Wholly Healthy: Shaping Safe Lives for Our Children

Our children learn in many ways. They learn, of course, in school. They learn from what they see on television and the Internet. (Heaven help us.) They learn from what we tell them as parents, and they learn from the way we live. In fact, we are walking, talking billboards that our children watch and […]

Wholly Healthy: Can Grandmother Be Admitted?

So you take your grandmother to the hospital. She fell and has severe back pain. After a long, exhausting ER visit, it turns out she doesn’t have any broken bones. Nevertheless, she just can’t seem to stand up without terrible discomfort. It’s probably muscular, but walking is very difficult for her. She lives alone, so […]

Wholly Healthy: We All Need More Sleep

I have spent a great deal of my career working at night and sleeping during the day. At one point, I worked full-time night shifts for roughly seven years. Near the end of that adventure, my wife, Jan, said, “You have to stop. You aren’t healthy and you aren’t happy, and the kids have noticed […]

Wholly Healthy: Summer Cautions

Summer is here at last! And what a winter it was. Across America, people are emerging to see the great glowing ball in the sky and asking, “What’s that thing?” But summer is a time of accidents and injuries, a time of unexpected tragedy. That’s why, to this day, I feel anxious going to work […]

Wholly Healthy: The Question of Marijuana

There’s a lot of media coverage of marijuana these days. Across the land, marijuana laws are being revisited, and its use is being steadily decriminalized. In many places medical use is allowed, while in Colorado recreational use is legal. So how should Christians deal with this issue? First, with knowledge. Researchers have found that humans […]

Wholly Healthy: Let’s All Learn Simple CPR

This month we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus for the redemption of our sins. However, that magnificent event was also meant to show us that, for believers, death is not the final event. The resurrection of Jesus proved that there was hope for humans to escape the terrifying bonds of mortality itself. I […]

Wholly Healthy: Healthcare Species

There are lots of ways to “go to the doctor” now. Since we all end up needing healthcare at some point, it would be useful to have a working knowledge of what sort of healthcare providers are lurking about our assorted hospitals and clinics, wouldn’t it? Physicians, as a rule, fall into two categories in […]

Wholly Healthy: What You Need to Know About Influenza

January and February are typically our peak months for influenza in South Carolina. As such, I hope that if you’re reading this, you aren’t doing so while sitting under a blanket shivering, shaking, coughing and aching. Unfortunately, lots of folks will have influenza this year, so let’s discuss it. First of all, what people often […]

Wholly Healthy: End of Life

Whether our loved ones are young or old, we do not want them to die. Period. Even if we live with faith in our eventual, eternal reunion with them, we know that their passage will leave a void. I completely understand. But I want to take a few lines to try and make things clearer, […]

Wholly Healthy: Stroke

Among the many things that we all fear, stroke has to be one of the worst. Stroke, or cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is one of those medical events that can fundamentally change the way we live. It can affect our speech, our ability to use our hands or to walk, our vision or balance, our comprehension […]