Is Your Church Prepared for a Cardiac Emergency?

Being prepared for crisis situations and having a safety plan in place can be assets for any church, especially when combined with having trained members who are able to provide immediate, lifesaving assistance for people during a medical emergency.  Chris Holliday, business manager for The Baptist Courier, is certified by the American Heart Association to […]

Editor’s Word: Safe or Secure?

On Sept. 11, 2001, the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed after terrorists hijacked and flew two commercial jets into the buildings. In an instant, the world changed. Our country has not been the same since.  In 2016, an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey found that 47 percent of Americans believe the country is […]

The Story Behind Billy Graham’s Casket

Billy Graham, perhaps the world’s most renowned evangelist, was buried in a simple pine plywood casket made by inmates at the Louisiana state prison known as Angola. Caskets were built for both Ruth and Billy Graham in 2006. Angola is not in the casket-making business, but there is a small woodworking shop inside the prison […]

Editor’s Word: What a Providential Time for Gospel Conversations

Billy Graham died Feb. 21 and was buried on March 2. During that time, the world was exposed to the word “gospel” in an unprecedented way. Tributes to the great evangelist came from people in all walks of life. News organizations and social media sites played video clips of the respected man of God delivering […]

Armed robbery and kidnapping don’t stop this retired pastor

After a lifetime of preaching God’s Word, 78-year-old retired pastor Bob Johnson was robbed and kidnapped — and discovered he had cancer. Instead of despair, he chose hope, and he is determined to keep moving forward. On a Sunday afternoon this past October, a stranger came to his rural home in Colleton County while his […]

NGU’s Joyful Sound embarks on 5th decade of ministry

Joyful Sound, a musical ensemble of North Greenville University, will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a concert April 13 in conjunction with the inauguration of NGU’s eighth president, Gene Fant Jr. The current version of Joyful Sound includes two teams of nine members. Joyful Sound sings in more than 200 churches each year. The group […]

Editor’s Word: Counting Your Blessings

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, there was an electrical fire in the basement of the offices of The Courier. Our staff had just finished the February issue and had to vacate the building. Duke Energy disconnected the power, and it will not be reconnected until we make repairs and also bring our wiring up to the […]

Editor’s Word: What a providential time for gospel conversations

Billy Graham died on Wednesday, Feb. 21, and was buried on Friday, March 2. During this time, the world is being exposed to the word “gospel” in an unprecedented way. Tributes to the great evangelist have come from people in all walks of life. News organizations and social media have shown video clips of the […]

From the Editor: A Closer Look at the SBC’s Decline

Southern Baptists, from local churches to the national convention’s Executive Committee, seem to have been infatuated with numbers for many years. Now that our numbers are declining, what does it mean and how are we responding? In 2014, a North American Mission Board task force comprised chiefly of pastors released its report regarding the decline […]

Editor’s Word: Living in ‘Post-Truth’ Times

Barna Research recently reported that in our “post-truth” climate, reality is relative and “even the facts are open to interpretation.” Barna went on to report that “one third of Americans say they trust nobody, only their own instincts, when consuming news.” It seems that postmodernism has given birth to post-truth. Barna asked this question in […]