What Is the Purpose of School?

It is possible to go to a school and not receive a very good education, and it is also possible to be educated without the formality of school. What is the purpose of school? The short answer is to educate or to teach knowledge and how to use it. To be an educated person includes, […]

Strength and weakness in Gospel community

As followers of the crucified Messiah, our eternal hope is bound up in strength displayed through weakness (2 Corinthians 13:4), and followers of the risen Jesus are commanded to take up their cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24). Consequently, Gospel community is formed by and nourished by strength through weakness. The church of the Lord […]

Viewpoint: How to be a Bridezilla

I once served a large church as food service director, special events coordinator and wedding coordinator during a journey in ministry that has taken me through a variety of positions and responsibilities. Our church was a popular venue for weddings and the large membership made for a full wedding calendar. A typical weekend had at […]

In Your Interest: Reverse Mortgage

There are a lot of commercials on television regarding reverse mortgages. They are promoted as a great way for homeowners with little or no debt on their home to be able to supplement their income for the rest of their lives by using their home equity. They have come a long way from when they […]

Letter to the Editor: Seminaries are for Christians only

In the case of the admission of a Muslim student to the Southwestern Seminary doctoral program in archeology, the question to ask is: What precedent has been set? Southwestern Seminary president Paige Patterson’s reason violates the mission of the seminary as a “school of the prophets.” Why are we admitting non-Christian students to the seminary? […]

Former editor Don Kirkland publishes collection of personal and devotional columns in new book, ‘Something Ventured’

Don Kirkland, editor emeritus of The Baptist Courier, has published a collection of columns he wrote while serving as editor from 1996 to 2012. “Something Ventured: Selected Writings from My Career in Christian Journalism” (2014, CourierPublishing, $10), includes nearly 70 columns written under Kirkland’s signature “Commentary” heading. While the articles are reflective of the times […]

Outside the Walls: The Responsibility of Freedom

Her fingers slowly tied the yellow ribbon around the wire fence. It was a ritual she had done every morning, month after month, as she walked in the early morning around the farm. The field was glistening with morning dew in stark contrast to the desert where her son was currently stationed. The ribbon represented […]

Wholly Healthy: We All Need More Sleep

I have spent a great deal of my career working at night and sleeping during the day. At one point, I worked full-time night shifts for roughly seven years. Near the end of that adventure, my wife, Jan, said, “You have to stop. You aren’t healthy and you aren’t happy, and the kids have noticed […]

From the Editor: Faith and Freedom

Can a Christian also be patriotic? I am a Christian and a patriot. I love Christ Jesus and I love America. It is possible to love God and country. Michael Bryant, dean of the School of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University, said recently, “I don’t think that showing love for one’s country or region […]

Comic Belief: Free Ties

My oldest daughter went to a private university. Private universities don’t charge tuition. They just say, “Send all the money you have.” And they had taken all I had. During these college days, I had a speaking engagement and was hoping for a good honorarium to help me pay for the tuition. But when my […]