Editor’s Word: The Privilege of Having a Good Mother

May 8 is Mother’s Day. It had many precursors in American history before Anna Jarvis created it in 1908 and worked to make it a national holiday in 1914. The idea of Mother’s Day creates an array of responses ranging from maudlin sentimentality to outright hatred. It is lamented as nothing more than a commercial […]

Praying for the Persecuted Church Through Operation Orange Ribbon

Most of us were shocked when we saw the video of orange-clad Coptic Christians kneeling in their last moments just before being beheaded by ISIS. We were alarmed when we heard about the Muslim terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapping 276 girls from their dorms at a school in Nigeria. Christians today continue to be persecuted, […]

SCBC Executive Board seeking buyer for White Oak Conference Center

After lengthy and often passionate debate over the future of White Oak Conference Center near Winnsboro, the Executive Board of the South Carolina Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to “authorize the Properties Committee [of the board] to work with the executive director-treasurer to pursue finding buyers for White Oak Conference Center.” The discussion and vote occurred […]

Editor’s Last Word: What Is Worship?

The word “worship” means to ascribe worth to God. He alone is worthy of the praise, adoration, submission, reverence, prayer, giving, singing and respect His people can show Him. Worship can be public, as in our gatherings, or private. In corporate worship, the pulpit is usually at the center of the platform in our churches. […]

Simpsonville retiree launches Operation Orange Ribbon

Jesse French wants to raise awareness for persecuted Christians overseas   When a persistent thought met a challenging sermon, the result was a new prayer movement called Operation Orange Ribbon. Jesse French, a member of First Baptist Church of Simpsonville, became concerned about the plight of Christians in Africa and the Middle East. “I kept […]

Editor’s Word: Welcome to Our New Executive Director-Treasurer

Gary Hollingsworth has been elected as the next executive director-treasurer of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. Hopefully, he and his wife will enjoy a peaceful move and find blessing and direction as he assumes the leadership of our Baptist building ministries. Coming from the pastorate to this position will certainly be an adjustment. Facing the […]

What Is Progressive Revelation?

One of the things Baptists believe is progressive revelation. But what does it mean? Foundationally, it refers to how God chose to reveal His Word to us over a period of time until the canon of Scripture was complete. Michael Bryant, dean of the School of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University, offers a concise […]

Another Year Is Here

Nothing magical happens at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve! Many things happen, though — like fireworks, resolutions, midnight church services, the ball dropping at Times Square, and much more. Some may sing “Auld Lang Syne,” a Scottish song first published by poet Robert Burns but made popular by bandleader Guy Lombardo. On […]

Review: ‘We Cannot Be Silent’

Albert Mohler’s insightful new book, “We Cannot Be Silent,” speaks with prophetic significance to this critical time in our country’s life. The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., is regarded as one of the leading evangelical scholars of our time. Every evangelical Christian, especially every pastor, should read this book. Mohler emphasizes […]