Calm in the Chaos — A Weekly Call

We’re being inundated with COVID-19 updates daily. As numbers of confirmed cases and the loss of life continue to grow, hard-working people are losing their jobs, and churches are navigating new ways to minister to their members and reach their communities with the Gospel. There seems to be one word that describes it all — […]

Outside the Walls: Hope for the Infected

In early February, 2,600 passengers set sail on the Diamond Princess, a luxury cruise liner from Hong Kong. Little did they know their cruise would soon turn into a nightmare as 700 passengers were infected with the newly identified coronavirus that was rapidly spreading through East Asia, and eventually the world. As other cruise lines […]

10 Keys to Pastoring Through a Pandemic

Many of you reading this haven’t gathered with your local church recently. This will probably be the new normal for at least a few more weeks. Every aspect of life is different today, and that’s certainly true of churches. But, remember, the church is not where you go, it’s who you are. As you consider […]

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis with Grace

We’re tired of the non-stop news and reports related to the COVID-19 virus. Yet here we are. And here we sit in front of our TVs because the news seems to change every 15 minutes. We’re tired of the news, yet we can’t walk away. Life has changed — and life will continue to change. […]

Is a Foster Church Movement Emerging Among Baptists?

Fostering and adoption are typically words connected to families and individuals. But now the movements are connected to congregations as well. It is an exciting time. Let’s get my meanings clear so we can be on the same page. Here are three definitions I often use together: Revitalization is the process where a church seeks […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Chicken Broth

This is a healthy, fat-free chicken broth. It’s easy, inexpensive and has many nutritional benefits. This broth is nutrient-dense with amino acids and minerals, which make it easy to digest while boosting immunity and also fighting inflammation and joint pain. Healthy chicken broth not only protects your gut, it can also improve skin, hair and […]

Editor’s Word: Life Happens

A popular phrase used in our culture is “Life Happens.” What does it mean? That depends on who you ask. Someone observed, “Life is always happening.” The phrase can refer to the variety of experiences, events, changes, challenges, tragedies or blessing that happen to us as we continue to live. The worldwide transmission of the […]

An Open Letter to S.C. Baptist Pastors and Leaders

In Colossians 4:3, the Apostle Paul shared a prayer request that “God would open a door for the Word.” The current coronavirus pandemic may very well be one of the greatest opportunities for Gospel witness we have had since 9/11. While opportunities abound, so do very real challenges. Local churches and denominations will not be […]

What Will the Post-Coronavirus Church Look Like?

Church leaders and members are rightly giving much attention to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In-person church services are being canceled. Small groups are meeting digitally, if at all. Church leaders are urging members to support the church financially through digital giving. Churches are preparing ways to minister to their communities in the midst of […]