Outside the Walls: The Ultimate Underdog

Nick sat on the bench with little hope of ever getting in the game. It became clear he would only be a backup quarterback for a mediocre college team, so he decided to transfer to another school. Although he got more playing time, it resulted in more losses than wins for the team. Only one […]

Outside the Walls: Hide … or Seek?

“Start counting, Daddy! I’m going to hide!” My son Corder rushed off into the house somewhere. Now, I would like for you to believe that I am an all-star dad who loves his son so much that he plays games like this with him every free moment. I must confess, though, that a game like […]

Outside the Walls: Reconnecting with Heroes

He stared at the computer screen in amazement and read the words again: “Are you the Rokeem who was in foster care 20 years ago?” In response, he typed: “Mrs. Deborah? Is it really you?” Memories flooded his mind. His family had hit tough times, and a relative took him and his brothers on a […]

Outside the Walls: Why Are You Here?

“Why are you here?” My friend Yesu was asked this question by a man in India who stopped him outside a village. The man who stopped him had never heard the gospel. Yesu had traveled for hours by motorcycle, then by foot, into the mountains in search of villages that had never heard about Jesus. […]

Outside the Walls: Locking Arms in Unity

They locked arms and bowed their heads. Different races joined together. An entire nation would talk about this moment of peace and unity. It didn’t happen on a football field, but around a dinner table. The first Thanksgiving occurred between Pilgrims and American Indians nearly 400 years ago. The Wampanoag people extended peace to the […]

Outside the Walls: 59 Seconds

It takes 59 seconds to change the world. Bubba couldn’t stay focused in school. He was mischievous, but curious. He was constantly thinking about anything other than school. He dropped out of high school his junior year and opened a print shop. His brother joined him a year later. They made their living in the […]

Outside the Walls: Advance!

No one said a word. Planes flew overhead, and the faint sound of artillery explosions could be heard in the distance. The young men stared at one another in silence as their amphibious vehicle approached the shore. The enemy had claimed a 50-mile stretch of beachhead in Normandy, and D-Day would either be the beginning […]

Outside the Walls: ‘Send Us!’ Say College Students

Samantha* and three other students from colleges around our state were excited about banding together as summer missionaries this year and taking the gospel to a foreign land. One month before they were to depart, a bomb shattered the walls of a church where they were to serve. In an instant, dozens of people died […]

Outside the Walls: Camp — An Epic Adventure

“Do you want to go to camp?” asked Tom as he looked down at his 6-year-old son. That question started an amazing adventure for John, who was finally old enough to go to Camp McCall. As the car drove along the winding road up to Camp McCall, his first glimpse of camp was a lake […]

Outside the Walls: ‘The Talk’

The words were lodged behind the lump in my throat. I had thought about this moment for months. What if he is offended? What if this changes our relationship? How will he react? Finally, in his storage house, while working on fishing gear, I posed the question: “Dad, are you confident that if you were […]