Guest Viewpoint: A Normal Baptist Church

I recently found normal about an hour and 15 minutes south of Nashville. The weather was nearly perfect for an early morning drive with my bride Jeanne as we wound our way along country roads through the beautiful rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Howell is a small community located between Lewisburg and Fayetteville. We pulled […]

Guest Viewpoint: Seminary or Cemetery?

As a young ministerial student in college, I’d eagerly accept any opportunity to speak so that I might grow and develop as a preacher of the Gospel. A frequent venue for me was a “brotherhood breakfast” in small rural churches. After speaking at one particular meeting, an older man approached me and engaged in conversation. […]

President’s Perspective: Are We Depending on Jesus?

A new building, a new sound system, a new gym, maybe a new staff member, or a new worship style. The latest idea must be the missing ingredient to help bring new life and growth for your church. We are tempted to think these kinds of human resources are the magic wand that can change […]

Outside the Walls: Just As I Am

“Will you come?” It took a lot of nerve to ask the question. I had been in my neighborhood for a short period of time, and I was inviting every one of my neighbors to a party to watch a video I had never seen. I had been working as the South Carolina Baptist coordinator […]

Worldview: Is God Male?

The official doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) is that both God the Father and God the Son have physical bodies. Mormons also believe that there exists a heavenly mother who is the wife of God the Father. Thus, in Mormon thought, God the Father and the Son are both […]

Wholly Healthy: Gun Safety Is Our Responsibility

Whatever one believes about the gun-control debate, everyone wants to improve firearms safety. However, while accidents from firearms make up a very small portion of gun deaths in America, suicides with firearms make up about 60 percent of gun deaths nationally. I feel qualified to address this, since I have treated a fair number of […]

Guest Viewpoint: Simple Questions

The American church has never been more analyzed and categorized, with predictions galore about where it’s headed, what it’s becoming, how it needs to change, and whether it is growing, plateaued or declining. It’s easy to get lost in all this and decide the health of our own local church more intuitively — basically, do […]

Editor’s Word: What a Providential Time for Gospel Conversations

Billy Graham died Feb. 21 and was buried on March 2. During that time, the world was exposed to the word “gospel” in an unprecedented way. Tributes to the great evangelist came from people in all walks of life. News organizations and social media sites played video clips of the respected man of God delivering […]

Editor’s Word: Counting Your Blessings

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, there was an electrical fire in the basement of the offices of The Courier. Our staff had just finished the February issue and had to vacate the building. Duke Energy disconnected the power, and it will not be reconnected until we make repairs and also bring our wiring up to the […]

Comic Belief: Words and Dirt, but Not Dirty Words

One man said he and his wife had words but that he never got a chance to use his. Words are powerful; they can give life or bring death. Have you ever stolen someone’s joy with words, or killed someone’s self-esteem with words? Motivating people is like mining for gold. When you’re mining, you know […]