Boomers’ Retirement Prospects Not Like Their Parents

Baby boomers, those Americans born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring at a rate of about 10,000 a day. On average, members of this group, comprising approximately 79 million people, feel nine years younger than their actual ages. The boomer generation has changed society at every juncture of its developmental life, and it is predicted […]

Editor’s Word: Even in Retirement, Be Sure to Live Until You Die

Retirement is a word that is not going to be deleted from our dictionaries, but what that time period means should be, and is being, redefined. People can retire and do basically nothing, or they can stay active and accomplish much. Dr. George Burch was an internationally known heart surgeon who taught at Tulane University […]

Five Children in Ministry Are a Godly Mother’s Legacy

May 14 is Mother’s Day, a time when millions of people will honor their mothers. Charles Spurgeon wrote, “I cannot tell you how much I owe to the solemn word of my good mother.” Others have observed that a mother’s success is most often evidenced in the good morals of her children. To have, or […]

A Mother’s Legacy: Faithfulness in Ministry

She did not plan on being a pastor’s wife, but after five years of marriage and two children, things changed. Margaret Robertson not only embraced her calling, she consistently reminded people that God is faithful. Her husband, Ted, sensed the call of God to vocational ministry and began studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in […]

Editor’s Word: The Importance of Biblical Truth

Some younger Southern Baptist ministers are asking the right question. Their question is not “What will work?” but rather “What is biblical?” Pragmatism is not unimportant, but it cannot be the foundation for our ministries and missions. What is practical can be chosen over what is biblical truth, but not without regrettable spiritual results. International […]

Editor’s Word: Blessed Resurrection Day!

Resurrection Day falls on April 16 this year. Popularly known as Easter, this is a Sunday set aside to especially rejoice and celebrate the resurrection of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We can rejoice every day, but it is good to have a day to remember and meditate on history’s greatest event. It is […]

‘The Shack’ is not an accurate view of God

In 2007, a significant publishing phenomenon began when a relatively unknown William Paul Young printed some copies of “The Shack,” a theological novel he had written for his children. The self-published book morphed into one of the best-selling Christian books in history (apart from the Bible), selling more than 22 million copies and being translated […]

Supporting God’s Work with Our Money

Giving is at the heart of being a disciple of Jesus Christ. We have all probably heard the adage that “you cannot out-give God.” But are Southern Baptists giving 10 percent or more of their income in the offering plate, online, etc.? At the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, a resolution was approved by […]

Editor’s Word: The ‘Hot New Thing’

According to missiologist Ed Stetzer, church planting is the “hot new thing.” Southern Baptists are focused on church planting as a critical strategy in reaching more people for Christ. There is more emphasis than ever on church planting — more meetings, more conferences, more training sessions and more events. This comes at a time when […]

Needed: Strong Existing Churches and Healthy Church Plants

Finding accurate and up-to-date statistics regarding church planting in America can be both frustrating and challenging. However, the statistics do exist, and the big picture is clear. New churches are needed if we hope to keep pace with the increasing population. Existing churches must experience revival or revitalization — or whatever term we choose to […]