Outside the Walls: Walking with Your Father 

“I’m going to pray that God helps me find a shiny Pokemon.” My son Corder and I were spending a little quality time together walking around the South Carolina State House grounds, playing a video game where you find digital personalities in real places. My quick response was, “Don’t bother God with that. He has […]

Outside the Walls: ‘No Thanks’

“I appreciate the invitation, but no thanks.” This is a common response for those who faithfully invite others to church in today’s culture. The fastest-growing religion in South Carolina are the “Nones” or the “no thanks,” according to Lifeway Research. These individuals do not associate with any religion. They are not antagonistic to Christianity. Uninterested […]

Outside the Walls: Worship in Color

It’s hard to find a good black and white TV anymore. When they first came out in 1936 and were commercially sold, it was the hottest craze. The black and white TV was the fastest growing invention that entered American homes in history, with half of all homes having one by 1955. By 1990, every […]

Outside the Walls: Pass the Baton

The USA Women’s 4×400 meter relay team is one of the most dominant teams in sports history. They hold the world record in the event and have won seven of the last eight World Championships and the last seven Olympic gold medals. The stage was set for another dominating victory at the World Athletics Championships […]

Outside the Walls: Family Ties

I’ll never forget Thanksgiving 2021. My mom’s house was full of chaos. My dad was the father of five sons, so family gatherings are pretty loud and full of testosterone. My son’s crazy uncles were embellishing stories I would have to correct later. Grandkids were out of control, loud laughter from my uncles could be […]

Outside the Walls: The Star of the Show

I had a lead role in the movie “Radio.” I don’t like to brag about it much, but it was kind of a big deal. The movie was a true story about a high school coach who befriended a man with special needs who helped the team for decades. I had the important part of […]

Outside the Walls: Be Concerned

“Pastor, can I talk to you a minute about some concerns I have?” There is not a pastor in the state who ever answers that question honestly. What they want to say is, “No. The last thing I want to talk about after a pretty good Sunday is a trivial complaint that has nothing to […]

Outside the Walls: Let Them Go

“Thanks for helping me move into college, Dad. So, how long are you planning to stay?” Just like that, 18 years of preparing my second son Connor for the world came to an end. Connor is attending Anderson University and is on their inaugural football team. For those who have not experienced taking their child […]

Outside the Walls: Some Things Never Go Out of Style

It was a hot summer day in July. My wife and I would be married in just a few hours, and I had secured the perfect getaway car. It was my wife’s dream car, so I wanted us to ride in it at least once in our marriage. She was a cherry red, white sidewalls, […]