Comic Belief: What’s Your Influence?

One of my strategies as a speaker was to mention in churches that I speak to businesses so that people can recommend me to their business. One pastor told me that there was a flaw in my strategy. He said many church people have zero influence in the business community. When he said that, I […]

Comic Belief: The Good Stuff

Do you ever feel as if you dated Jekyll and married Hyde? One wife said she would always cherish the initial misconception she had about her husband. Someone said marriage is composed of three rings: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. One pastor visited a children’s Sunday school class and asked them what God said […]

Comic Belief: The Angels Are Laughing

I travel around the country telling people that their attitude is either their best friend or worst enemy. It isn’t the position in life; it’s the disposition. Now I’m not one of those positive blab-it-and-grab-it guys. I do tell everyone that it’s a fallen world, that Murphy was an optimist, and that there will be […]

Comic Belief: Keep It in the Fairways

One advantage of being in a different city each week is that I get to play golf with many people. I love golf. It’s like business. You work hard to get to the green and you wind up in the hole. Golf is actually a great game for dealing with difficult people. You can put […]

Comic Belief: Kissing the Toads

During the Depression, churches struggled for support, since so many people were out of work. One Sunday, a pastor decided on a new approach. Whoever contributed the most could select the hymns. The winner was a single lady who immediately stood, pointed her finger and said, “I want him, him, and him.” Many jokes are […]

Comic Belief: The Big ‘O’ Birthday

Editor’s Note: The following column was written prior to 2012. My Big “O” birthday is coming, and my high school class is having a reunion. Most of us are almost 60! We are now officially too old to die young. It is funny how we describe age. When you are a kid, you are so […]

Comic Belief: The Battleground

It is encouraging to have a wife who is on your team instead of on your back when times get tough. When Job had all of his problems, his wife supported him by saying, “Curse God and die.” How would you like to be married to Mrs. Job? What happened to that relationship? I believe […]

Comic Belief: Flashing Red Lights

The children begged for a hamster, and after the usual fervent vows that they alone would care for it, they got one. They named the hamster Danny. Two months later, when Mom found herself responsible for cleaning and feeding the creature, she located a prospective new home for Danny the hamster. When she told the […]

Comic Belief: Men Are Simple; Women Are Complex

A few years ago, the Forester Sisters sang a song about men. It went something like this: “They buy you dinner, open your door, other than that, what are they good for? … Men, we’re talking about men.” I have to admit, men do have problems with relationships. We grow up playing baseball, football, and […]

Comic Belief: So You Think You Had a Bad Day?

When you got up this morning, was the bird singing outside your window a buzzard? Did you put your pants on backwards and they fit better? Did you wake up to discover that your waterbed had leaked and then realized you don’t have a waterbed? You may be tempted to have a pity party and […]