Summit Helps Students ‘Catch a Glimpse of God’s Glory’

Event encourages participation in the Great Commission Seeing God’s glory inspires obedience to the Great Commission. Many students caught that vision by attending Summit. Summit is a four-day missions and evangelism intensive that encourages mature high school students to participate in the Great Commission. From Dec. 29, 2023–Jan. 1, 2024, at Camp LaVida, students attended […]

Evangelism on Aisle 5: Professor Becomes ‘Pastor’ of Store

Mark Johnson, assistant professor of evangelism and pastoral ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, goes to the busy, franchised grocery store next door to the seminary every day. On purpose. “Anybody need toothpaste?” Johnson asks his wife and four children. “Somebody’s got a headache? Okay, I’m going.” Johnson has been making the trip almost […]

New NAMB evangelism kit to help pastors create culture of evangelism

The evangelism team at the North American Mission Board has announced the development of a new resource designed to help pastors create a culture of evangelism. “This new kit is designed to assist pastors and ministry leaders in creating a lasting evangelistic culture in their churches,” said Tim Dowdy, vice president of evangelism at NAMB. […]

Outside the Walls: Questioning Your Faith

“Why are you here?” It is probably one of the most powerful evangelism questions that anyone can ask. There have been other questions that have been asked through the years. “If you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?” “If you were to face Jesus today, and He asked you why He should […]