Generosity and the Christmastime Blahs

It is time to ring in what is affectionately called “The Christmas Season.” The Christmas holiday is so big that, like spring or autumn, it now qualifies as its own season. Even non-Christ-followers celebrate this holiday as a time of joy, laughter and hope. Yet, for many, it is a sad time of year. Maybe […]

Comic Belief: Battling the Blues

Life has its great times, its average times, and its rough times. Mountains always have valleys. The old preacher said, “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, and sometimes I’m almost to the ground.” Usually we feel as if we’re on the fast track, and other times on the slow track, but sometimes we feel as […]

Fresh Ideas: The 12 Days of Christmas

The fun begins on Dec. 14, and it’s better than turtledoves or maids a-milking! This 12 Days of Christmas project helps keep Christ as the focus of Christmas. Each day from Dec. 14-25, do one simple Christmas action project in Jesus’ name. With early preparation, most will take just a few minutes, but the impact […]

Remembering Cliff Barrows

Upon Cliff Barrow’s recent death, Billy Graham suggested that his and Cliff’s names should have had a hyphen between them. That’s how much Cliff meant to Dr. Graham and their shared ministry. Leading music was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Cliff’s ministry at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He did […]

From The Courier to Your Home, Merry Christmas!

From all us at The Baptist Courier to all our faithful readers, Merry Christmas! Our staff — Butch Blume, managing editor; Debbie Grooms, business manager; Denise Huffman, editorial assistant; Carolyn Rainey, circulation director — and I hope your holiday season is filled with His grace. This is a hardworking group of people dedicated to honoring […]

Letter: ‘Marketplace Missionaries’

Thanks so much for your emphasis on bivocational ministry in the November issue. Though I am not bivocational myself, I regularly wrestle with the desire to be a marketplace missionary as I serve the local church. I am particularly inspired by those who make the strategic choice to remain in the marketplace while serving and […]

Outside the Walls: Who’s in Charge?

“Corder, who do you think will be our president?” I asked. “Who is the president, Daddy?” asked my 5-year-old. “The person in charge of the country,” I said with a smile. “No, they aren’t, Daddy. Jesus is in charge of the country,” he said as he resumed playing with his Legos. Sometimes the Lord uses […]

Worldview: Discovering the True Meaning of the Messiah at Christmas

One word can often be crammed with meaning. For instance, the mere mention of “Christmas” can evoke images of sparkling lights, smiling children, joyful carols and jovial Santas. Biblical words are no different. Terms like covenant, law, and even the word “word” itself, overflow with scriptural significance. In the well-known story of the Magi’s visit […]

Kingdom Focus: Peace on Earth

On Christmas Eve in 1914, British soldiers witnessed strange lights in the German trenches across from them. They then began to hear what sounded like singing. As the singing grew louder, the soldiers discerned that the Germans were singing the Christmas carol “Silent Night.” The Brits’ voices rose to join the Germans in their caroling. […]

Say a prayer for school bus drivers

My heart aches for the six young lives lost in the crash of school bus No. 366 in Chattanooga, Tenn. I think about their families, now facing Christmas without beloved children. I think about the kids on the bus who survived. Some of them suffered critical injuries; all of them experienced the horror of seeing […]