Thanksgiving —The Holiday and the Practice

I really enjoy the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. The commercialism overshadows the spiritual substance in both, but I still enjoy them. The fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day, is a legal holiday in our country. Thanksgiving has been an activity practiced by people of different religions for centuries, usually in response to a productive or […]

Do you have an inspiring Christmas story?

Do you have an inspiring Christmas story? If so, we want to hear from you. We are looking for true stories that speak of God’s involvement in our lives and circumstances and are related to the Christmas season.

Helping students stay in church

What can you do to help a student or young adult have a lifelong faith? Here are a few practical things — whether you are a parent, grandparent, youth leader or church staff member ñ- to help students in your church grow and mature in Christ. Encourage mission involvement Going on church and youth mission […]

The Last Word: Servant Leadership

The phrase “servant leader” was created by Robert K. Greenleaf in his book, “The Servant Leader,” in 1970. He called a servant leader “a curious and meaningful paradox.” After a 38-year career with AT&T, he started his second career in 1964 — writing, consulting and teaching. He did not describe himself as a philosopher, theologian […]

How to Encourage Your Pastor

Monty Hale, director of the office of pastoral ministries and bivocational pastors for the South Carolina Baptist Convention, says pastors are under tremendous pressure. “We expect pastors to be biblical scholars, powerful preachers, sensitive counselors, capable managers, effective administrators, successful fundraisers and much more,” he said. “Pastors work long hours to meet all the demands […]

Leaders Must Lead

It has been observed that the main thing is to do the main thing. Leaders, for example, must lead. Yet there appears to be a lack of good leadership in nearly every strata of our society. It seems there is always a need for good and godly leaders in churches and denominations. People who hold […]

Viewpoint: Six tips for prospective pastors

It’s a wonder to me why some seminary hasn’t come up with a specialized advanced degree in “Search Committee Negotiating.” No doubt they would be flooded with applications from pastors wishing to master that mysterious discipline and more than a few laypeople wishing to learn what’s going on here. From what follows, you might conclude […]

Moore: Blacks, whites must discuss Martin case

The dramatic difference between how black and white Americans view the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case calls for ongoing conversations between people from both groups, Southern Baptist ethicist Russell D. Moore says. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), addressed the divide between many blacks and whites as reactions mounted to […]

Tell Us Your Family Stories

Carl Whitaker, the founder of Experiential Family Therapy, said, “There are no individuals in the world, only fragments of families.” The families in which we grew up influence who we are. The theme for our September Courier is family. We are looking for unique and special stories from our readers about family life. Carl Rogers, […]

The Times Are ‘A-Changing’: Preserving Historical Data

Once upon a time, preserving historical material was fairly easy. Everything was handwritten, printed, duplicated or copied. Originals or copies could be placed in acid-free files and boxes, catalogued and shelved. Photos, negatives, and slides could likewise be preserved in special boxes and stored. Today, letters and telegrams have been replaced by text messages or […]