Editor’s Word: Examining Digital Ministry

I read a book in the late 1970s called “Future Church.” The author envisioned a time when the church would be a place without any outwardly identifying marks. In his imagination, he saw the future church with no crosses or other symbols Christians have used for hundreds of years. COVID-19 created a pandemic worldwide, and, […]

What Will the Post-Pandemic Church Look Like?

It is difficult to distinguish between declining church attendance that has been ongoing for many years and the drop due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The combination of the two at this intersection in time shows post-COVID attendance failing to reach pre-COVID levels. Pew Research polled a sample of American Christians in July 2020 and March […]

Christian Persecution Continues

A pastor in Afghanistan received a threatening text message informing him that the Taliban were coming for him. When American military forces withdrew from the country, the floodgates of Christian persecution were opened — so much so that, according to World Watch, Afghanistan is the new world leader in persecuting Christians. Persecution is a powerful […]

Supporters Who Left a Mark

Two longtime supporters and workers for Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries have concluded their service. Gene Bishop and Tony Atkinson compiled a book of “God stories” about the impact of Connie Maxwell called “Someone Held My Hand.” They privately printed the book for the first runs and later turned to Courier Publishing for reprinting the book. […]

3 Firsts for S.C. Native Daniel Dickard

Daniel Dickard is experiencing three firsts in his life. He will be nominated as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Pastors Conference just prior to the annual SBC meeting in Anaheim, Calif. Jordan Easley, pastor of First Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tenn., will make the nomination. Dickard told The Courier, “My vision for the SBC […]

Ed Byus: Man on a Mission

Ed Byus is a man on a mission. After spending 20 years in military service as a helicopter pilot and liaison officer, he has now committed himself to a different mission called Tactical Evangelism. Byus made a profession of faith when he was 10, but he never had “life in Christ.” His “born-again” moment, as […]

Editor’s Word: Oligarchy and Greed

We have heard the words “oligarchy” and “oligarchs” recently as we watched, heard, or read the news about Russia’s terrible invasion of Ukraine. While Russia was tearing apart the country of Ukraine, the oligarchs of that nation were trying to shield their money and possessions from sanctions. Oligarchy literally means “rule by the few.” An […]

COVID-19 Vaccines: Are Mandates the Solution?

Should you take the COVID vaccine or not — that is the issue. There are enough confusing and conflicting reports revolving around the COVID vaccinations that many well-meaning people could be puzzled and disturbed. Franklin Graham, leader of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, says you should take the shots and that pastors […]

Editor’s Word: Tribute to Bill Adams

Bill Adams passed away earlier this year at age 84. He was a great friend and supporter of The Courier and a compassionate servant of Christ. He was the pastor of five different churches before serving as minister of visitation at Spartanburg First Baptist Church. Bill and his late wife, Shirley, had two sons, two […]

Three New Hires at SCBC

“I feel like the Lord has prepared me for and called me to this position (director of Denominational Relations),” said Bryant Sims, former pastor of Mount Moriah First Baptist Church in Greenwood. He is one of three new people who have joined the South Carolina Baptist Convention staff. “Having the opportunity to promote cooperation as […]