President’s Perspective: A Lesson in Statesmanship

The summer of 1976 was a long and hot one in the Upstate of South Carolina. My father was an incumbent candidate in a historic election. The office to be filled was a county council seat represented by our family for almost two decades. My father and an African-American gentleman were vying for the same […]

Top S.C. Baptist leader addresses same-sex marriage

Some have asked, “What is the position of the South Carolina Baptist Convention on same-sex marriage, especially as it relates to the decision handed down by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2015?” The official position of our South Carolina Baptist Convention is the same as the entire Southern Baptist Convention, which has been held since […]

Viewpoint: Racial superiority — confronting the truth

Among Christians, the word heresy must be used with care and precision. Not every doctrinal error is a heresy, though all doctrinal error is to be avoided. A heresy is the denial or corruption of a Christian doctrine that is central to the faith and essential to the Gospel. The late theologian Harold O.J. Brown […]

The Light from Charleston

The national media spotlight has been on Charleston for several days following the massacre of nine Christians during a Wednesday night Bible study at the predominantly black Emanuel AME Church. A 21-year-old white supremacist, Dylann Storm Roof, joined in the service for about an hour before opening fire on the group. This act of racist […]

Outside the Walls: Relentless Pursuit

The 1958 Green Bay Packers were a bunch of losers. They only won one game the entire season. The program was in shambles, the coach was fired, and there wasn’t much hope for the future. The owner decided to take a chance on a guy who had never been a head coach of an NFL […]

Christian Worldview and Apologetics: The So-Called Problem of Evil

The question haunts human minds: “If God is good, why does He allow evil?” Many view this difficulty as the most substantial challenge to Christianity, and some take it as evidence that God does not exist. If God is all good, then certainly He desires to eliminate evil; and if God is all powerful, then certainly […]

Wholly Healthy: A Healthful Dose of Sunshine

As of this writing, my family is about to embark on our annual beach vacation. Because we’re a homeschool family (well, now college and homeschool), we typically take our trip in mid to late May. This is right after finals, when the kids and the mom have reached maximum stress levels for the year. We […]

Pastors talk about where they find encouragement

We asked pastors to share with us their experiences with discouragement and to tell us where they find encouragement in their calling. The sources of discouragement were familiar: the sheer burden of the time required to do the job, the demands on the pastor’s family, the pastor assuming the burdens of church members as his […]

President’s Perspective: Pass Along the Encouragement

I can remember the excitement I felt when I took my first pastorate almost a quarter-century ago. After serving as an associate minister of a large downtown church, I accepted a call to a rural church. When I started my tenure, I had many dreams and plans for this small congregation and the surrounding communities. […]