Editor’s Last Word: Adoption … It’s Personal

Adoption is more than just an alternative to abortion. For my family and me, it is personal. Anne and I are the proud grandparents of three of the greatest blessings God has ever given us. One of our grandchildren is adopted, and because January is Sanctity of Human Life emphasis, I want to share some […]

Missionaries with a ‘Macedonian Call’

“God’s will in the matter couldn’t have been more certain,” says Kevin Peacock. “It really was a ‘Macedonian Call.’ ” Twenty years after that call, the professor at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada, continues to serve God in a nation where as many as 93 percent of the population is lost. He […]

From The Courier to Your Home, Merry Christmas!

From all us at The Baptist Courier to all our faithful readers, Merry Christmas! Our staff — Butch Blume, managing editor; Debbie Grooms, business manager; Denise Huffman, editorial assistant; Carolyn Rainey, circulation director — and I hope your holiday season is filled with His grace. This is a hardworking group of people dedicated to honoring […]

‘Tidal Shift’: The Case for Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry may be the new normal. More and more, congregations and ministers are seeing the advantages of this style of ministry. For some, bivocational ministry is born of financial necessity; for others, it is a deliberate commitment without regard to financial resources. Charles Jenkins, 82, is a bivocational pastor and a consultant to the […]

Editor’s Last Word: Bivocational Ministry and the Future of the SBC

Ray Gilder has written a book, “Intentionally Bivocational,” in which he stated the case for bivocational ministry. After reading his book and watching his instructional videos, I interviewed him. Today, at 73, he is the full-time pastor of a Southern Baptist Convention church in Tennessee and says he has more spare time now than ever! […]

Is Bivocational Ministry the New Normal?

Even though accurate data is unavailable, it is still obvious to many Southern Baptist leaders that bivocational ministry makes up 50 percent or more of our total profile — and it is growing. The statistics don’t show the full picture because many churches do not turn in an annual church profile, and many who do […]

Editor’s Last Word: The Growing Use of Media in Christian Ministry

In 2002, Barna Research released the results of a poll regarding the use of mass media by American citizens. The results were eye-opening. At the time, 50 percent of adults said they had tuned in to a Christian radio program within the past month, with music being the fastest-growing type of radio program. Sixty-seven percent […]

Editor’s ‘Last Word’: The Times in Which We Live

There was a time when Americans associated America with freedom. Today, we have lost touch with the concept of real freedom and have begun to think of it as the right to do as you please rather than the power and insight to do what is right. In fact, our culture has embraced the idea […]