Pickens couple: On Mission in Cuba

“The beautiful people of Cuba are looking for hope,” said Gary Frazor as he prepared for his upcoming mission trip to the island. “They find it in Jesus.” Frazor and his wife, Kim, have been on several mission trips to Cuba. He says he got hooked on mission work through his family. “My wife and […]

Editor’s Word: Life Happens

A popular phrase used in our culture is “Life Happens.” What does it mean? That depends on who you ask. Someone observed, “Life is always happening.” The phrase can refer to the variety of experiences, events, changes, challenges, tragedies or blessing that happen to us as we continue to live. The worldwide transmission of the […]

Editor’s Word: Christianity in Decline?

We have heard so much in the last 10 to 20 years about the decline of Christianity in America. We should be multiplying our numbers, but we aren’t. The inseparable force of evangelism and discipleship should be producing more disciples of Christ. People point to a lower birth rate as a factor in the decline […]

A Blessed Man

In January, Don Harper became the first African-American to serve as trustee chair of any South Carolina Baptist Convention-related institution, including the Executive Board of the convention. His election as Anderson University’s board chair was historic, but it was also not surprising, given the Christian character, work ethic, and devotion to Christ of this godly […]

Are rural churches attracting more people?

The Southern Baptist Convention has been called a convention of small churches. Scattered across the SBC landscape are many rural churches. The good news is that, while rural areas and churches were once declining in numbers, that trend began to reverse itself in 2011. Hannah Anderson, author of “Humble Roots,” writes that rural churches feel […]

Key Priorities: Faith, Family, and Football

Jeff Scott is the new head football coach at the University of South Florida — and while this is his first head coaching job, he enters it with three strong priorities that have been firmly developed throughout his life: faith, family, and football. This priority arrangement came from football mentors in his life: His dad, […]

Editor’s Word: God’s Adventurous Missionary

Hattie Gardner was an exceptional follower of Jesus Christ. I preached a series of “revival” services at Gum Branch Baptist Church, Hartsville, in the fall of 1981. During that week, I got to meet and spend some time with Miss Hattie. She became a missionary in 1935 and retired at the age of 70 after […]

Editor’s Word: Alternatives for Discerning Parents

With the moral relativism that has engulfed both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, discerning parents don’t have to compromise their biblical beliefs to find a good character-building scouting experience for their children. There are Christian alternatives available. Recently, Warren Cole Smith wrote about the Boy Scouts mortgaging their “crown jewel,” Camp Philmont. This is the […]

Looking Ahead

As The Courier looks forward to the coming year, there are some things we are working on that we hope will both interest and bless you. Courier Tours is planning on four tours this year, and possibly five. On April 27-29, we will travel to Asheville to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, tour […]

Helping Children in Need

The late Fred Rogers of the “Mr. Rogers” television show for children once said, “Anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” The 31st president of the United States, Herbert Hoover, said, “Children are our most valuable resource.” When children are displaced or in danger, there is a problem. When […]