Outside the Walls: God is still in our public schools

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Watching each individual grain of sand pass through the bottleneck of an hourglass always captivated me as a child. At first it seemed as though the mass of sand would never pass through, but in an instant the final one fell. There is […]

Outside the Walls: Engage the Next Generation

When I was a student minister, I asked Mr. Bob to address our teenagers because of his past military experience. Because he was in his 70s I assumed he might be a bit apprehensive about speaking to them, so, before he went on stage, I whispered in his ear: “Let me know if you need […]

Outside the Walls: Driving Lessons

“I know already, Dad!” I rolled my eyes and gripped the steering wheel about as tightly as my father was gritting his teeth. I drove into the street as the car sputtered forward. “Slow down!” “I’m going the speed limit!” I said as the car almost went on two wheels around the curve. I was […]

Outside the Walls: We’d Be in Big Trouble Without Mama

“Mom! Do you know where my cleats are? I can’t find them anywhere,” yelled my oldest son, Caden, from the top of the stairs. “Mom! Please tell me you washed my Vineyard Vines T-shirt. I have nothing to wear,” said Connor in desperation as he tried to get his hair just right. “Mom! I spilled […]

Outside the Walls: Saved from a Predictable Life

Predictable. Routine. These words defined Simon and Andrew’s lives. They were working in the family fishing business, and every night they would attempt to catch enough fish to feed their family. On this particular night, they didn’t have much luck. Defeated and dejected, they cleaned up their nets so they could repeat the process the […]

Outside the Walls: From ‘Serve Us’ to Service

Myrtle Beach First Baptist Church started a new worship service at their local school. Don has been leading worship for years, but this worship service was much different from what he had done in the past. There was no music and very little preaching. Instead of individuals offering up their voices for worship, they were […]

Outside the Walls: Life’s a Trip

College spring break! I looked forward to a week of no studying, going to the beach with friends, and having fun. As we led up to spring break, my friends in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes would begin talking about going on a mission trip and start urging me to go. “It will change your […]

Outside the Walls: Too Easily Distracted

A man is designed to take on but one task at a time. My wife should have used better judgment when she asked me to watch my 3-year-old while I was grilling. I did what most men would do: I delegated the task to my oldest son, Caden. Several minutes went by as I grilled […]

Outside the Walls: Let’s Rebuild South Carolina

A few weeks after the flood, I stood on Mrs. Jones’ porch in Andrews, S.C., and watched a crane pick her couch up and out of her front yard. She looked at my shirt and read the words, “South Carolina Baptists.” She said, “Everyone in this town is talking about you Baptists.” “Really? Why?” I […]

Outside the Walls: From Sanctuary to Flooded Streets

“Why does God hate me?” Sam sat with his head in his hands, sobbing. His life was a mess, piled up 10 feet high in his front yard, after the flash flood in South Carolina rushed into his home. A few days before, his life seemed fine; now he was broken, and there was no […]