WMU missions celebration examines the ‘joy’ of missions

Sharing that WMU has a treasured artifact that went to the moon and back, Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director-treasurer of national WMU, told her listeners how astronaut Charlie Duke, the youngest man to ever step on the moon, carried an emblem of the WMU pin to the moon and back in 1972. Also among the artifacts […]

WMU Missions Celebration brings ‘Joy’ to Indy

Gather your friends and race to Indianapolis this June for the WMU Missions Celebration just prior to the SBC Annual Meeting. This year’s WMU gathering will be in the Indiana Convention Center in the 500 Ballroom on Sunday, June 9, beginning at 12:00 p.m. “Join us and discover ways God is at work in our […]

Frances Owens: Unseen Ministry, but Eternal Effects

Frances Owens served selflessly. She did not fly overseas and share the gospel in a different language. But she prayed for missionaries who did. She may not have led hundreds to the Lord, but she prayed for the lost. She did not study medicine to help heal the sick. But she prayed for the ill. […]

Stories of faithfulness highlight WMU board meeting

From Alaska to Maine, nearly 200 missions leaders from across the country gathered on Missionary Ridge in Birmingham for WMU’s January board meeting, Jan. 6-8. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director of national WMU, said often when you hear mission speakers, they tell you inspirational story after story of amazing ways they’ve seen God at work in […]

How does Janie Chapman Offering make a difference?

In 1902, Janie Chapman became the first South Carolina Woman’s Missionary Union president, and she served for 22 years. She was said to be disciplined with inner strength and a gentle spirit. She glorified the Lord in her work. The Janie Chapman Offering for State Missions was started and continues to be the driving force […]