Why Are Fewer Messengers Attending the SBC Annual Meeting?

Southern Baptists are a denomination of more than 15 million people — the largest non-Catholic body in the nation. Our annual meeting has been called the largest deliberative body in the world, and yet the number of messengers attending our annual meeting is less than half of what it was 25 years ago. Why? The […]

Outside the Walls: Camp — An Epic Adventure

“Do you want to go to camp?” asked Tom as he looked down at his 6-year-old son. That question started an amazing adventure for John, who was finally old enough to go to Camp McCall. As the car drove along the winding road up to Camp McCall, his first glimpse of camp was a lake […]

Worldview: A Hero for Men and Women

Modern America often “fights” its debate over the nature of manhood and womanhood through media, with results that spill into real life. While this debate is not new, the last few decades have turned our discussion into some “new-to-us” areas. Sigourney Weaver, for example, shocked moviegoers in 1979 by starring as a sci-fi action hero. […]

Editor’s Word: Addicts and Discipleship

Perhaps you remember the TV doctor “House,” who was depicted as being a Vicodin addict. While the show was fiction, it mirrors in many different ways the current crisis we face in America. Substance abuse is now the number one public health problem in the United States. Alcohol is still the leading drug of choice, […]

Guest Viewpoint: Ask others about themselves

I can only wonder how many people I pass every day without knowing much about them. Some of these folks are neighbors I still don’t know well. Others are coworkers and students on a campus large enough that knowing everyone closely is not easy. Some are members of our local church, a three-year-old church plant. […]

Guest Viewpoint: ‘I move we fire the preacher’

We were wrapping up the monthly business meeting at my first pastorate, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church near Quitman, Miss., a meeting where I, as pastor, was serving as moderator. At the time, Mississippi was caught up in a raging fire of racial tension as James Meredith became the first black to enroll in Ole Miss. […]

Father’s Day: Being There

I’m one of the lucky ones. I was privileged to be raised in a home with a father who loves me and who has stayed faithful to my mom all these years. I have never known the pain of growing up in a broken home, and for that I feel very blessed. My dad is […]

Wholly Healthy: How to Avoid Medication Interactions

I was recently at a medical conference where one of the presenters discussed medication interactions. It was an eye-opening talk. Furthermore, it gave me the shudders when I was reminded of some of the frightening things that can occur when medications are mixed (by prescribers) without thorough forethought. For example, many drugs interact with the […]

Worldview: What Should We Think of Secularism?

Many, if not most, evangelicals hear the term “secularism” and perceive a clear and present danger, an impending doom — a rising tide of deliberately anti-Christian sentiment. Thoughts of the antichrist or the beast of Revelation come to mind. In this way, Christianity and secularism appear as combating foes striving for the soul of a […]

Comic Belief: We All Need a Friend

Did you know that if you isolate yourself from other people, you are two to three times more likely to die an early death? If you are divorced, separated or widowed, you have a five to 10 times greater chance of being hospitalized for mental disorders than if you are married. Some of you might […]