Editor’s Word: Can We Get an Amen?

The new year has bolted onto the scene with a sobering and upsetting reality as protestors swarmed our nation’s capital and violently forced themselves inside. The breech of the Capitol building was a horrendous and destructive act that sent a terrible message to the world. Then, the House of Representatives voted to use gender-free language […]

Celebrating Growing Older

For some, growing older can be a foreboding experience, according to Tom Turner, president of South Carolina Baptist Ministries of Aging. But he believes, “The aging process should be embraced and celebrated.” Referring to Psalm 92:14, the righteous “will still yield fruit in old age,” he said, “Regardless of age, life is to be lived […]

New COVID vaccines raise hopes

With approximately 300,000 COVID-19 deaths in 2020, the news of vaccines that can protect people from the virus brings hope to millions of people across the nation and around the world. The largest and most comprehensive vaccination deployment in the history of the United States began Dec. 14. First to receive FDA approval was drug […]

Echo Hills transitions from dissolution to legacy

The term “rise of the Phoenix” is used as a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of the past or something new developing from something that no longer exists. In Greer, the rise of the Phoenix may be taking place as a church is dissolved, and the local association takes possession of the property for […]

Editor’s Word: A Year of Hope and Challenge

The year 2020, with all its drama and turmoil, has given way to 2021, with its hopes (one of which is a vaccine for COVID-19) and challenges. Jan. 17 is Sanctity of Human Life Day (some will celebrate it Jan. 24) and is a great opportunity to remember that all human life from conception to […]

Hardwick accepts pastorate in Tennessee

Jay Hardwick, associate executive director and chief strategist for the South Carolina Baptist Convention, has resigned his position, accepting the call of Forest Hills Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn., as lead pastor. He formerly served as a church planter and pastor before coming to the staff of the SCBC. He said, “We love our SCBC […]

Editor’s Word: One Solitary Life

There is a piece of prose that has grown in popularity since its inception in 1926. It is simply titled, “One Solitary Life.” I first came across this in 1971 while taking a New Testament survey course at Anderson University. It is quoted by H.I. Hester in his book, “The Heart of the New Testament.” […]

Journey in Adoption

“Without exception, adoption is guaranteed to rock your seemingly ordered world,” writes Jennifer Phillips in her new devotional book, “Hope When It’s Hard.” The 30 moving devotionals revolve around the experiences of her and husband Brian’s adoption of a 15-month-old Chinese girl who had been orphaned. The couple, with their three children, was living in […]

Sands makes history

History was made on Nov. 10 when Alex Sands, pastor of Kingdom Life Church in Simpsonville, became president of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. He is the first African-American to ever serve as president of the SCBC in its 200-year history. How does he feel about this moment of historical significance? “I am humbled, honored […]

Varnville First: A Sending Church

Varnville First Baptist Church takes pride in being called a “sending church.” It has not always been that way. According to Pastor Tommy Kelly, the church “sent out only one pastor in the first 150 years, but we have ordained or licensed seven in the last five years. God has shown us our purpose is […]