Letter to the Editor: More stories on missionaries

I was thrilled to read the articles in the June issue about South Carolina missionaries Mary Saunders and Brett and Kristin Myers. Reading your articles on them was informing and encouraging. We have a long history of sending out missionaries here in South Carolina. Many of our churches have individuals and families who are currently […]

In Your Interest: Estate Planning — What Is It?

Have you ever received an invitation to a free lunch or dinner from a financial institution, encouraging you to listen to their presentation on estate planning? You probably thought it wasn’t worth your time, because only wealthy people need estate plans. Actually EVERYONE needs one. So what is an estate plan anyway? It is a […]

Viewpoint: Saturday Nights Are Not for Sermon Planning

It is Saturday night. Your week has found you spending so much time at the hospital with church members you are thinking about stopping by Human Resources to pick up a paycheck. You woke up this morning with every intention to get started on your message early — yet here you sit, looking at your […]

Is Biblical Preaching Relevant Today?

What helps Americans grow in their faith? Most who are reading this would probably include in their answer the study of God’s Word and being involved in church. However, a recent survey by Barna Research dealt with that question. Church was not in the top 10. Over half of the respondents said attending church was […]

Sunday Dinner: Ritzy Shrimp Bake

We should eat more fish. Jesus and his group spent time fishing, and on one occasion he cooked fish for his special 12. We may not all enjoy fishing. It involves lots of sitting and being quiet, with not much happening — but fish (whether we catch them or someone else does) are good for […]

Outside the Walls: The Sermon

Two of the best sermons I ever heard were not preached inside the walls of a church, during a revival or at an evangelism conference. The sermons weren’t on a podcast or live-streamed over the Web. There was no pulpit, no love offering, no quiet mood music during the invitation. These two sermons were living […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: Biblical Inerrancy

The authority of Scripture is a key issue for the Christian church in every age. Christians — Protestants in particular, with their belief that the Bible is the final authority for faith and practice — hold the Bible in high esteem. Historically, Christians have believed that the Bible is absolutely trustworthy, which implies that it […]

Comic Belief: What if There Is No Cure?

What if the remedy doesn’t work? I heard about a farmer whose chickens were dying. He called the agricultural agent and said, “I had 600 chickens and now I’m down to 300. They’re all dying. What do I do?” The agent said, “You need to give them penicillin.” A few days later he told the […]

Wholly Healthy: Summer Cautions

Summer is here at last! And what a winter it was. Across America, people are emerging to see the great glowing ball in the sky and asking, “What’s that thing?” But summer is a time of accidents and injuries, a time of unexpected tragedy. That’s why, to this day, I feel anxious going to work […]

Spiritual Disciplines of Effective Sunday School Leaders

When it comes to maintaining a vital relationship with the Lord, Sunday school leaders never graduate from the spiritual disciplines prescribed through the ages for all Christians: praising God and hearing His Word in weekly worship, praying to the Father and reading His Word in daily devotions, allowing the Holy Spirit to work through our […]