A Closer Look at the SBC’s Decline

Southern Baptists, from local churches to the national convention’s Executive Committee, seem to have been infatuated with numbers for many years. Now that our numbers are declining, what does it mean and how are we responding? In 2014, a North American Mission Board task force comprised chiefly of pastors released its report regarding the decline […]

Editor’s Word: Living in ‘Post-Truth’ Times

Barna Research recently reported that in our “post-truth” climate, reality is relative and “even the facts are open to interpretation.” Barna went on to report that “one third of Americans say they trust nobody, only their own instincts, when consuming news.” It seems that postmodernism has given birth to post-truth. Barna asked this question in […]

Fire at Holly Springs Church in Inman leads to revival

What do you do if your church is on fire — literally? How can you prepare for something like that? For Holly Springs Baptist Church in Inman, they were prepared through adequate insurance coverage but had not counted on the blessing of God as an apparent disaster turned into a time of spiritual refreshing. On […]

Editor’s Word: What Lies Ahead in 2018?

As we enter a new year, what can we expect? This is the time of year when predictions are made and when speculations abound. According to some prognosticators, we will have a colder and wetter winter in South Carolina, with the possibility of snow in the Upstate and maybe even the Midlands. It is predicted […]

Editor’s Word: The Season We Call Christmas

The Christmas season is upon us again, and with it comes a unique mixture of sacred, secular, wholesome, sinful, pagan and Christian opportunities and obstacles. Christmas is a time of year that affects almost all of us in one way or another. Following the Civil War, Southern Baptists, who had not been particularly involved with […]

Editor’s Word: The Thanksgiving Lady

I enjoy fall and, particularly, Thanksgiving. This holiday has increasingly become a precursor to Christmas, but it is a great national celebration in its own right with a solid Christian origin. Around 50 million people will travel at least 50 miles to have a Thanksgiving Day meal with friends and/or loved ones. Approximately 88 percent […]

Editor’s Word: The Power of Congregational Singing

There is something powerful in congregational singing. Ephesians 5:19 says: “Speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody with your heart to the Lord.” In recent times, congregational singing has been replaced, in part, by soloists, ensembles and other small groups. We need a revival of congregational singing […]

Myrtle Beach woman plants ‘A Garden for Touching Lives’

A heart for missions, a passion for gardening, and a vacant lot across the street became the perfect storm for Jo Cooper as she caught a vision for connecting with people through a community garden. Jo and her husband, Glen, have been members of First Baptist Church, Myrtle Beach, for 34 years. A few years […]