‘More Than Just a Number,’ New Study Reminds

In a new four-week study, author and pastor’s wife Julie Cannon encourages others to “hear your heavenly Father say loudly and clearly, ‘You are more than just a number!’” A certified school counselor and motivational speaker, Cannon has earned a spiritual coaching certificate from the Blackaby Ministry Institute. She is the wife of Stephen Cannon, […]

‘Jumpin’ Joey’ recounts life on ‘Tin Can’ Navy destroyer

“The Jumpin’ Joey” (Courier Publishing, 450 pages, $29.95) has something for every reader: an analysis of mid-20th-century geopolitical and military history, a rigorous technical exposition on how to keep a “Tin Can” Navy destroyer up to speed and mission-ready, and reflections by a freshly minted naval officer learning about life and leadership on his first […]

Sister seeks brother, meaning in ‘Orphan Train’ story

“Charles Found at Last,” a new book release from Courier Publishing (116 pages, $14.95), is the true story of “Orphan Train” rider (the late) Dorothy Urch and her quest to find the brother she last saw as a baby. As the story begins, five-year-old Dorothy waits on the platform of Grand Central Station, holding tightly […]

Courier hires new publishing leader

It might have been a prophetic moment when the groom’s cake at Evan Knies’s wedding was made to resemble a stack of books. Knies, a Richmond, Ky., native, who presently works in local church ministry in Louisiana, was recently named the new publisher for the Courier Publishing company. He replaces Butch Blume, who retired earlier […]

Join in on the Clemens Family Trip in ‘Ezekiel and Friends’

“Forty Days with Ezekiel and Friends” by Jean Holland (Courier Publishing, 252 pages, $15.95) is a new devotional book for families. When the Clemens family lands in Israel, the father walks briskly up to the tour guide awaiting their arrival and says, “Howdy, neighbor, do you know Jesus?” Thus begins a special relationship between the […]

Enjoy a cookie and a story with Lottie Moon in ‘Silent Bell’

Imagine being transported in time and space, sitting at the feet of Lottie Moon, hearing stories from Southern Baptists’ most celebrated missionary. If any writer can deliver on the premise, it is Rosalie Hall Hunt, and she does so brilliantly in “Lottie Moon and the Silent Bell” (Courier Publishing, 112 pages, $19.95). Hunt is today’s […]

Growing Pains

Because our book publishing service is at full capacity, and as we conduct a self-study at our 10-year mark, Courier Publishing currently is only accepting manuscripts for review in the fall of 2023. If you would like to submit a manuscript at this time, we’ll be happy to provide an evaluation in the fall. We […]

‘God’s University’ points to Elijah for spiritual maturity

“God’s University: A Curriculum on Spiritual Maturity Modeled on the Life of Elijah” (Courier Publishing, 148 pages, $17.95) centers on the history of Elijah and follows his journey as God develops the prophet’s faith. “The lessons and truths learned by Elijah can also teach us as we apply them to our own trials and difficulties,” […]