Legislative Update: 2024 Legislative Session Preview

The 2024 legislative session will begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024. As we look to the beginning of the session, there are several bills I will be monitoring as the session moves forward. Before we dive into some of the bills that will be considered, we need to be aware of pertinent issues affecting the environment […]

How to Read More and With Pleasure

It’s that time of year when people make goals. I’m of the mind that a few small goals at the beginning of the year are wiser than a list of 17 milestones you’ll forget by February. I’ve come to believe this after reading Drew Dyck’s book, Your Future Self Will Thank You, a few years […]

Striking the Waters: A Very Good Place to Start

When Maria (Julie Andrews) began to teach the von Trapp children the musical alphabet in The Sound of Music, she decided to “start at the very beginning.” Remember why? Because it’s “a very good place to start.” It’s often difficult to start anywhere else. I am not a huge fan of reading fiction, but one […]

Three Benefits to Studying the Bible

When it comes to Bible reading, hesitation abounds for a variety of reasons. People ask questions like: What are the benefits of Bible study? What’s in it for me? If I invest my time in this manner, what’s the payoff? What difference will it make in my life? I want to suggest three benefits you […]

Don’t Wait to Develop Healthy Habits

It’s easy to believe that once you graduate, get married, get a better job, settle down, or [insert whatever other milestone you’re hoping to reach next], you will have more time to focus on Bible study, prayer, and other spiritual disciplines. Quite the opposite is true. For most people, responsibilities and time-consumers will not decrease […]

Grace and Truth: Read Through the Bible With Us in 2024

I was recently asked what one thing had most spurred my spiritual growth over the years. The answer was easy: I read the Bible every day, and I read it in its entirety every year, and it’s a non-negotiable in my daily routine. By Dec. 31, I hope to finish reading the Bible through for […]

Wholly Healthy: Shocking Truth — The World is Not Overpopulated

Here’s a shocking tidbit that doesn’t get much news coverage: The world is not overpopulated. In fact, it is steadily and rapidly becoming underpopulated. In fact, the U.S. population is just barely at maintenance (that is, each adult replaces himself or herself). And this is mainly due to immigration. People just aren’t having many children. […]

Outside the Walls: Family Ties

I’ll never forget Thanksgiving 2021. My mom’s house was full of chaos. My dad was the father of five sons, so family gatherings are pretty loud and full of testosterone. My son’s crazy uncles were embellishing stories I would have to correct later. Grandkids were out of control, loud laughter from my uncles could be […]

Legislative Update: Gifts Under God’s Christmas Tree

The 125th South Carolina General Assembly will begin Tuesday, Jan. 9, and conclude Thursday, May 30. In between those two dates, members of the Assembly will propose, debate, pass, and vote down legislation that will affect the lives of nearly 5.2 million South Carolinians. In January, I will outline some of the legislative priorities that […]

Peace on Earth and Mercy Mild: A Reflection on Our Glorious Hope

Dr. Viktor Frankl was an Austrian psychiatrist who lived as a prisoner in Auschwitz and other concentration camps during World War II. Dr. Frankl experienced unspeakable horror during his years of captivity, yet during that time he was able to discern the reasons why some people survived the camps and others didn’t. He wrote a […]