President’s Perspective: Adoption Is God’s Work of Grace

When I was a child, adoption was frowned upon or kept secret. Scripture, however, offers us the powerful image of God adopting us as His own children through the work of the cross. Rather than something shameful, adoption is a beautiful picture of grace and love rooted squarely in the heart of God. The biblical […]

Outside the Walls: Reconnecting with Heroes

He stared at the computer screen in amazement and read the words again: “Are you the Rokeem who was in foster care 20 years ago?” In response, he typed: “Mrs. Deborah? Is it really you?” Memories flooded his mind. His family had hit tough times, and a relative took him and his brothers on a […]

Wholly Healthy: Wake Up to Seriousness of Sleep Apnea

When we think about health, we tend to think about doctor’s visits, medications, surgeries, even exercise and diet. But one of the things we seldom remember is that sleep is extremely important to our well-being. This has become especially evident to me. Turns out, I apparently have obstructive sleep apnea. This is a widespread problem […]

Comic Belief: Ever Make Mistakes?

Our church was very large and easy to get lost in. After church, our family always met on the second floor of one building. On one particular Sunday we were supposed to go out to eat with some couples, and everyone was going to meet at the same place. We all showed up at the […]

Editor’s Word: What Lies Ahead in 2018?

As we enter a new year, what can we expect? This is the time of year when predictions are made and when speculations abound. According to some prognosticators, we will have a colder and wetter winter in South Carolina, with the possibility of snow in the Upstate and maybe even the Midlands. It is predicted […]

Worldview: Not Just a Ring — A Choice for the King

Apart from the decision to surrender one’s life to Christ, few earthly choices define a person’s relationship with God as greatly as the picking of a spouse. Marriage joins two persons into genuine unity and diversity, man and woman. We must not, if we are to be faithful to God, follow the blind passion of […]

The Preacher’s Daughter and the Prayer Warriors

“Pamela” visited my office when she was 16 weeks pregnant. Her boyfriend, a heavy beer drinker and a member of a motorcycle gang, browbeat her to have an abortion. She was a waitress at a restaurant, barely surviving financially. Her father was a Baptist preacher and, although very disappointed in her, encouraged her to do […]

Comic Belief: Rejecting Rejection

I knew a lady who wanted her tombstone to read: “To my best friend, my adorable dog, who treated me better than any of my five husbands.” Now that was a lady who had experienced rejection. As a psychologist, I work with people who suffer from rejection. One guy said he felt so rejected in […]