Viewpoint: Cooperative Program — Comprehensive, Enduring, Accountable

This happens more often than you think: Members of a Sunday School class decide to circumvent their offerings that would normally go through the church’s systematic giving budget in order to give to a worthy cause or need. Maybe there has been an appeal for some particular project or independent missionary or humanitarian need — […]

Letter: Advice at ordination still holds true

I noted recently with sadness the passing of Rev. Pat Perry. To many, Pat was a very effective vocational evangelist who traveled across our state for nearly 20 years, winning many to Christ. To me, however, Pat was a pastor and friend who ordained me to the Gospel ministry at Lee Road Baptist Church in Taylors […]

Behind the Desk and In Front of the World

It’s important to honor our administrative professionals She’s often the first person to represent your church when guests call or stop by. She (or he) works hard to assist your church’s leaders and members. She may be volunteer, part-time or full-time. Your church may have one or many. A good administrative assistant significantly impacts your […]

Viewpoint: Drive-by Praying

Think about how much time you and your family spend in the car. Then think about how you use that time. Whatever you typically do, I challenge you to use your time to pray as you drive — even to pray aloud as a family as you go. Think about how many places and people […]

Wholly Healthy: Understanding the Zika Virus

It seems increasingly as if the names of diseases originate from science fiction novels. This is certainly the case with one of our latest concerns, the Zika virus. First described in Uganda in 1947 and named for a forest there, Zika virus disease has lately made the news due to a large number of cases […]

Sunday Dinner: Ugly Duckling Cake

“I made that when I was a youngster,” my friend Marie said as we talked in the aisle of the supermarket where I had gone to buy ingredients for Joyce Tonroy’s Ugly Duckling Cake. The supermarket aisles are my primary social gathering spot. Marie and I have known each other since our children were in […]

Kingdom Focus: Shine Christ’s Light on Social Media

Last night I experienced a first on social media. A person claiming to follow Jesus Christ questioned my salvation. This individual did not know me nor anything about my beliefs — other than the fact that I differed with him regarding a political issue. A third person who also commented on the Facebook thread said […]

Outside the Walls: Saved from a Predictable Life

Predictable. Routine. These words defined Simon and Andrew’s lives. They were working in the family fishing business, and every night they would attempt to catch enough fish to feed their family. On this particular night, they didn’t have much luck. Defeated and dejected, they cleaned up their nets so they could repeat the process the […]

Pastor to Pastor: ‘Unashamed’

Thinking Christians agree that believers are targeted by terrorists, threatened by political agendas and mocked by special interest groups. Increasingly, Christians are told to “have moments of silence rather than pray in Jesus’ name” or “go hang your commandments elsewhere.” Biblical marriage has been exchanged for a dismal imitation of God’s ideal plan. We readily […]