Letter: Is ‘Nashville Statement’ necessary?

I just read the Nashville Statement and I agree with its 14 articles. I simply ask: Why is this necessary? In June 1997, the Southern Baptist Convention (the denomination to which I belong), voted to boycott Disney — its theme parks, its films, and its TV channel (they own ABC and ESPN). How’s that working? […]

Comic Belief: Still on the Phone

Newsweek Magazine says 91 percent of women and 85 percent of men pray. (Of course, 100 percent of golfers pray on the putting green.) Often, our prayers revolve around asking God to bail us out of some mess. We’re like the little girl who prayed, “God, either make Boston the capital of Vermont or lose […]

President’s Perspective: Why Does the Church Stay Indoors?

Do you sometimes feel frustrated because you can’t solve all the problems you see around you? It’s easy to feel helpless when you hear about a single mom who needs a job or when you see someone standing at an intersection, holding a cardboard sign. It’s easy to feel helpless when you read about places […]

Wholly Healthy: Time for a Serious Discussion

The beginning of the college year is upon us, and many young women and men will leave home for the first time. Whether in Christian schools, community colleges, or public or private universities, our kids will be confronted with people, ideas and opportunities they never encountered previously. This is part of what college is meant […]

Outside the Walls: Advance!

No one said a word. Planes flew overhead, and the faint sound of artillery explosions could be heard in the distance. The young men stared at one another in silence as their amphibious vehicle approached the shore. The enemy had claimed a 50-mile stretch of beachhead in Normandy, and D-Day would either be the beginning […]

Guest Viewpoint: There Will Be More Tears

“I don’t know.” That was the only answer I could muster, choking back tears as I sat in the newly vacant office down the hall from mine. The Tolberts had just finished packing. Luke’s office was empty, and he had turned in his keys. Luke Tolbert was our student and discipleship pastor for seven years. […]

Editor’s Word: The Doubting

Charles Spurgeon preached against doubting, but dealt with doubts himself. He said, “I think when a man says, ‘I never doubt,’ it is quite time for us to doubt him.” The apostle Thomas has been dubbed “Doubting Thomas” because he was open and honest about his doubts. He had faith, but he also had some […]

Letter: Eclipse a Beautiful Gift from God to the World He Loves

Like everyone else in South Carolina, I was staring into the mid-afternoon dusky sky on Monday, Aug. 21. The Great American Eclipse was a remarkable and awe-inspiring event. That evening, as I listened to the news commentators share people’s reactions to the eclipse, I was disappointed that nobody gave credit to God for the heavenly […]

Guest Viewpoint: Confederate Monuments, Charlottesville and Contemporary Culture

My wife and I were appointed as Southern Baptist missionaries in 1983. In January of 1984, we attended missionary orientation at Callaway Gardens in Georgia. During our first week­end, we drove to a neighboring town. To our horror, Ku Klux Klansmen in their “dress whites” manned every intersection handing out racist literature. This occur­rence shocked […]

Guest Viewpoint: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

It was Friday, Oct. 10, 1969. What happens in the fall of every year, no matter what they say about concussions? Yep, football season! I believe if someone ever ruled playing football illegal because of the dangers, most of the country would revolt. So where did I find myself as a ninth grader that October […]