Guest Viewpoint: Leading in the Need of Prayer

Especially for leaders, new years require fresh vision. And for pastors and other Christian leaders, fresh vision requires prayer. But quality prayer takes time and, for me at least, finding that time is one of the biggest challenges I face. Time is so precious. I often feel I don’t have enough of it simply to […]

Editor’s Last Word: Adoption … It’s Personal

Adoption is more than just an alternative to abortion. For my family and me, it is personal. Anne and I are the proud grandparents of three of the greatest blessings God has ever given us. One of our grandchildren is adopted, and because January is Sanctity of Human Life emphasis, I want to share some […]

Sanctity of Human Life: Being a Pro-Life Church

Is your church pro-life? As a body, are you encouraging each other not only to think in a pro-life way but also to act in a pro-life way? Undeniably, Christians have been the backbone of the pro-life movement since its inception. If more churches would harness their membership and organizational power on behalf of pro-life […]

Letter: I disagreed with Moore on Trump but support him as ERLC president

There have been a number of people in the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump who have spoken with disdain regarding [Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission president] Russell Moore being a “never Trumper.” Let me begin by saying that I chose to vote for president-elect Trump because of several issues, primarily because […]

Guest Viewpoint: Keep the ‘mas’ in Christmas

The year 2016 offers a unique opportunity in that Christmas falls on a Sunday. Years ago, a non-denominational megachurch publicly decided to cancel its worship services when Christmas fell on a Sunday, citing families’ needs to spend time together that day and the church’s inability to get enough volunteers together to make services work. This […]

Wholly Healthy: Why We Shouldn’t Embrace Assisted Suicide

Medicine can only do so much. This is why we have an entire specialty dedicated to providing comfort to people with incurable illnesses and to easing their transition out of this life. This specialty, called palliative care, includes hospice care. Most people have had some interaction with these dedicated caregivers, if only in the care […]

Generosity and the Christmastime Blahs

It is time to ring in what is affectionately called “The Christmas Season.” The Christmas holiday is so big that, like spring or autumn, it now qualifies as its own season. Even non-Christ-followers celebrate this holiday as a time of joy, laughter and hope. Yet, for many, it is a sad time of year. Maybe […]

Comic Belief: Battling the Blues

Life has its great times, its average times, and its rough times. Mountains always have valleys. The old preacher said, “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, and sometimes I’m almost to the ground.” Usually we feel as if we’re on the fast track, and other times on the slow track, but sometimes we feel as […]

Fresh Ideas: The 12 Days of Christmas

The fun begins on Dec. 14, and it’s better than turtledoves or maids a-milking! This 12 Days of Christmas project helps keep Christ as the focus of Christmas. Each day from Dec. 14-25, do one simple Christmas action project in Jesus’ name. With early preparation, most will take just a few minutes, but the impact […]

Remembering Cliff Barrows

Upon Cliff Barrow’s recent death, Billy Graham suggested that his and Cliff’s names should have had a hyphen between them. That’s how much Cliff meant to Dr. Graham and their shared ministry. Leading music was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to Cliff’s ministry at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He did […]