President’s Perspective: We Must Send the Gospel

Once again, the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention has come and gone. There was a lot of hype leading up to the convention regarding the Law Amendment, the future of sexual abuse reform, the Credentials Committee’s recommendations about certain churches, the financial viability of the SBC, and on and on. Many of us […]

President’s Perspective: We Must Share Jesus

Like many Southern Baptists, I recently read the report of the Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) Evaluation Task Force with great interest. GCR was an initiative adopted by messengers to the 2010 Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando upon recommendation by the 2009 Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. There were several components, but the primary motivation for […]

President’s Perspective: We Must Stay Faithful 

When I was a kid, a movie hit the big screen that really captured the imaginations of my friends and me. The film “Big” is about a 12-year-old kid named Josh who was tired of being small. He drops a quarter in a Zoltar fortune-telling game and makes a wish to be big. Unbeknownst to […]

President’s Perspective: We Must Sharpen Our Focus 

Charles Martin published the book “What If It’s True” in 2019. Martin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of fiction novels, but “What If It’s True” is a non-fiction work where the storyteller revisits the life and ministry of Jesus and connects it to real-life experiences. The motivation behind Martin’s book […]

President’s Perspective: We Must Strengthen Cooperation

In 1812, South Carolina’s own Sen. John C. Calhoun led a war hawk movement in Congress to deliver a declaration of war against the British to President Madison, officially beginning the War of 1812. Words cannot describe the despair that enveloped the nation as the United States slipped into another war with Great Britain just […]

President’s Perspective: We Must Seek the Lord

I went on my first mission trip while I was a teenager at Roebuck Baptist Church. We joined other South Carolina Baptists for a trip to the Caribbean island of Jamaica. The trip involved roof repair and other construction work on a local church as well as Vacation Bible School outreaches in the surrounding communities. […]

President’s Perspective: Till All Have Heard

Randy Alcorn tells the story of Florence Chadwick, the famed 20th century ocean swimmer, in his book Heaven. At the age of 10, Chadwick became the youngest person to swim across the mouth of the San Diego Bay. Later, she became the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions and set a […]