Editor’s Word: Alternatives for Discerning Parents

With the moral relativism that has engulfed both Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, discerning parents don’t have to compromise their biblical beliefs to find a good character-building scouting experience for their children. There are Christian alternatives available. Recently, Warren Cole Smith wrote about the Boy Scouts mortgaging their “crown jewel,” Camp Philmont. This is the […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Roast Beef with Gravy

This recipe for Roast Beef with Gravy is my family’s favorite in the winter. We make sandwiches from the leftovers the next day. The leftovers can also be shredded and added to vegetable soup for a richer flavor. This recipe and the leftovers will help keep you warm in the chilly winter weather. May God […]

President’s Perspective: Pillars Upon Which SCBC Stands

Our great South Carolina Baptist Convention legacy began small. On Tuesday, Dec. 4, 1821, nine delegates from three different associations met in Columbia “agreeably to a proposal and arrangement for forming a Convention of the Baptists in the State of South Carolina.” Richard Furman was elected the first president, and he was to immediately address […]

Outside the Walls: The Resolve

Last year, according to my scales I lost 30 pounds … and found 29 of them. My New Year’s resolution this year is to find a more accurate scale to weigh on. Although I am excited about my one-pound net loss, my friend changed his lifestyle, and lost 50 pounds and kept them off. Rather […]

Looking Ahead

As The Courier looks forward to the coming year, there are some things we are working on that we hope will both interest and bless you. Courier Tours is planning on four tours this year, and possibly five. On April 27-29, we will travel to Asheville to visit the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, tour […]

Outside the Walls: Trust Key to Receiving Gospel

As I looked into the innocent face of my 3-year-old son, I was pretty certain he was not telling the entire truth, so I probed a little further. “So are you sure you haven’t eaten any ice cream before dinner?” I asked one more time. He looked away, thought a minute, and doubled down. “No […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Southern Squash Casserole

My favorite recipe for the holidays is my Southern Squash Casserole. It’s a special time of year for remembering how America is so blessed, and reminds me to pray harder this coming year for our country. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! May God bless you and yours, and may God bless America! […]

Wholly Healthy: Christian Prescription

Christmas is upon us. And, it is both a wonder and a time of peril. Why is it a wonder? This is The Baptist Courier; I’m confident you get it. But as for the perils? They are legion. This is no surprise. Among other realities, why wouldn’t the enemy of our souls make our great […]

Comic Belief: Keep It Simple

It’s easy to feel stupid these days. I watched “Jeopardy” on TV and didn’t know any of the questions to the answers, and it made me feel stupid. So I watched “Wheel of Fortune” instead, and then felt stupid just for watching it. While watching “Wheel of Fortune,” I noticed that I still haven’t programmed […]