A Senior Adult in Uganda

Please explain to me why one would want to deal with three airports — waiting, running and riding for roughly 24 hours, sleeping only briefly. Or ride an old bus with a very hard seat, cramped between luggage for five hours, over roads that were often not paved and often painful to bump across! Or […]

President’s Perspective: He Did This for You

As I continue to travel throughout the state, I am amazed at the giftedness of South Carolina Baptist clergy and laity. Within the last month, I preached a revival service and spoke as the special guest for Baptist Men’s Day, and I have spoken at several associational meetings. I was also privileged to attend the […]

Outside the Walls: So What About You?

“So what about you?” At first, Courtney looked at me, and then she gazed off into the distance, reflecting on the question. I had asked the question as she waited our table. Her answer: “I think there is a God out there. I’m not sure. I just try to be a good person.” Such a […]

The Islamic State

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant: Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Jordan) is a terrorist movement that has taken territory in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Most of the world has felt dread and disgust at their tactics. Why does something like this even exist on […]

From the Editor: Easter Is Personal

I like Easter more than Christmas! Both are special and essential, and while the birth of Jesus is certainly significant, the resurrection of Christ from the dead is the foundation of our faith as Christians. First Corinthians 15:17 says, “If Christ has not been raised, your faith is worthless; you are still in your sins.” […]

God the Son and His Victorious Resurrection

The resurrection can bring to mind so many associative memories: from decorating Easter eggs with PAAS dye and wax crayons, to poignant and precious moments with family, to particular Easter services that moved hearts and changed lives. And of course there is the music: “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and “Low in the Grave […]

Viewpoint: Confessions of a Former E-Giving Objector

Many years ago I read Alvin Toffler’s best-selling book, “Future Shock,” in which he described how people were becoming overwhelmed by the rate of change going on in the world. In the 45 years since he wrote that book, the world has undergone enormous change, especially in the realm of technology. When the book came […]

Wholly Healthy: Vaccines — Speaking the Truth in Love

There’s a lot of discussion these days about vaccines. Many parents still holding to debunked theories about a connection between vaccines and autism have refused to vaccinate their children. As of this writing, there is a growing epidemic of measles around the country, a disease that is not without serious consequences — including death. This […]

Outside the Walls: Churchy Words — Use Sparingly

Megan looked intently at the picture I was drawing as I explained the gospel to her. Two lines were drawn, with GOD written on one side, MAN on the other and SIN in the middle. I talked about “asking Jesus into her heart” and drew a cross over the area labeled SIN, showing that Jesus […]

Pastor to Pastor: Preach the Word

Second Timothy is a record of the Apostle Paul writing to encourage and advise his young “son in the ministry,” Timothy, on being a minister of the gospel. Paul understands that he very well may be facing his last days on this earth, and so this is an important letter to his young protégé. The […]