Last Word: The Greatest Generation

With this July issue we are paying tribute to members of the “Greatest Generation.” Particularly, we are focusing on those who served in the military, especially those who fought in the Pacific and European theaters of war. The Fourth of July is a national holiday, and we can certainly pause and give thanks to God […]

Denied the Battlefield

Gene Burdette is a 95-year-old resident at Martha Franks Retirement Community who pastored Southern Baptist churches for nearly 60 years. But one thing unique about this former member of the U.S. Navy is that he was denied the battlefield in World War II, even though he desperately tried to get into the fight. His story […]

Charles and Rich Wilson: Partners In Ministry

It is unusual for a father and son to be pastors, but not that rare. It is rare for a son to follow his dad and serve as pastor of the same church his father pastored at two different churches. Charles and Rich Wilson are partners in ministry. They have traveled together to Israel six […]

Editor’s Word: We Need Godly Fathers

The absence of fathers in homes has a powerful and damaging impact, while the active involvement of fathers with their children is positively related to good outcomes for kids that helps them throughout life. We need fathers who are physically present in the home, emotionally involved with their children, and spiritually strong in the Christian […]

Editor’s Word: What in the World Is Going On?

Recently, 33 LGBTQ students at Christian colleges sued the United States Department of Education, claiming they were discriminated against, and that a section of Title IX that allows religious exemptions is unconstitutional. A nonprofit called the Religious Exemption Accountability Project is representing the students. The REAP states on its website that its mission is to […]

Karyn Wilton: God’s Love with a Spot of Tea

A cup of tea often served as a connecting point for Karyn Wilton while raising her three children. Her son Rob, a church planter with the North American Mission Board, said, “She makes the best tea, and my life has been filled with thousands of hours of great conversation over tea. I’ve loved every second.” […]

Carlotta Jackson considers herself a ‘blessed’ mother

Carlotta Jackson gave birth to nine children, homeschooled all of them, and will celebrate the birth of her 12th and 13th grandchild later this year. The wife of family physician Robert Jackson and a nurse herself, she and her husband have devoted themselves to pro-life ministry, missions, and discipleship. She said, “I am so glad […]

Sonshine Club: A Ministry for Adults with Special Needs

Sonshine Club of Spartanburg is called a safe haven for adults with special needs. It started with its first “Super Saturday” on May 28, 2011, in the dining hall of Spartanburg First Baptist Church. The founders were Larry and Tammy McCullough, and Eric and Joanna Swanson. Both couples were motivated to create this special ministry […]

G13 — Light with a Double Meaning

G13 Missions, the brainchild of Easley electrician Robert Green, is designed to bring light to people — literally and spiritually. Based on Genesis 1:3 — “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; And there was light” — the mission’s goal is to help churches and Christian camps have fully functioning facilities so the message of […]

Editor’s Word: Racism and the Family

Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior to others. It is discrimination or prejudice based on race. Race, on the other hand, is defined as a group of persons connected by common descent or origin. In the broad sense, we all belong to the same race because we are all descended from […]