Wholly Healthy: Dear Lord, Why Did You Make the Flu?

By now you’ve probably heard that it’s a whopper of a flu season. Clinics, urgent cares, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and hospitals are positively awash in the stuff. As such, I would like to remind my dear readers of a few things. First, not all cough, fever or cold symptoms are influenza. And generally, vomiting […]

Wholly Healthy: Wake Up to Seriousness of Sleep Apnea

When we think about health, we tend to think about doctor’s visits, medications, surgeries, even exercise and diet. But one of the things we seldom remember is that sleep is extremely important to our well-being. This has become especially evident to me. Turns out, I apparently have obstructive sleep apnea. This is a widespread problem […]

Wholly Healthy: Relax and Be Healthy This Christmas

Christmas is upon us. And in order to have a healthy, happy Christmas season, maybe we should do Christmas a little less, rather than a little more. Without a doubt, Christmas causes enormous stress. Anxiety, depression and suicide rise during the holidays. Clinicians like myself see it every year. It occurs for many reasons, no […]

Wholly Healthy: How to be Thankful for Our Bodies

It will soon be Thanksgiving, and we’re thankful for so many things! But, in the mix, let me remind you to be thankful for your bodies. And in addition to mentioning this to God, I urge you to express this sentiment by taking care of the physical form in which you dwell. The thing is, […]

Wholly Healthy: Sometimes the Healer Needs Healing

This column departs a little from the normal subject matter of “Wholly Healthy” in that it’s a plea not for healthy behavior, but for healthy physicians. Over the years, medicine has become increasingly complex. Mind you, the “saving lives and easing suffering” part just keeps getting better. We can do more than ever. In the […]

Wholly Healthy: Time for a Serious Discussion

The beginning of the college year is upon us, and many young women and men will leave home for the first time. Whether in Christian schools, community colleges, or public or private universities, our kids will be confronted with people, ideas and opportunities they never encountered previously. This is part of what college is meant […]

Wholly Healthy: You Need a Doctor

We have amazing medical capabilities today. Our ability to ease suffering, fight disease and prolong life is growing by leaps and bounds. However, for all of the medical miracles going on, navigating this system just seems to get more and more difficult as the rules and guidelines are constantly changed by researchers, specialty organizations, insurers […]

Wholly Healthy: ‘Stop the Bleed’

I am writing this column a few days after the terrible bombing at a concert in Manchester, England, and the murders on and near London Bridge. The world is a different place these days. Of course, statistically speaking, few of us are likely to be exposed to terrorism. But sadly, that’s what the victims and […]

Wholly Healthy: How to Avoid Medication Interactions

I was recently at a medical conference where one of the presenters discussed medication interactions. It was an eye-opening talk. Furthermore, it gave me the shudders when I was reminded of some of the frightening things that can occur when medications are mixed (by prescribers) without thorough forethought. For example, many drugs interact with the […]

Wholly Healthy: Fighting the ‘Food Lust’ Battle

I’ve been trying to lose weight lately. It has involved lifting weights, eating some boring food, drinking much more water and cutting back on (sigh!) sweet tea. My attempt has confirmed the truth, related by a good friend and exercise expert, that weight loss requires one to be … hungry. I have to step back […]