liberty, and love of country. I understand that different people […]

Letter: SBC Confederate flag resolution ‘misguided’

[Regarding the Southern Baptist Convention resolution that repudiates displaying the Confederate flag], I never want to be divisive, but I really think some of our SBC leaders are a little misguided in their efforts. They are accepting a premise that just is not 100 percent true. I would also argue that those people you are […]