SCBaptists convicted by passionate pleas: ‘Let’s Go’

With a sequential thematic appeal of “Let’s Go,” messengers to the 203rd Annual Meeting of the South Carolina Baptist Convention Nov. 13-14 were exhorted to move beyond giving, praying and sending to personal engagement in missions. Through keynote addresses by International Mission Board President Paul Chitwood, SCBC President Albert Allen, IMB Affinity Global Strategist Gregg […]

Outside the Walls: The Star of the Show

I had a lead role in the movie “Radio.” I don’t like to brag about it much, but it was kind of a big deal. The movie was a true story about a high school coach who befriended a man with special needs who helped the team for decades. I had the important part of […]

President’s Perspective: A Preview of SCBC Meeting

The 2023 annual meeting of the South Carolina Baptist Convention is nearly here. The convention sessions have been meticulously planned by multiple people, with the expertise of our convention staff pulling it all together. We will emphasize international missions in a notably immersive and linear format. The convention’s creative team is outdoing themselves in preparing […]

Striking the Waters: An SCBaptist Thanksgiving Song (Psalm 136)

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” Psalm 136 is one of my favorites this time of year. With 26 occurrences, the refrain may seem repetitive to some, but to me it’s a solemn reminder of God’s interminable, faithful love for me and all His people: “His faithful love endures forever.” Verses 1-3 […]

Striking the Waters: An Invitation to Prayer

Dear Reader, allow me to invite you to a very special, convention-wide prayer gathering Monday night, Nov. 13, from 8:30–9:30 p.m. at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia. We’ll sing a couple of songs, but this is not a praise and worship gathering. We’ll shake hands and give hugs, but this is not a fellowship gathering. […]

Police arrest man following exchange of gunfire near S.C. Baptist building

Police responded to an “active shooter” incident on July 18 near the South Carolina Baptist Convention building in Columbia. SCBC staff sheltered inside their building until the gunman was taken into custody after he was shot in the upper body by authorities, the convention reported on their website. The shooter was identified as 26-year-old Brandon […]

South Carolina Baptists lead the way in GenSend participants

Summer plans for many young adults look like taking vacations or returning to their hometown, but for more than 50 students throughout the South Carolina Baptist Convention, plans look like living on mission through the North American Mission Board’s GenSend program. The convention announced via its website that the 56 students who will be participating in […]

President’s Perspective: Let’s Leave!

Nobody was going to heaven from Thessalonica. It was a spiritual wasteland: no Jesus, no hope. Jesus had come into the world, done His amazing work, and returned to the Father; but the folks way over in Thessalonica were completely oblivious. It was a long way from Bethlehem, Golgotha, and the empty tomb. Somehow, though, […]