Wholly Healthy: Vaccines — Speaking the Truth in Love

There’s a lot of discussion these days about vaccines. Many parents still holding to debunked theories about a connection between vaccines and autism have refused to vaccinate their children. As of this writing, there is a growing epidemic of measles around the country, a disease that is not without serious consequences — including death. This […]

Wholly Healthy: Who to Trust for Medical Advice?

How do we know what to believe about anything? In times past we read books, we took classes, we spoke to experts. These days? These days we do the same, but we also search the Internet. And we seem to do it with special fervor when it comes to questions about our health. I can’t […]

Wholly Healthy: Dieting Rules Are Changing Again

By the time you read this, you’ll be looking back on the holidays and thinking, “Why did I eat so much?” Well, I probably will. I should probably “take the cake out of my own eye before I take the cookie out of yours,” as it were. Suffice it to say, we all tend to […]

Wholly Healthy: Colds, Coughs and Pneumonia — Oh My!

Fall and winter can be daunting for physicians. These are the times when many infectious illnesses are more common. I can usually tell that autumn is almost here — not because of the calendar or the first Clemson football game — but because I hear the barking cough of my first child with croup. Since […]

Wholly Healthy: Giving Thanks for Modern Medicine

My father-in-law was one of 17 children, 12 of whom lived to adulthood. Five others died of assorted illnesses that were difficult to treat in the remote hills of West Virginia. My grandmother told tales of her baby brother, who died at age 2 of diphtheria in the hills of Appalachia in the early 20th […]

Wholly Healthy: Understanding ‘Scary’ Ebola

What is Ebola virus disease? What is this scary disease that these days seems only an airline flight away? Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever virus. There are many such viral diseases, including yellow fever, Argentine hemorrhagic fever (the only examples for which reliable vaccines exist), Hantaan virus (found in the American Southwest), West Nile virus, […]

Wholly Healthy: Shaping Safe Lives for Our Children

Our children learn in many ways. They learn, of course, in school. They learn from what they see on television and the Internet. (Heaven help us.) They learn from what we tell them as parents, and they learn from the way we live. In fact, we are walking, talking billboards that our children watch and […]

Wholly Healthy: Can Grandmother Be Admitted?

So you take your grandmother to the hospital. She fell and has severe back pain. After a long, exhausting ER visit, it turns out she doesn’t have any broken bones. Nevertheless, she just can’t seem to stand up without terrible discomfort. It’s probably muscular, but walking is very difficult for her. She lives alone, so […]

Wholly Healthy: We All Need More Sleep

I have spent a great deal of my career working at night and sleeping during the day. At one point, I worked full-time night shifts for roughly seven years. Near the end of that adventure, my wife, Jan, said, “You have to stop. You aren’t healthy and you aren’t happy, and the kids have noticed […]

Wholly Healthy: Summer Cautions

Summer is here at last! And what a winter it was. Across America, people are emerging to see the great glowing ball in the sky and asking, “What’s that thing?” But summer is a time of accidents and injuries, a time of unexpected tragedy. That’s why, to this day, I feel anxious going to work […]