Wholly Healthy: Watch for signs of depression in your teen

It’s August, and that means that school is starting. Middle school and high school, in particular, are times of significant emotional challenges. Not only are students adapting to physical changes and emotional growth and maturity, the fact is that depression is a big problem for young people. In 2012, according to government statistics (childstats.gov/americaschildren/health2.asp), 11 […]

Wholly Healthy: Fatherhood Is Good for You!

Sometimes, conventional wisdom handed down since the dawn of time is laughed off as irrelevant. C.S. Lewis and his friend Owen Barfield used the term “chronological snobbery” to mean that people who live now often think they are inherently wiser or smarter than their ancestors who lived in the past simply because time has passed. […]

Wholly Healthy: No Deconditioning!

Frequently, when I go to work in the ER, I see elderly patients who are deconditioned. That is, they simply have no physical reserves because they have been bed-bound in the hospital — or homebound — from chronic illness. This affects their thinking as well as many other body systems. Any exertion makes them short […]

Wholly Healthy: Understanding the Zika Virus

It seems increasingly as if the names of diseases originate from science fiction novels. This is certainly the case with one of our latest concerns, the Zika virus. First described in Uganda in 1947 and named for a forest there, Zika virus disease has lately made the news due to a large number of cases […]

Wholly Healthy: Cell Phones and Your Health

These days smartphones are ubiquitous. It’s amazing to realize that you hold in your hand a tiny computer that has more processing power than anything available to NASA during the Apollo years. It’s also amazing, when you have teenagers, to realize that they are capable of ignoring everything around them while texting and sending photos […]

Wholly Healthy: The Wonders of Over-the-Counter Drugs

I recently had an enormous kidney stone. Okay — it seemed enormous to me. But in terms of kidney stones, it was reasonably large — nine millimeters, in fact. Large enough that I had to have lithotripsy (the use of sound waves to break up the stone) performed by my friend and most excellent urologist, […]

Wholly Healthy: Holiday Travel Advice

Christmas travel is such a delight! However, there are a few things for travelers to consider before embarking on holiday pilgrimages. As a physician, one of the most important things to consider is general state of health. If you feel good and have no problems, then hit the open road. However, if you are not […]

Wholly Healthy: Loving the Addicted

I had a wonderful talk with a young woman a few days ago. She came to the ER confused, hallucinating and suicidal. The mental health system being what it is in most states, she was still in the ER the next day. This time she was lucid, calm, pleasant and apologetic. “I think it was […]

Wholly Healthy: Human Trafficking — Closer Than You Think

One of the wonderful things about medicine is the insight it gives, on a daily basis, into humanity. After sufficient time, a physician learns to see, simply in passing, signs of illness or injury in other people. Problems past or present jump out to our eyes. As Christians, we should develop similar skills out of […]

Wholly Healthy: Changing Conditions for Hospital Admission

When we take our sick or injured loved ones to the hospital, we often hope that they will be admitted. In many instances this is a very reasonable request. When heart or lung disease are at work, when severe infections, dehydration, fractures or strokes occur, admission may well be the only option. However, sometimes our […]