Striking the Waters: Noel — Great Wonders Through Unlikely People

Many unexpected treasures are embedded in the Christmas story. One of these treasures is the simple but life-changing truth that God often works through the unlikeliest of people to accomplish the greatest of wonders. Three operative human characters are cast in Luke 1:39–45. Each of them is an unlikely character on that first noel. MARY. […]

Striking the Waters: An SCBaptist Thanksgiving Song (Psalm 136)

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” Psalm 136 is one of my favorites this time of year. With 26 occurrences, the refrain may seem repetitive to some, but to me it’s a solemn reminder of God’s interminable, faithful love for me and all His people: “His faithful love endures forever.” Verses 1-3 […]

Striking the Waters: An Invitation to Prayer

Dear Reader, allow me to invite you to a very special, convention-wide prayer gathering Monday night, Nov. 13, from 8:30–9:30 p.m. at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia. We’ll sing a couple of songs, but this is not a praise and worship gathering. We’ll shake hands and give hugs, but this is not a fellowship gathering. […]

Striking the Waters: Confessional Cooperation the S.C. Baptist Way (Part 2)

Last month, The Courier published the first of this two-part series explaining the South Carolina Baptist kind of confessional cooperation. The thesis is that Baptists came confessing and Baptists came cooperating; we are a confessionally cooperative people. However, part of historic Baptist doctrine and practice emphasizes the autonomy of both local congregations and Baptist organizations. […]

Confessional Cooperation the S.C. Baptist Way [Part 1]

On the national scene, the role of the confession of faith in our Baptist cooperation has generated much discussion. Are Baptists primarily a confessional people or a cooperative people? Is the tie that binds us shared doctrine or shared mission? A case can be made from history that the answer is yes — both. Baptists […]

Striking the Waters: The Joy of Cooperation

Although this article will publish after the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in New Orleans, I am writing before that gathering and in anticipation of it. Among other matters, messengers to the national meeting will be asked to consider a contested mid-term presidential election, the Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force’s recommendations, a debated constitutional amendment, […]

Striking the Waters: Honoring a Faithful Leader

In the current Southern Baptist climate, we have all seen our share of leadership transitions gone wrong. Some of our most respected leaders have fallen ignominiously after decades of service to our family of churches, and great was their fall. Others fell as quickly as they rose. Southern Baptists languish for healthy, God-honoring leadership transitions […]

9 Barriers to Conflict Resolution

Because we are all real people with real problems, living in a world that is deeply and desperately scarred by sin, conflict is a normal part of the human experience. Here are nine common barriers to conflict resolution. The list is not exhaustive, but perhaps it will help us all understand a little better how […]