Comic Belief: People Pleasers

I grew up in a parsonage because my dad was a pastor. You see, it wasn’t our house; it was the church’s house. If we wanted to paint our rooms, the committee had to approve. Sometimes they inspected the house. They said things like, “Children, did you stop up that commode?” It made me want […]

President’s Perspective: I Miss My Church

Not too long ago, I was in a Bible study with a group from outside my church when a lady asked, “Tell us how we can pray for you?” I asked for the usual: health and strength, wisdom to lead my family, church, and the convention well, and a few million dollars. Then I paused […]

Editor’s Word: To Boomer

Last month our Shih Tzu dog, Boomer, passed away. My wife and I cried and grieved painfully as we watched him die. As we reminisced about his 12-year journey with us, our tears flowed even more. Boomer was special in many ways. We looked exhaustively for a puppy before we found Boomer. When we finally […]

Outside the Walls: Counting Seeds, Not Just Trees

During the pandemic quarantine, my son, Corder, had a great idea: “Let’s plant a garden!” My wife, Leisa, thought this was a good idea, but I knew who would be doing the cultivating. So, Leisa and I got to work, and Corder got to play. For those of you who are gardeners, you understand the […]

Wholly Healthy: The Unsung Hero of the Hospital

When we think about healthcare and hospitals, most people conjure up images of physicians in surgery, or of nurses in scrubs, moving quickly and efficiently between sick patients. Hospitals are filled with many important people — from medical staff to therapists, pharmacists, X-ray and ultrasound technicians, housekeeping, laundry, kitchen staff, and a veritable army of […]

Comic Belief: What’s Your Influence?

One of my strategies as a speaker was to mention in churches that I speak to businesses so that people can recommend me to their business. One pastor told me that there was a flaw in my strategy. He said many church people have zero influence in the business community. When he said that, I […]

Legislative Update: News from the Statehouse

For most people, summer in South Carolina brings hot, humid days, vacations, afternoon thunderstorms, and a myriad of family outdoor activities. For the South Carolina Legislature, it brings final work on the budget, Senate and House Subcommittee hearings, and, later on this year, redistricting. If you have been following my reports from the Legislature, you […]

Editor’s Word: The Thinking Christian

Pastor and theologian Alistair Begg said, “We need to do what the Bible has always entrusted us to do: Think.” In different ways and in varying degrees, we are all thinkers. It is a God-given ability, and the Christian faith is a thinking faith. Martyn Lloyd-Jones wrote, “The whole trouble with a man of little […]

Editor’s Word: The Greatest Generation

With this July issue we are paying tribute to members of the “Greatest Generation.” Particularly, we are focusing on those who served in the military, especially those who fought in the Pacific and European theaters of war. The Fourth of July is a national holiday, and we can certainly pause and give thanks to God […]