Christian Worldview Week Set for March 4-6 at North Greenville

North Greenville University will host Christian Worldview Week March 4-6, featuring talks from Katie McCoy and Jason Thacker on “Thinking Christianly about Human Nature.” Christian Worldview Week has been a highlight at the university for nearly two decades. “North Greenville always takes seriously the centrality of a biblical worldview in a Christ-first education,” said Nathan […]

Legislative Update: S.C. Legislative Session Off to Fast Start

The 2024 South Carolina legislative session opened on Tuesday, Jan. 9, with House Republicans presenting three bills for sub-committee hearings. Usually, you can depend on the South Carolina Legislature to move slowly and deliberately, especially on the first day of the session. So, when the opening day schedule included a 3M Medical Affairs Sub-Committee hearing […]

CSU’s Dewey Center for Chaplaincy partners with ICISF

The Dewey Center for Chaplaincy at Charleston Southern University recently entered into a strategic partnership with the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc., of Ellicott City, Md. Ron Harvell, director of the Dewey Center, said, “Together, we will provide accessible training for those serving, or preparing to serve, in environments where crisis intervention skills are […]

Gym Renovation Enables ‘Healing Through Fitness’ at Connie Maxwell

Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries offers children a holistic approach to healing from trauma. The MaxFit Health and Wellness program — led by Lauren Boyd, an ACSM-certified personal trainer, in a newly renovated gym — is one way Connie Maxwell will achieve this goal. Before arriving at Connie Maxwell, Boyd managed a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) […]

Courier Hires New Social Media Manager/Reporter

The Baptist Courier’s staff continues to grow and expand as the historic paper seeks to adapt to present media realities while also laying the foundation for a healthy future in an ever-changing Christian publishing market. Mary Margaret Flook, 21, who graduated last month from North Greenville University with a bachelor’s degree in communications, joined the […]

Want a Miserable Life? Confuse Law and Gospel

What if your church’s elders passed down a fiat that members couldn’t take more than 1,999 steps on the Lord’s Day without facing church discipline? Just one more step would represent a long trip — a no-no on the day God set aside for worship. What if they said you could not carry your Bible […]

Biblical Typology: What Is It and Why Do We Need It?

In preaching a sermon a few years ago on Numbers 20, we ran into something known as typology. As it has been variously defined in church history, typology occurs in the Bible when an historical person, event, or institution — in this case, a water-giving rock — foreshadows the coming Son of God. As with […]

Anderson Senior Follies Performs Their 35th Show, “Bucket List” 

Anderson Senior Follies, a premier senior theatre performance organization, has showcased musicians, actors, dancers, comedians, and vocalists for 35 years. They will be performing “Bucket List” from March 7-10 at Anderson University’s Henderson Auditorium. Timmi Jernigan, a Follies member since 2021, described the show as energetic, fast-paced, humorous and creatively choreographed. All the performers are […]

New and Noteworthy Books — January 2024

America’s Book: The Rise and Decline of a Bible Civilization, 1794-1911 (Oxford University) by Mark A. Noll Noll’s exploration of the Bible in American history explains why Tom Paine’s anti-biblical tract “The Age of Reason” (1794) precipitated such dramatic effects, how innovations in printing by the American Bible Society created the nation’s publishing industry, why […]