Outside the Walls: The Power of Multiplication

“I found you a job today!” My dad seemed very excited about his new discovery. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I wasn’t looking for a job. We drove to a small church in my hometown, and my dad handed me a toilet brush. I was their new janitor. For the next […]

Outside the Walls: Plant the Church

“Do you want to plant a church?” I looked at John like he was crazy. “What are you talking about? How do you plant a church?” It was my senior year in college, and I had never heard of such a thing. “It’s a lot like our college ministry on Thursday nights, except we will […]

Outside the Walls: A Complete Disciple

The small group of men huddled together. The time they had spent together the past year was filled with ups and downs. They trusted and believed in each other. There was one last thing they needed to do: Execute the play. Hunter Renfrow runs the route, crosses the goal, and makes the catch from Deshaun […]

Outside the Walls: An Old-School Life

As Stephen brushed his teeth after a wild night of partying, he noticed the “O-L-D S-K-O-O-L” tattoo on his knuckles. He attempted to wash it off, but the damage was done. Across the state, a mama was praying a powerful prayer she would echo for years: “Father, send someone to share the gospel with my […]

Outside the Walls: Who’s in Charge?

“Corder, who do you think will be our president?” I asked. “Who is the president, Daddy?” asked my 5-year-old. “The person in charge of the country,” I said with a smile. “No, they aren’t, Daddy. Jesus is in charge of the country,” he said as he resumed playing with his Legos. Sometimes the Lord uses […]

Outside the Walls: Do All Lives Really Matter?

All lives matter. Do they? Our rhetoric may not line up with our actions. We may be guilty of what we have despised from our politicians: all talk, no action. We say we believe in evangelism, yet we do not share the gospel with our neighbor. We say we believe in making our community a […]

Outside the Walls: The Invite

“My coworker invited me to his church again,” my neighborhood friend said. He is a hard worker and has a great family. He doesn’t go to church very much, but he is open to talking about spiritual things and desires to follow God. We have had a lot of Gospel conversations. I probed a bit […]

Outside the Walls: A Life Changed on a College Campus

It’s hard to believe that a bowling match could change your life. It was my first week of college. I was out from under my parents’ supervision, and it was time to party. However, the party I went to that first night of freedom was pretty depressing, and I left early. Then some guys I […]

Outside the Walls: God is still in our public schools

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” Watching each individual grain of sand pass through the bottleneck of an hourglass always captivated me as a child. At first it seemed as though the mass of sand would never pass through, but in an instant the final one fell. There is […]

Outside the Walls: Engage the Next Generation

When I was a student minister, I asked Mr. Bob to address our teenagers because of his past military experience. Because he was in his 70s I assumed he might be a bit apprehensive about speaking to them, so, before he went on stage, I whispered in his ear: “Let me know if you need […]